December 31, 2011

End of 2011

2011 is coming to an end in 7hours and
couple of vacations...some planned some not so planned. (but Singapore was a blast)
New outlooks on life, new friends made....Still there are some people who can stay over there in the corner...but enough about that.

All of the horrendous happens that have effect the world this year. The 3 I will mention have effected us deeply or people we know.
The terrible floods in Australia and a special family losing a wonderful husband and father.
The terrible earthquakes that have hit Christchurch.
The terrible and terrifying earthquake and tsunami. While I was not in the country G and J were.
I have NEVER been so scared in ALL my life.
.... I remember seeing G and J for the 1st time after I got back to Yokohama... (I got on the train after I returned here..that also gives me nightmares...EVERY Japanese person in Japan was on that train...REALLY!)

We have had people come and stay, from Yeti moo, Miss Charity and SoM.
We went to the US and 'did the east coast' I have to be honest doing a 'tourist' holiday was giving me chills and not in a good way...but....It was awesome.I loved Washington...wont be going back, been there, seen it, got the plane ticket out!
Seen Meet up with Mr. Queenie and one of the little Queenies...which was fantastic,Then gong to stay with Queenie and family was one of the highlights. We also met up with Texas girl and her family...another plus.

Hummm so what else.....

Oh yeah we had the Rugby World cup...Where my wonderful country came 4th.
We spent an enjoy few weeks watching all the games. To say I was proud be Welsh would be an understatement.
I believe I might have been a little vocal....especially with a certain Welsh player...who does not even look Welsh!!!! but I won't get started on that again...most people in Japan heard my option of that durning the world cup.

I have found out that I am lactose and wheat intolerant. I mean...REALLY!!! in Japan...Is there ANY NEED!!! I hate rice and I hate soba noodles...DON'T eat fish!!!!
I love cereal with ice cold milk, I love poached eggs on toast, I love soft boiled eggs and soldiers. That is only the beginning of what I love...I mean ANY NEED!!!!! I don't like Japanese food....I don't like the smells of the Japanese foods, no mind eating it.
So I either deal with give EVERYTHING normal up in my diet or suffer the daily pain.....
I am going with the pain!

I am still in love with my Kindle, But I have like a 100 actual books to read...but they don't look interesting...they don't catch my attention...
not so in love with the Mac...but getting there! Well I am trying to get there. REALLY I am.

I have started to do a lot more craft towards the end of this year.
I have made enough Washi Eggs to Faberge worried...So there!
The I had some lovely wooden tea boxes delivered. To which G comment...'why do we have wooden boxes here, can't get ride of the word and paper we have' I told him in no uncertain terms that we were NOT getting rid of them. I would be covering them with beautiful washi paper.
That all went down like a lead ballon.....But Not as much as when I asked him to come help me lay the top picture on top on the the larger tea box while he was watch the football. He did come help and the end result was lovely...the top picture...not the help!

An Indian restaurant has opened up here in our area...I am shaking m head...I know this might become our second home....Sigh....

I have seen people ask on Facebook if anyone has any New Year resolutions...I don't have ANY.
No point really, I will break them within the hour, so why bother...I mean come on...lets be realistic here.

December 25, 2011

Magic of Disney, my backside!

Well I did take 4 angels to Disney....And I was right, there would be something to write about!!!!
Well I get up early and realize that I don't have enough cash on me. EVENTUALLY find a place to use my ATM card...might have helped if I had not used the wrong pin on another card...I mean REALLY Wend???? Any need?
We eventually get through the traffic and arrive...I am sure the price of parking has doubled...but not prepared to bet my life on it!!!!!
We start walking away from the car and some old guy (in some sort of blue unform with a he must have been important) starts talking in Japanese. The kids tell me that they can't wear their 'Stich' outfits in Disney..(I forgot to mention the 4 kids were dressed in their Disney Stich outfits) I am like hummm whatever! So we walk towards the park to buy our tickets. Then 2 tiny Japanese Disney workers kinda pounced on us!!! REALLY they did. They start talking in Japanese...then when they seen the BLANK look on my face, they asked if I speak Japanese...'Hummmm, NO!'
So she wrings her hands a lot and they tells me the kids are not allowed in dressed as they were....Hummmm WHATEVER!!!, I REALLY mean WHATEVER!!! She tells me it will take away from the atmosphere inside Disney Sea. After being stuck in traffic for a lot longer than I expected, this was not what I expecting to hear. So I tell her to get a manager. Her and her little man friend speak into they microphone ear pieces and then 2 people come over....Still dressed in 'Special' Disney outfits....
They all start talking in Japanese....Hummm hello, I am here...So after about 30 seconds I was like hummm "hello, ENGLISH' So this lady starts talking to me but with her yes closed....she explains to me that the kids were not allowed to wear the outfits inside the park. So i look around and EVERY Japanese person has a outfit or something...mainly cape type Disney outfits...So I say'Right tell her her to get that off!!!' They replied 'No, No, No, there not outfits'
Hummmm well it's not everyday wear even for "special' people. I then see some guy walking in with a HUGE hard suite case.....So I point this out, but it seems that's fine. So I point out that there seems to be a rule for the Japanese and another for us Gaijin's."Oh no' they said. ' Hummm oh yes' I also point out that I have seen NOTHING stating that they can't wear the outfits.
She tells me that on the website it states that outfits can't be worn inside the park...Hummm I reply that this is not true and where. She tells me it's not in English it's in Japanese.....REALLY she did. She then says if they take off their outfits they can go into the park. The kids had summer clothes under the outfits. So I told them(Disney) they would, but they would have to provide warm clothes for the kids. So again lots of humming and R-rings. I also remember on of the kids needs to be in Tokyo by 6.30 so this means I need to get back back to Yokohama so they can catch the train into Tokyo. Well she then tells us they can go in this ONCE. I told her the que is huge, and the kids are missing out and we have missed fast past places....I want to be taken to the front of the que and I want fast passes.
Well she gives us 1 past pass each. She takes us in and explains NOBODY will question us as she is the BOSS!!! No way, not in that outfit!!!! So let me tell you....
DON'T dress up for Disney outfits , its not allowed...But you can wear a stupid chipmunk cape because that is allowed
If you do wear them, and have four kids dressed up in the same Disney outfit, Japanese people love it and STARE and many ask to have their pictures taken with the kids.
Now one thing that impressed me was how many people asksd me if they could have their pictures taken with them. When I took pictures, a few others took their pictures as well.

So Santa came to our house today....Oh boy we must have been very good this year!
one of my gifts was a new laptop...A Mac....I am going to tell you...I am frightened of it...REALLY I am. While I am typing this up on the new Mac right now, thats ALL I have managed.
I love how light and slim the thing is I love how fast the thing is...But I have NO IDEA HOW TO USE IT!!!! and while I have NOT started shouting at yet, I have no idea how we will EVER become friends. REALLY I don't. I am scared!!!!!

We spent a lovely day with some LOVELY friends at a local hotel for christmas lunch, then we went back to one family's house were we swapped secert Santa gifts and the kids also opened gifts.

Some people are awesome.
Dont like everyone, but I do LOVE these guys!

December 19, 2011

Well it has been more than a month since I have last blogged…how bad is that?!?!?!?

This last 2 weeks I have been sing a Christmas song…..just out of the blue the words start…’Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow….Then I hum the tune (well what I think might be the tune but as I am tone deaf, who knows?) Well I can’t get past let it snow…ARRRRGGGHHHHHHH. I am about to lose the plot…REALLY I am…how it is at 38 years old I can’t get past the let it snow?????? I know there is more…I mean I am not THAT stupid, but WHY CAN’T I REMEMBER IT???? Again ARRGGHHHH.

Well we had a Thanksgiving dinner which was a new experience for everyone who was here.
I think next year I will do a British version of a thanksgiving dinner which will include a LOT of roast potatoes and gravy with may be a roast pork with crackling…so more of a British traditional roast it will be a roast at Wendy's instead of Thanksgiving....
The fact that I will be happy with the roasties ….well a little selfish but well I will be happy…REALLY I will

I hosted my annual cookie exchange, I love cookie exchanges.
Only problem was I could not eat anything…but I did give it a try!!!
So on the Sunday before the exchange I decided to make honeycomb…Which is basically boiling hot sugar, golden syrup, honey and water and you add baking soda and it grows.
Well the spoon I had used to stir and remove the mixture from the pan I put in my mouth
The mixture stuck to the roof of my moth, the spoon was stuck to the mixture…the mixture was BOILING...I pulled at the spoon…Well I managed to completely burn the roof of my mouth…REALLY I did….
I mean ANY NEED?????
The skin kept falling off the roof of my mouth…I needed antibiotics……TOTAL nightmare…REALLY it was.

I went to the ladies basketball Christmas dinner, not that I have played all year. Seems if you’re on an email list your on the party list also…..REALLY…I mean how cool is that?

We had a ladies lunch at one of the hotels here, before everyone left for Christmas.
So I call them up and ask…
Me…. ’Will you have any Christmas decorations up?’

Them… ‘No but there is a Christmas tree outside the hotel’ She meant out in the Mall

Me….. ‘So to confirm there will be 17 ladies’

Them…. ‘yes…but one of them will be uncomfortable, because of the table plan’

Me……… ‘So this will of course reflect the price for that person?’

Them…… ‘No’

Me………. ‘Well I guess I need to speak to somebody who will understand that THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE’

Them-Manager… ‘Hello…why is this a problem?’
Oh why oh why did they have to ask this question???

Me…. ‘REALLY? Did you just ask that question…Ok so will there be a big discount because of the amount of uncomfortableness that will be in question? …Also as we have all stayed in your hotel or will during our time in Japan, hence the reason we have chose to come to your restaurant. I don’t think your being very professional’

Them-manager….’Hummm one moment please, Ok we will try and sort this out’

Me… ‘Thank you, I will try and explain to somebody they might be uncomfortable and might have a discount!!!’

Them-Manager…Please remind your guest it is a very busy time of year, because of Christmas and you’re in our first sitting
Me…….. ‘Ok, Thank you…Oh by the way will you have much Christmassy food?’

Them-Manager…. ‘NO….’

Me………’Oh, Ok’

Well there was no uncomfortableness, there was NO Christmassy food, but the food was good.
It was a lovely lunch with a lovely group of ladies.

So school finished….Disney this week…you just know how my blog will sound when I write about that…with my mood lately!

November 9, 2011

So…SoM has gone home…
Yeti Moo has gotten her new phone so we have been playing around….No actual calls made from either phone…but like I had blogged previously…I don’t REALLY use my phone for calls anymore…REALL Y I don’t.
I noticed I have a black line down my rear window of my car…I was so sure it was not meant to be there I actually checked I was in the right car….only been driving around in it for 18 months…but honest I can say, hand on my heart it was not there before!
Went to a bonfire somewhere in Japan….It seemed so far away I thought I was going to drive off the end of Japan… (You like in the olden days when they thought the world was flat?)
It was a 220km round trip…it was worth it…was not happy with J going in the ocean…it was dark, he had no spare clothes and well…..I had no idea what the beach was actually like as I had not seen it during the day.

I wrote on face book I was going to Amsterdam for 28 months…it surprising how many people believe you…it was one of those breast cancer thingies…like the bra strap thing….it was suggested I remove it…So I kept it up!!!!

Monday I did a early drop off as J had a early morning activity….I came home had breakfast and then promptly fell asleep for the rest of the day…..REALLY I did

I have also gotten a pain in my calf…I was so worried…I went on the internet…I mean…for me I would properly be better off with an internet Dr than the Dr’s here… Anyhow….I read it could be DVT…I was convinced I would not wake up following morning….But I Did and here I am blogging again….
So ….don’t try and self diagnose…I was already worrying where I would have my funeral….REALLY I was!!!!

November 3, 2011

Had a nice day today took SoM to ANOTHER 100¥ store…she is amazed at just what they sell.
Had lunch with G and SoM…went to G’s fav Indian…I can tell you NOT my fav.
Had my 1st seasonal Starbucks….White chocolate Mocha with cranberry….don’t think I will be having another.
Went into a store I would not normally go in…bought one or two thing…for J.
Then….Went to the Disney store and bought my first Christmas decorations of 2011….Don’t think I actually bought any last year. I love them…REALLY I do!!!!

I would love to do a Christmas ornament exchange one year. I have friends all over this small world….and I would love to a small tree with decorations from all the places I have been and from friends around the world…There would be NO theme…NO colour pattern…NOTHING just hopefully a array of colour. I would call it my global Christmas tree.

I also put some pictures up of SoM visit. She is normally the small dot with something big like a HUGH ferris wheel in the background…..I took one of her at Tokyo tower….I sat on the floor and pointed the phone upwards…Big tower…little SoM….REALLY!!!

I wanted to drop something off to somebody’s house today; I had full instructions on how to get there…
Easy right….WRONG….we live in a rabbit warren!!! REALLY we do…
So I asked a lady if she spoke English and if she knew where this number was…She spoke English but no idea where to find the house…Ok…nice lady.
I then asked another person if the spoke English…In perfect English he said Only a little….His English was better than mine…REALLY….He said my daughter is better….The daughters English was Super perfect (super perfect…yes I know but it REALLY was)
She knew where to go…took me there…She spoke like she had had elocution lessons….No idea where she learnt her English…but I wanna go there!

November 2, 2011

So…SoM arrived…poor love has hardly slept since she has been here. I don’t think the poor will be on anytime zone when she arrives back home…I think her body clock will be that messed up.
She said that she has never had jetlag….where she has gone has either been a couple of hours difference…back in time…or even when forward in time the cities are so busy that when you are awake at silly-o’clock you can go out and explore, eat and shop. So this has been a really shock to the body…Oh do I feel guilty.
So this week I had to be in Tokyo early in the morning, she drove up there with me…We were stuck in traffic….(not good when you have had NO SLEEP) I parked at Tokyo tower. Went to my appointment, took her picture outside the tower (while I sat on the floor to take her picture) One tourist thingy done…
One thing everyone who visits seem to like is the 100¥ store…actually 105¥ but we won’t go there.
SoM was no exception.
She has been taken for a curry…and she gets to go for another one tomorrow…lucky girl…poor girl made the mistake of saying she likes spicy food once…G took this to mean…Yaaaay somebody who eats normal food with flavor not gravy…Yes G has taken to calling my choice of curry, gravy…Gravy my insides can handle!!!!

Yeti Moo and I have been playing silly-billy games…seeing how face we can take the smart phone technology…so we have faced timed, used the voice software (we sounded like kids…lol)

Basketball is back for the ladies….Also netball….both should be interesting as I am signed up for both….

October 26, 2011

Well…I did manage to fit a movie in on Saturday…we watched ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ with our breakfast. Been ages since I had seen and it had us ALL laughing out loud…GREAT start to the day!
We had a lovely Saturday night out with the Bubbles’ lovely evening, lovely company and everyone listened me because I talked and talked and then just for good measure…well I talked some more!

J is off school this week…so for some bizarre reason I keep say…’what you doing this spring break’ …Spring break…it’s fall break , come on Wend!…Well it’s really called Half term…well it is in the UK, I guess I have become very Americanized.
This week found me playing a board game with Jamie…Before starting the game…I was oh no…REALLY, ANY NEED???? Yes there is a need….but that’s for a WHOLE OTHER BLOG!!!!
Then Yesterday, we watched another movie.......Then today I drove Jamie and 2 friends to Disney Sea….This was a big deal for me….I don’t things like this on my own…NEVER, REALLY I don’t.
…BUT…I had fun…great time with the kids and met up with another friend and her child.
I had taken my kindle, some magazines and my trusty phone… (Which died just before we left)
Great drive there, great drive hum, great kids, great company…a little kindle reading and the weather was good!!!! ABSOLUTLY no complaining from…REALLY NONE!!!!!
I might just do this again...not promising, but I might.

I then came home and cooked from scratch…Well G, had chopped onions and mushrooms and cooked the rice…but I did the rest.

So know I have been in the running for mother of the year for the last 2 days…I think it’s time to stop!
I am exhausted!!!!!
Well…I did manage to fit a movie in on Saturday…we watched ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ with our breakfast. Been ages since I had seen and it had us ALL laughing out loud…GREAT start to the day!
We had a lovely Saturday night out with the Bubbles’ lovely evening, lovely company and everyone listened me because I talked and talked and then just for good measure…well I talked some more!

J is off school this week…so for some bizarre reason I keep say…’what you doing this spring break’ …Spring break…it’s fall break , come on Wend!…Well it’s really called Half term…well it is in the UK, I guess I have become very Americanized.
This week found me playing a board game with Jamie…Before starting the game…I was oh no…REALLY, ANY NEED???? Yes there is a need….but that’s for a WHOLE OTHER BLOG!!!!
Then Yesterday, we watched another movie.......Then today I drove Jamie and 2 friends to Disney Sea….This was a big deal for me….I don’t things like this on my own…NEVER, REALLY I don’t.
…BUT…I had fun…great time with the kids and met up with another friend and her child.
I had taken my kindle, some magazines and my trusty phone… (Which died just before we left)
Great drive there, great drive hum, great kids, great company…a little kindle reading and the weather was good!!!! ABSOLUTLY no complaining from…REALLY NONE!!!!!
I might just do this again...not promising, but I might.

I then came home and cooked from scratch…Well G, had chopped onions and mushrooms and cooked the rice…but I did the rest.

So know I have been in the running for mother of the year for the last 2 days…I think it’s time to stop!
I am exhausted!!!!!

October 22, 2011

Oh my, another blog post within 24 hours…even I have impressed myself!!!!!

J is home…Yayyyyyyyy…call us when you’re close, we told him…Ok was the reply….we get a call…where are you??? He askes….hummm at home waiting for your call…..Why? I texted you he replies…arrggghhhh We drive to the school…I call him to see if he is at the front or the back of the school…..NO answer…I call again NO answer… again ARGGGHHHHHHH
So we drive past all the field studies buses…(only 2 but they took up a lot of the street)
We drive to the pickup zone…there he is…just hanging out….arggghhhhh….so pleased he is home!
REALLY I am I have missed him

We went and watched the rugby…with Mr. Bubbles input via text messaging……

This week I had to drive into Tokyo, on my way back in HIS CAR…NOT MINE…I noYtice a car the same colour as mine….My car is a sort of baby blue….and NOBODY else has the same car in that colour in Japan, or so it seems…most people know it’s me….(it’s not mauve, TBL) So I speedup a little to see why MY car is driving on that road…it should be parked outside G’s office. Well I see the number plate…Still no idea if it’s mine ….Don’t know what my number plate (only 4 numbers as well, and I have been driving the car over a year) It was G… when I was talking to myself saying “that’s my car’ he was saying the same thing to the person in MY car…he knew HIS from a distance….He said there are very few cars like the colour of his on the road….is he for real, I passed 2 on the way to Tokyo and 1 on the way home….REALLY I did

We had Lunch out twice this week….same place, same seat with almost the same people.
I think they even know what I want know before I order…same thing every time…Spicy chicken, which is about as spicy as a jar of baby food…and spaghetti.

Seen a man who looked in his 70’s (who was probably in 90’s because everyone seems ageless in Asia)
With his walkman….I have not seen a walkman since at least the late 90’s….even the headphones looked like the original ones.
Then while listen to the American radio station, they were talking about walkmans..then the mp3 when every was like…wow , it can hold up to 150 songs….then onto the iPods that can hold 1000;s…Which made me think….of course I need something that holds 10000’s of songs…REALLY I do….I have something in my car called a music catcher…you put in a CD and press music catcher…and it will record the songs to the hard drive…pretty cool huh?...well kind of cool, would be even better if I knew how to delete some of the CD’s but it is all in Japanese….Also this device…does not have an on/ off button…not the music catcher but the WHOLE device…it’s a radio, GPS, CD play and something else all in one…ALL IN JAPANESE….Arggghhhhhh…………………..So what I am saying is…I have put quite a few CD’s on this thingy and I know which CD is coming on next and what songs…so I can appreciate where people were going with the MP3 and IPod
………………Yes so back to the man with the silver walkman and orange foam ear pieces and a silver headband…I wonder if that would be class as an antique? (The walkman, not the old man)

I have also decided I have to get better and stop pulling faces at things I don’t like or want…because it seems people know what I am thinking with these faces….. It’s amazing…people just guess I don’t like something….
So next week I am going on a train…no idea where but I am going and J is coming with me….Lucky J….
I think he might have something to say about all of this but hay…..

Getting excited about a few events in the next week months…..
Signed up for a few things also…..First being couples Bunkco night…G is not here so I am taking SoM as my date for the night. Casino night….and Burns night. Just to name a couple.

Now I am looking forward to staying in watching movies on this wet, rainy Saturday. Don't think that will happen, no matter how many faces I pull... REALLY I don't

October 20, 2011

OH my, I can’t believe it has been so long since I last posted…almost a month…dear me….

So Yeti Moo has left….the house felt strangely quiet after they left…NOT because their loud, but because after a week you get used to somebody being there…after 2 weeks they become part of the furniture!
SoM is arriving next week….for my birthday.

J is away this week on a school field studies…..not amused as G also may as well not be here!
(Not because I am being mean, but because of work)
So I have been talking to myself which would not normally be a problem…but I am answering myself and I DON’T LIKE THE ANSWERS I am replying with!!! REALLY

Sooo…I tried to or I should say I downloaded the new version on my phone…sounds like I know what I am doing…..right?......WRONG!
Now my apps are in Japanese…I mean come on, ANY NEED, REALLY ANY NEED?!?!?!?
This had better be sorted soon or I will lose the plot!!!!!
I read and speak English…well I try, hence my phone was meant to be in English…my C/C linked to my account is from a Western, ENGLISH speaking country….come on guys…pull your finger out!!!!
Just NO need!!!! REALLY, ANY NEED?!?!?!?
……Life is NOT a bed of roses while living overseas…they speak funny (and not funny haha)…Well not the same language me
Can’t find frozen peas, you have to play charades EVERYDAY not just at Christmas….TV is normally useless…showing the SAME programs 100 times a month… Normally crime shows…what is it with Asia and crime shows?
I don’t stand and stare at them…but they stand and stare at me!
I remember once being in a supermarket…having gotten used to people staring into the Westerners shopping trolley/Cart, somebody decided they wanted what was in my trolley…they picked it up took it and ran away…I mean please…they were in the next aisle on the middle shelf if you wanted them….…J, G and myself just looked at each other as if to say…”did that really just happen?
…….Right after that little rant I just typed up….…just checked my phone and ALL back in English!!!!!!
Way to go me…or the PC , I am sure it is me…REALLY…It must have been me!

I am still growing my fringe/bangs out….did think about going to just get it cut back into a fringe…but I always look like I should not be allowed around people when I have my fringe first cut….I might look like I should not be allowed around people anyway…who know????

I have ink painting tonight….I am still wondering if I like this craft or not.
Gets me out of the house….Nothing on TV at that time anyway J and G are normally doing stuff that makes it difficult to read…like..J calling ‘MOMMMMMMMMMM’ I need this or ‘MOMMMMMMM did you wash my PE kit’….. At times I so want to say no I left it were it was dropped it (cause it’s not always in the basket) Then there is G doing stuff….Not that their extra loud. But their moving around, light going on and off…so just not book reading time…G will not agree with this…he reckons I can read a book ANYWHERE.

This week also found me learning a new craft….the lady said to everyone…’ALL I ask is you pass on what you have learn, like I am doing’.…I mean how sweet is that?…REALLY, how sweet?

Monday of this week was book club and I never got there….The book was called ‘Room’ can’t believe I enjoyed this book…Well not enjoyed but had me wanting to sit back, feet and just read….
One of the lady’s in the group mentioned she would like to try a different style of book….I think the new Steve Jobs book that is coming out soon…great Christmas present…etc ..Then I find out over 600 pages….Yayyyyyy…NOT!!!!!
Next book is ‘Still life with Rice’ I am sure this will be a very interesting discussion.

Right as it is G’s Birthday I am off to make him a nice dinner…that has to be eaten before I leave for my class….

September 26, 2011

Well…..I am not a happy bunny, I lost an earring that has a means a lot to me….I am gutted!!!
Well I have looked, others have looked…it seems it is gone forever….not happy 

I am awake writing my blog at stupid o’clock because of 2 cats, that seemed to be under my bedroom window making the most awful noise EVER!!!!! I mean REALLY, ANY NEED????
We seem to have a lot of stray cats in our area….Which surprises me, because when you go to buy a cat her it cost something close to the price of a small villa in Tuscany….Well not that much but may as well be….I mean $1000 for a cat…They look like most of the strays I have seen around here, except they are in a class cabinet.
I have also noticed hardly anyone uses a pushchair/stroller here for their little children…most seem to carry their children or they are walking very young…Mums her must have more time on their hands than you can image…I mean REALLY…you need to go somewhere and the kids (under 2 or 3 year) are walking with you…I mean a 5 minute store trip must surely turn into a 5 hour trip or may be that’s the plan…and don’t get me started on those awful shoes the little’s ones wear here…They squeak with every footstep……Arrggghhhhhh
…But getting back to the pushchair /stroller thing….dog owners have strollers for their dogs…They also have special baskets on their bikes for the dog…I mean REALLY???? A dog is meant to walk…It needs to walk, come on People ANY NEED?
Then you have the end of the spectrum, some guy with a big fluffy German Sheppard, dog rides his scooter and the dog runs beside the scooter…So you either have pet owners who think their dogs are to fragile to walk on their own 4 paws so they dress the poor things up in silly outfits and take them out in their strollers or you get owners who think the dog needs to be at running speed for his daily exercise.

Had a night out on Saturday night and never got home until 1am…now for a lot of people this is not late for a night out…but as I am normally thinking at 6 pm “is it only 6pm…wonder if I can get away with being in bed by 7pm” Love night with a love bunch of ladies.

Yeti Moo has been here a week…Today I am taking her to Costco…I just know that this will be a highlight of her Japan trip…

We had a typhoon through here last Wednesday. I was like…’Has nobody ever seen a Welsh rainy day’
I soon realized it was not like a normal rainy Welsh day when we were driving home and I seen the door of a convince store window shattered, 2 trees blown down… Even school was closed that day.

Thursday I was at my art class. Just about to finish the class when somebody spotted a cockroach…well that was it for me!!!
Then the organizer came down the stairs and was going to ask me to remove a cockroach upstairs…hummm I refused to put on those slippers you had waiting by the door in because I have no idea who’s feet was in them last and you think I am going to move a disgusting bug? Hummmm NO!!!!
I have enough problems with people, animals with 2 legs…any more than 2 legs and your own your own buddies….

September 20, 2011

Yeti Moo arrived….can’t believe it’s been 9 months since I have seen here…maybe because of the 2-3 times a week weekly calls… it’s a small world!

I have decided that I am going to grow my hair and get it cut for locks of love.
A very special girl had done this last year and I thought I am going to do this.
My hair is it’s natural color, no dying, highlighting or perming so why not…may be that one white hair I found might put them off…I am sure by the time I have grow my hair to the required length there might be a few more grey hairs

Found out my birthday present while being mouthy about what I want from Christmas…
SoM is coming over…can’t wait.
…Oh and the Christmas present I want is an iPad, Well J won’t let me have his…so I want my own and if I don’t have one for Christmas, I am hoping that the Apple Store has plenty right after Christmas when I go and buy my own!!!

Enjoyed the rugby on the weekend when Wales won!!!! Yayyyyyyy Wales…..

I have also read a couple of books one being “How Starbucks Saved My Life’ I really enjoyed this book
Not what I was expecting, but a quick easy read.

It’s been a lovely fresh day today…not a nice crisp day but a fresh day…
No A/C needed today, Windows wide open, and lots of fresh air coming in…I love it!!!!

The school sent out a message to say that there may be no school tomorrow due to the typhoon….ANY NEED! Not the school but the weather….but saying that I remember early last school year we collected the kids early due to another typhoon…seemed like a normal summers day in Wales to me.
I love my country and I am extremely proud to be Welsh, but I do wonder about the Welsh weather at times. Makes me smile when I read Facebook and people back home are complaining about the cold and putting the heating on…it’s 30 + degrees here and I am praying for a early winter.
How I would love Alaska!!! Well I would with books, TV (that shows good TV) Internet and a decent food store….I mean REALLY how awesome would that be?

Today I went to Dan the man and explained how the rugby is a bit of a problem for me….I find I need to eat extra…I am thinking its watching all the running around the pitch I am seeing…I am exhausted just watching it…my eyes following them around the pitch are having a real work out. So I am gathering that’s was why I ate more.

September 12, 2011

Oh my I can’t believe I have not written since August 29th…oh yes I can…cause not a lot happens…REALLY it doesn’t. So I had forgotten about the lost credit card…hummmm, 2 seconds while I give him the evil stare…..Okay…stare done….Don’t think he even noticed!!!!!
So what has happened….Well Yeti Moo has been giving me grief because of the lack of my blogging…
Yeti…blog well under way!!!!
Had a few lovely ladies over for lunch and I decided I want to make a kind a jacket/baked potatoes bar …well that never quite happened but I did do Jacket spuds…(in the oven) I made a couple of fillings one being prawns in a thousand island dressing…(got to love tomato sauce/ketchup) So I made the sauce…and added the prawns…Well I need to add DOUBLE the amount of prawns than I originally had gotten ready…why? Well I will tell you why….All because the prawns where drowning in Thousand Island dressing…I mean ANY NEED??? Honestly they where…even when I add DOUBLE, yes DOUBLE of the amount of prawns they still looked like they were drowning…..
I have started back at the gym with Dan the man and I am swimming EVERY morning…no need REALLY…well there is a need…but there is not if you know what I mean….
I have started growing out my fringe/bangs…. Not sure if I like it…but I really don’t like having my fringe/bangs cut and looking like I have just been allowed out in the public!!!! I mean ANY NEED????
Also blow drying my hair most days…killing my arms but you know what….I am treating it as a work out like I have been to the gym…shame I can’t add it to my exercise page…
20 lengths of the pool (actually swimming!!!)
30 minute tread mill
20 minutes weights
30 – 45 minutes fighting to straighten fizzy hair …Again ANY NEED!!!!

Started thinking about Christmas shopping today…I need to get the ball rolling…but what will Father Christmas bring???? Well For J I have no idea…and even less for G…I was so stuck for ideas for G last year one present he got was a Meccano set….It’s still in the box…but I was thinking practical…unlike him when J got his first Scale Electric as 2 years of age…or the Lego that can be attached to the computer…which I believe in still in the box(he was older than 2 but even so….)…J and Lego would never be used in the same sentence…a bit like G ordering a cheese sandwich for himself…just would NEVER happen…May be if Lego had brought out a WWE series…but even then I doubt he would be interested.

I have read a couple of books….book club book all read….My choice so I liked it!!! REALLY I did.
Lots of choices I like in my book pile right now…sometimes I have a pile of books that I would rather use for a fire…but at the moment all the books seem good…well until next week when I am sure my mood will change…then I will complain, I have nothing to read!... I REALLY thought that 20 boxes of books we shipped here I would enjoy …nothing in there I want to read normally…seems my mood is improving!!!!

Spent a lot of time watching the rugby this weekend….I am very proud of my team...They never won, but played a good game and losing by 17 to 16…To all the Welsh team…you might be a large bunch of home grown lovely young men (well nearly all of you)…some needing to tie back their hair in case it gets in their eyes or some thug from the other team might want to pull your hair!!!!…I mean REALLY!!!! And you might not have the Dan Carter gene pool in your DNA but your Welsh and you are awesome!!!!!!
If you had have won I might have gone on a online shopping spree today with G’s credit cards…..If you DID win the world cup…I would not be shopping online I would be in the country of choice with G using his wallet….So Wales you will be in my daily prayers until October 23rd….. REALLY you will….

August 29, 2011

Well, I have almost gotten over my train ride….Not in a rush to take another train!!!!
And….I finished THAT book…YAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!

Saturday there was a pool party, off we went me and that book…my intention was I would sit there and read THAT book….REALLY it was…I did read a few pages but then seen an a blade of grass growing and that caught my attention more than the book…..
The kids had a ball….the guys watched the rugby…well done Australia…and Mrs. H and myself watched the world go by.
We had a nice relaxing day…the nap I had Saturday afternoon did not help me go to sleep on Saturday night….but it did help me in finishing THAT book!!!!

Sunday we went to an outlet mall…Outlet, Outlet…they have no idea what an outlet mall is here. I am sure of it. It looks like any outlet in North American but that’s where it stops…normal stores and normal Japanese prices….Anyhow J needed new soccer boots…picked a purple pair!!!! Better than the first pair he picked…but purple!!!!
So…G says….
‘Where’s my credit card?’
Me‘…hummm I gave it back to you…’
G…‘No you didn’t’
Me…‘I did’
So I start to panic….Where did I put it…I am almost 99.99999999999999999999% sure I gave it to him….
I come home and start ripping things apart looking for a credit card that seems I was the last to have….
It’s NOWHERE to be found…I even go to the local restaurant to see if it’s there…
Last night I am lying in bed thinking and thinking and thinking and over thinking… (My head started to pound…me and thinking NO, NO, NO!!!! thinking gives me a terrible headache)
So I get up this morning...Make J’s breakfast, make dinner in the Crockpot…make my almond milk…
Start the laundry then start cleaning from top to bottom…I lift furniture, moved furniture… (I even cleaned as I went along….) I started going through cupboards…I went through the plastic rubbish bag (thank goodness the Japanese separate the rubbish/garbage – I know I would have not gone through it if it was mixed with all the yucky stuff…my stomach is churning just thinking about those egg shells and drain nets that catch all the yucky stuff!!!) I even start to think may be…I imaged giving the card to G….J came home and he said....’Oh you have been busy’ G came home and he says somebody has been busy’ I look at G and say …I have looked and looked and I have no idea where it could be…I ask again if he is sure he does not have it…same reply…’No’
So I finish cooking dinner and G looks at me and says ‘oh looks what I have found’ Yep he had it!!!
In one of his pockets that he had forgotten to check….I mean REALLY!!! ANY NEED…
If I had have had something in my hand I would have thrown it at him!!!! REALLY I would have…Making me doubt myself…
So the moral of the story is…Wendy is ALWAYS right!!!! ….seriously I am…REALLY!
Don’t even know why I had HIS card…There is another moral to the story…Don’t give me anything to look after unless it has an app that you can locate it from another device!!!! REALLY…ANY NEED!

August 27, 2011

Just seen how many spelling mistakes I seen in my last post….oh well

I signed up for that Japanese painting classes today….I am REALLY looking forward to the classes.
Went to star bucks and had that new drink…well new to me the lemon and mint with green tea…minus the green tea….(which reminds me I still have the Starbucks book to read!)
I managed to read a few more pages of THAT book….REALLY I did. Just realized I need to finish it by Monday night…Oh no!!!!!

Well today I went on a train…yes I REALLY did!!!! Then I ate some fish….again REALLY I did!
There is a nice guy G works with and he was leaving in this blog he will be called….Fonzie...or even Richie Cunningham, nope Fonzie…So we went to Tokyo for dinner….I was told I was not taking the car….I REALLY was not happy.
Well off we go to the train station, palpations all ready started….we get on the train…With FAR, FAR too many other people…It felt like half of Japan was on that train…it then got even busier…I think the WHOLE of Japan got on there at one point!
I was going to ask one of the people sat by me if they wanted to sit on lap. Well they did seem unable to get any closer to me if they tried… The smells…yuck, any need...I mean REALLY!!!…and where’s that hand sanitizer when you want it!!! I mean it’s everywhere else in Japan
So we EVENTUALLY got off the train…I look across and see a man with a rather large belly. He stood in the door way of a train…I looked and thought I was going to scream…I was convinced the man’s belly would be chopped off… (No idea if that was the plan) While I also have a large belly, MY belly would not have been that close to the door…I might not like my belly…but chopping it off like that…I don’t think so… I then started looking around me…One guy had shoes that looked like clown shoes…very long with the big sort of rounded front….
Well we get into the place we were meeting…I was drinking cola… (Then I remembered ‘HE’ had made me take the train!!!) Mr. and Mrs. Nan arrived and I was introduced to a new friend ‘Chu High’ think that’s what it is called and how it is spelt. I love this drink….There was fresh grapefruit and some kind of white Japanese alcohol…no sojo, because we’re not in Korea. Well the food arrived…I ate fish…The chicken was chicken meat and not chicken insides…the place was pretty awesome… (Not just because the food was not chicken insides) the restaurant was under the railway…The toilet was in the far corner and I was convinced the railway would collapse….Still taking deep breathes to calm myself on that thought train…excuse the pun
When we took the return train home…Yes I did get back on the train…I surprised myself! The amount of people was a surprise...There were a lot of them!!! ANY NEED!!! The amount of people who were falling asleep or were asleep was amazing….AGAIN…..PERSONAL SPACE PEOPLE!!!!
I think if somebody had fallen asleep on me I would have screamed!!!! YUCK, YUCK, YUCK!!!!

August 25, 2011

Since Sunday I have not really done a lot…(surprise, Surprise!)
I have been to the pool the last 2 mornings and ACTUALLY exercised! This morning even with the grey skies and waiting for the rain to come I still went swimming…I weighed before I went and I weighed when I came back and you would think after all that exercise I had lost at least 10lb…but NOOOOOOOOO…I won’t give up again…I started well a few months ago and I have to get back on track…eyes rolling …yes I have said it before but I am going to get there this time!!!!..... Well I will try and not give up!!!

So I have found a new app…I love it!!!!
It’s a like a speech text message I suppose…I just need EVERYONE to get it now so I can send them messages. It’s so cool…I love it!!! I REALLY love it!!!

…….That book is killing me!!! I am getting there slowly…half way through at least now…so much for me staying at home on Monday and reading the book. Well I did stay at home but I never read much of that book!!!! I have a few things to do today for J so that’s another excuse for not reading it.

I have been very good and actually made recipes and posted it on my other blog….
Taken pictures, posted them, posted recipes…now I just need to know how to make the food look better than just slapped on the plate….Shutter bug I wish we lived closer!
Seems that G and J are enjoying the dinners…so that’s a bonus!
I have even made chocolate chip pancakes for J’s breakfast tomorrow even though it is not 11 am THIS morning…REALLY I have.
Dinner is made already…Spag Bol. Nearly all the laundry is done…Beds changed, towels washed and dried…Last load of laundry to go into the washer….Just call me wonder women…No idea where ALL this energy has come from…I mean ANY NEED….I will be needing a nap before I know it!!!

Yeti Moo will be arriving in less than 4 weeks …Woooo Hoooo.
Yeti I can’t believe the picture….I promise I never laughed…Poor you!!!

Did think of cleaning my car today…but is looks like it will rain…I can imaging tell G that’s why I am not cleaning the car…he would say well it’s not rain INSIDE the car….I really should clean that car…
We swapped cars this week…I had forgotten about this and I looked at G and said…”oh sorry I have not cleaned my car’ the response I got…’REALLY, you surprise me’ I think he was being sarcastic….well after that I thought as you expect it to be a mess... (It’s not always…it’s just more of a mess than it’s clean…)
I have no need to exert myself…and I think I went and read a magazine…..

August 22, 2011

Okay…so what’s been happening with me….NOT A LOT!!!!
No that’s a big fib…I Went out on Friday night with the ladies…Lovely little Italian place…food was good…just not the plate of linguine with EVERY type of sea creature WITH their heads on….NO. NO, NO…
I did feel like a little kid saying …’YUCK I CANT EAT THAT!!!’ I mean come on Wend, ANY NEED….
My plate was replaced with a plate of stuffed mushrooms so a VERY happy Wendy!!! REALLY I was happy! Stank of garlic and I am sure everyone in a 1 mile radius could smell the garlic.
It was a lovely evening with a lovely bunch of ladies…While I never carried on the night with the all the ladies, I did race to the taxi that two ladies had already jump in….Thank you ladies for a wonderful evening!!!!!
Still not sure what the soggy cold thing was on the front seat of the Taxi…again YUCK!!!!

Yesterday I did manage to read some of THAT book….Arrrggghhhhh
Yesterday was a pretty lazy day. Had lunch with G, J spent time with friends…Then we had dinner with Mr., Mrs. H and number 3. While At Mrs. H house I tried saying ‘Arigato Gozaimasu’ So then I hear G and Mrs. H tell me I needed to say something else…or maybe it was she needed to say something…Well it was going well over my head and giving me a headache…no idea what they were going on about…So I am sticking to ‘Thank you’!!!!!!! Much, much easier!!!!

While outside Mrs. H’s house I looked down and I have all these mozzies eating me alive….ANY NEED!!!!
I mean REALLY can’t you bog off and annoy somebody else….Cant be deal with mozzies…REALLY…Go do one Mozzies!!!!!

Today I woke at 7am pretty good for me…that’s a lie in!
I then went and did a few washi egg, these where the quails eggs I had prepared before the summer.
My mind was running around with lots of craft projects I want to start….I get lots of ideas but I need to get off my backside and start the projects and I need to finish projects as well!!!!

I spent some time in the kitchen today…I made egg salad, chocolate pancakes, blueberry pancakes, tomato soup, Dr. Pepper pork, parsley salad and whole sliced potatoes…GO ME!!!
I even started that other blog with most of what I made today. Again, GO ME!!!!

This week I have caught up with a few phone calls that were long over due
DW still miss you can’t believe how long we have not seen each other but just chat like I never left.

Yeti Moo…Feel better soon!!!!

August 19, 2011

Well I did…I made Sweet and Sour chicken for dinner last night…and it was a big hit!!!!
I was actually surprised myself that it tasted that good…I am not saying the Chinese takeout places have anything to worry about, but it was REALLY good…REALLY it was.
I looked up Sweet and Sour recipes and found a few I liked the look of but decided to use one I never had all the ingredients for….Well…one ingredient I needed was red or orange food coloring…never had any so added a dollop of tomato ketchup. The ketchup seemed to make a pretty pattern as it kinda separated in the liquid base….lots of stirring and still not looking better…because you can’t sieve pretty patterned ketchup but you can sieve lumpy gravy!....Well I thought in for a penny in for a pound and carried on…Also thought as I never had all ingredients (thought I did…still not sure why I bought the ginger..) may be my replacements were not helping…Finished off the recipe and it was ok…ketchup had blended in, I think it was the right color…Tasted good…I added big squares of onion that could be picked out by J, I also added ribbons of carrots and red peppers…recipe called for green peppers but I don’t like them and so I added red pepper and I never used the pineapple…cause the one I had lost the will to carry on and was sent to food trash heaven. I also decided I was making my own version of the batter for the chicken….Well all I can say is….Woooo Hooooo I did it and tasted good nahnahdanahnah!
I am now looking for a few new recipes for next week.

I was invited to go out for lunch today…I had to decline, I have a cold sore on my lip and it is requiring its own chair it is that big!!!! Any need!!! I am even thinking of going and getting it officially registered at the town all with its own name!!!

Still not read any further with that book…..I really have to get a move on…Next week on Monday I will stay in ALL day and read that book…If it kills me I WILL finish that book…

August 18, 2011

Yesterday I had soooo much to do and get done and I pretty much did I needed and a little bit more….
EVERYTHING that needed doing outside the house, I did! I pretty much did all I needed to do in the house…Never washed my car but I am always looking for ways to get out of cleaning the car…
I have to say I even surprised myself at how much I managed to do today….

Today I decided NO MORE WASTING FOOD!!!! Really I did….I’m not talking about the food left on your plate…In our house I threw out so much. We never eat all the fruit I buy and when I buy less fruit…we run out…the carrots I buy from Costco have been known to turn a little whitish, broccoli has also be known to turn yellow…Yogurts past their sell by dates…
So like I said NO MORE!!!!
After checking what we had and realizing there was actually a lot I could make for dinner…..
I made up a new recipe (a chicken and potato patty) and served it with carrots and broccoli…carrots were NOT whitish and broccoli was NOT yellowish so all good there.
While I was cooking dinner, G came into the kitchen and seen what was for dinner….his face was a picture!!!! He did not look in the slightest impressed by dinner…Oh well…we were having this for dinner…if it was horrible; J and I could eat later when G had left for training … Well it was a hit!!!!
I have to be honest I was not excepting it to get a response…G said was the first to say something…
’this is not bad’ he said then J said ‘these are ok’
J then tells us how he is missing Chinese food. So out of my mouth (and I REALLY, REALLY have no idea why) came the words shall I make something Chinese for dinner tomorrow……..He said yes.
He asked for Sweet and sour pork…well he is having sweet and sour chicken…found my recipe and apart from the juice I need I am already to go….
…So then as I am looking at blogs and recipes I decide I will make another blog and post what I am making for dinner everyday…Well this would work if I was prepared to make dinner every night… )I can tell you I am not prepared to make dinner every night)
I now the novelty will wear off soon…this is the 2nd time recently I have thought about having another blog….What is wrong with me????

August 17, 2011

So Monday we went to Fuji Q, we decided that we would leave at 6am, with the hope that we would be there at 8am opening time. I had made sandwiches’…which I left at the house…I had thought I had sun screen with me…but left at the house…I thought I had brought towels...Nope I left them at the house…I did remember the water, a few snacks and the most important thing wallet, with money inside… (I DID REMEMBER TO GO THE BANK!!!) We finally got there just after 10 am, bought our tickets, and J and No: 3 headed for the new ride. No: 3 comes back and tells us it’s a 4 hour wait…He goes and checks the other rides which are pretty much the same waiting time….So 4 hours to get there! Four hours waiting in line for the ride! 1 ½ hours waiting for another ride and then more than 4 hours driving home!!!!!
The place seemed not to sell water! To buy food you needed to go to a vending machine for a ticket! The food run out, the drinks ran out… (Everything except the nasty tasting Japanese tea drink sold out!)
So while we waited for the kids I posted on Face book…4 hours here, 4 hours waiting…I think I might have mentioned it once or twice…the 4 hour drive and four hour waiting in line!!!!
The boys were extremely happy; the smiles pretty much said it all. So it was well worth the 4 hours drive and four hours waiting it seems…
We arrived home after 10pm hit some traffic jams pretty much all the way but with a few songs played at an extremely high volume...(so our own voices could not be heard ) the 4 plus hours did not seem as long.
The Japanese people watching opened mouthed as we drove by each other was too funny…
Especially as somebody in the car was doing her Rapping impression in full costume.

We went to the pool yesterday just sat there lazing around and not for long….and now I look like the color of a cooked Christmas turkey…ANY, ANY NEED!!!!

School starts tomorrow…now don’t get me wrong I am not looking to kick him out the car and go running to do my own thing….but….I will know what day of the week it is…I will have routine back in my life…and well let’s face it I do need routine cause I can be a nightmare!!!!

August 14, 2011

I have actually read up to page 200 of that book….I am still waiting for it to get exciting….can’t see it happening yet…but you never now….

Yesterday I went with G to the gym…well he drove to the gym and went in and actually did something while I sat outside with the intention of reading my book…hummmm. well I played with my phone…I chatted away and then decided ENOUGH!!!! I scolded myself and told myself to read that book!!!! (I am sure the book is actually quiet good…but I have a block and my approach to the book is not helping)
So there I am…drink ordered and delivered, book open…big sigh and off I go reading my book…Then Mo3 walks and in that all went out the window….
Now normally I would think…REALLY, ANY NEED Wend? But it was Mo3 so, YES, there was a need!!!!

We watched the movie Super 8…Oh My…ANY NEED…I jumped and I screamed…PG 13 my backside…
The movie was set in the 70’s and there is an alien…I am sure I am not giving anything away…Well I am sure I jumped twice before I seen the alien….A few choice words might have left my mouth as well!!!!
Oh dear…is there any need????

Today I went with my book and pretended to watch G play football/soccer… The weather app said 70% humidity…yeah whatever…more like 170% humidity… That was why I could not read today…REALLY!!!

I have fallen in love with a bar of chocolate…Just love special addition chocolates!!!
The chocolate is a cherry ripe special addition from Australia – a very nice man brought me some chocolate back from his trip.

Tomorrow we are off to a big Japanese theme park…J is so excited, seems there is some special ride and I REALLY can’t put this off AGAIN… But why oh why am I going…I hate crowds, I hate, theme parks…I hate traffic jams…well I pretty much everything…Don’t you all know I am special???? REALLY I am!!!
Also I have a bad feeling about this, stomach is churning and I don’t think it was the dinner I made…Hope I can be nice ALL day…. Will be VERY surprised if I can…but you never know…

BABS I think the REALLY Wendy is coming back!!!!!

Thanks you The Bag Lady, Bubbles, Mrs. H and Miss Williams…You all rock!!!!

August 12, 2011

I did not think I would be sat here typing for at least another couple of days…I mean not much happens in Wendy’s World!!!!
Really it does not…Wake up..Shower dress..Breakfast, unload dishwasher, laundry….not always in that order but you’re getting my drift….

……I was extremely tired this morning and I can’t even blame it on the two quakes we had last night…It was the ColaI had drunk and the fact I was playing online word games (so only myself to blame, but we won’t go there….So my events of the morning did not make my mood any better…..
….We have a jar that when we remember we throw our change into or I seem to walk around the house finding change everywhere….I even have a little dish by the washing machine for all the coins….Well I decided before I went away that I wanted to take this to the bank and change it all up…..well guess what???? I never got around to it….SHOCK, HORROR!!!!
So I tipped out the jar and started sorting out…well all for about 5 minutes…then left it there and I took J swimming…well I never went back into the room and forgot all about the change jar…Until I walked into the living room and see G has sorted it all out…I stated that I thought there was around 1,000Yen, G thought at least ,2000Yen…well we were both wrong nearly $150 (sorry I work 1Yen at around $1 much to most people’s annoyance) …So today J and myself went to the bank…I needed to go anyway…(still I need help form the lady there…she even remembers me now) So I show her the money and she says…hummm no!!!!! Your husband must come in and do this….I was thinking yes, of course he must
( I do type that VERY sarcastically ) I was thinking how the conversation would go…hummm you need to take the money in because you’re the account holder ect…( I was not living here when everything was set up)His reply would be something like “When I have got time to do that?’ or just a simple ‘Sod off’ So she makes a call and she tells me ok you can do this today….Lucky me….So she gives me a ticket…Tells me I will need ID (seems my bank card with my name and account number is not enough even though the money is going into that account) They call number 10 (which is my number – just in case you’re wondering.) she checks my ID, makes sure I have filled in the form correctly, then tells me the machine will count the money, which will take around 15/16 minutes…So after a short while, no idea how long as I was busy playing games on my phone…She calls us back…gives me all the bags back…and around 30 cents in foreign coins. She tells me I can’t put the money in the account, I can only have cash….hummm why????
(I have just been to the ATM…arrggghhh) Ok I said waiting for my cash…which I wanted in my account not purse. She has me sign a few times…changes the number because of the commission I had to pay….had to sign again…REALLY!!!! Any need She then tells me to go sit back down….ok…I go sit down and start abusive text messages to G…She calls us back and gives me a piece of paper…hummm - ok where my money (never actually said it like that)…oh no she said you can’t have it…must only go into the account, your husband’s account…you only have a family card with name…your husband’s account…hummm so you keep telling me…Ok great, money in the account…that’s what I asked for!!!!
Now all this could be avoided if I could open an account for J (the coins are all his, whatever is in the jar is always his)…but you can’t open an account here I am told unless you’re 20 years of age or above….I mean come on, REALLY, ANY NEED?!?!?
Don’t even get me started on the cost of the parking…………….Again….ANY NEED?!?

I was just messing around on the computer….I have found this week chocolate muffins with bacon…..
Yep you read correctly.
So I ask myself….
Who thought this up?
Was this a drunken 3.00am stupid cooking experiment?
Did the chocolate chips fall into a bacon breakfast casserole?
Whatever the answers are….all I can think of is YUCK!!!!! I mean come on ANY NEED, REALLY, ANY NEED!!!
Well, I have not gotten very far with my book….maybe 2 more pages read…… I did think about reading it when I was awake in the middle of the night (three nights in a row!!!!)
I keep telling myself…read the book, read the book… but I just go find something else to do - Laundry is all done, made a pork curry and a chicken curry…made some almond milk…went to Costco, read some magazines, went to the pool, watched TV repeats but still have not read the book…..ANY NEED????

Ok…..So I have not been back to the gym…no real surprise there….But I did swim a length of the pool yesterday…well ok half a length…Ok, OK bit less than half a length but I think with all the energy I used getting back on the noodles I was sitting on the pool, every time I fell off them, well that should REALLY have made up for the lack of time I have spent in the gym…
I weighed again this week.....Well I had actually lost a 1KG. How I managed this is beyond me…not going to think about it too much because I will give myself a headache!!! Plus extra indigestion from all the rubbish that might have gotten in to my belly somehow…..
I was good tonight when G and J had ice cream I had fruit….
I did think I should I should start a new blog on my moaning about exercise, diet and complain EVERYTIME I drink a coke….But as I don’t always get on here when I want not sure how I would work on that….I mean I am extremely busy…avoiding reading my book club book…REALLY I am busy!!!

A week today school starts…Thank goodness!!!! I have no idea what day it is half the time. Unless it’s the weekend and G is home….or when I go downstairs and see which bin/trash has gone out to be collected. I need to get back on track ASAP.

This week I spoke with Shutter bug and Mo3 I miss both of you!!!!

August 8, 2011

Ok….So since I last wrote what’s happened….
hummmm a quake or two. Lovely…NOT!!!!
Read a book or two…..Started my book club book –CUTTING FOR STONE…..I hope I will enjoy it…I need to get it read now because I know I can’t leave this book until the last minute like the others.
I WENT TO THE GYM…I think that line needs capitals!!! Hey a big deal for me next time I will make the letters bigger as well as capitals!
GL is back and we have renamed here Mama G….Well she renamed herself….
Went out for dinner with the ladies…Lovely evening.
Went to the pool a few times lovely weather…Ducks like it more than the people at times!!!!
Went to the local Bon Odori, outside our house….This is a great event, lots of local people and Westerners mix and dance, local food to buy (I would not touch it with a barge pole, but I am in formed it is nice) Hummmm I can’t ask what’s in it so I am not eating it!!!!!… Some do and they assure me that there is no fish…hummm NOT convinced!!! During the day time of the Bon Odori , some of the people dress in white outfits and then carry this HUGE wooden frame with something on top of it…not sure what that something is, but while carrying this heavy frame, they sing or chant and I think there is a drum…(on that description I can hear the travel magazines rushing to ask me to work for them…NOT!!!)
So…while carrying the frame a guy in the front and is pushing them back…Now I am sure there is a logical explanation for this, but I would be SOOOOO made going forward to paces and back a half a pace…I would shout…’Oy mate get here and carry it and I will push you back’
Yes I know more of my obnoxiousness is coming through…Sorry!!!!
Took J to a local arcade type place…nothing like what I have seen in the UK…but then I was not looking.
Today when we got there I sat down with my book…read a page then played on my phone until I got bored…(that never took long!) I look up and see the machines that seem to be a big hit with people…So I wanted a go also…I take my seat…and it is like a coin flipping thing and you need to get the coins into the light up slots and if you go Mario gets to move a couple of spaces….Well let me tell you 1000Yen does not go that far!!!! I had J show me how to play and I think I was kinda of getting the hang of it…
I was so tempted to go get another 1000Yen worth of coins….Well it was fun!!!!! Oh yes and my screen was called Dasiy…No idea why I remembered that but I did…may be because it was the only English in front of me….

I love my phone…I do I love it!!!! I get to make calls, send text messages, check email, take photo’s, play games and find where I am if I am lost (not also that much help in Japan as I don’t read, write or speak Japanese) I also use it as a GPS for when I walk to tell me how far I walk and how many calories I have used up. (I actually use two apps for that in case one of them is lying…so far neither is telling lies….) Well….I have now decided I don’t think I actually need a phone for the calls…that part can be removed.
I don’t really use my phone for calls…in fact I think I should have a discount on the calls front….seriously…I never use the phone part...So I was checking all the apps I have…I REALLY, REALLY can’t believe some of the apps I down loaded I was seriously not thinking straight when I typed in my pass code ….. I play the games more than anything…I would like to think I am getting better at them…well I can dream!!!

Yeti Moo 41 days and counting…NOT 41 SLEEPS…41 DAYS!!!!

SoM, I want you to know I am extremely proud of you!!!!
Thanks for your help this week…You rock!!!!!

July 31, 2011

While cooking dinner last night, I burnt my finger…The pasta was boiling…I was making the sauce to go with it when the metal pasta utensil (which I NEVER thought I would use, but find I have used every time I have made spaghetti in the last 11 years) I noticed was on the stove…the nasty elves must have put it there…So I use a dish towel to move it…I then needed to stir the pasta, using VERY,VERY hot pasta/spaghetti picker-upper utensil….without a dish towel and burnt my fingers…I mean ANY NEED!!!!! I screamed and ran my hand under cold running water…. G then finished off cooking dinner…Which I might add was ALL pretty much done!!!! …So every time I took my hand away from the water, the throbbing pain was a nightmare I think I let everyone know how much pain I was in. Poor me, those elves have a problem….ANY NEED!!!!!! So one VERY, VERY whiney Wendy last night!!!
Well let me tell you, earthquakes can make the body have jet lag like experiences - So last night - well early hours this morning the house started too wiggly, honest it wiggled. Normally the house would rock side to side…Well I know with wiggling you have to kinda of go side to side…this felt a bit more like a snow globe being shook the right way up…Again ANY NEED!!!! So then I could not go to back to sleep… Actually surprising how many people on Face book…me being one of them!!! Well I made a few Skype calls and then was really wide awake. Wanted to watch TV but never had any glasses or contact lens at hand and I did think it was mean to wake the house up in the process…until I remembered my sun glasses…So I was watching Law and Order eating porridge with fresh blue berries while wearing my sunny’s . By 8 am I was tired and ready to go back to bed, which I did until 11.45am, all I can say is it was AM when I removed myself from my bed!!!!...Then this afternoon at around 3.30 I fell asleep…not a good idea…I woke up and felt lousy…not only was I not happy that it was only a nap… so know I won’t be sleeping tonight which will have a knock on effect and be all like last week’s jet lag ALL over again….ANY NEED…I mean REALLY, ANY NEED!!!!!
When I did come downstairs this morning, it was to find G and J playing Wii….You would have thought they were actually out on a golf course listening to the two of them…’Huh, I am guessing you have fixed my Wii fit then?’ I asked… seemed neither had even looked at it or tried to fix it…Well they did fix it ( I am still being a witch…come on winter the people around me need the winter to arrive ASAP!!!) Apparently it was not broke…hum yes it was…don’t care what you say…Never worked for me, so it was broke!!!!
After I woke this afternoon and watched them playing Wii I decided that when I play the Wii on my own with nobody around was still the best plan!!!!! Just no need!

This afternoon (before the nap) we watched ‘The Big Bang Theory’ I LOVE this show…really it awesome…I think it is one of the funniest shows that has come out in a long time. I think this should TV show should be given out from the Dr as a prescription…I believe this show will make EVERYONE smile… Well it’s making me smile and that takes a lot right now!!!! Did I mention I hate humidity? REALLY I do!!!

July 30, 2011

After reading part of my last mumbling – I noticed a few errors… (Not the spelling and grammar we all know I have no chance with either of them) Like when I mentioned that I used tree oil used to help with the mossie bites… TREE OIL – REALLY!!! Come on Wend…TREE OIL, I mean what is TREE OIL??? Hummm TEA TREE OIL, Wend, TEA TREE OIL…I mean come on any need?
As you might have noticed apart from my name, NOBODY’S real names appear in this blog… Well GoMJ I think has only been mention once by the correct name…I have had GoJ, GoM but actually the same person…AGAIN, REALLY!!!!! I mean I could go on about all the other stuff but it’s giving me a headache just thinking about…really it is.
Have to tell you about the terrible time I am having….I think it’s my new glasses. Since I have had them, my hearing has gotten worse…REALLY it has... Yes I can image - you eye rolling as if to say ‘what is she going on about now’ But seriously since I have had had them my hearing has almost become none existent. I find myself either just smiling at people (I could be agreeing to anything if they are talking to me) because I have no idea if they are talking to me,or I find myself saying… What’cha just say or huh???? I am seem to get better results with just what’cha say?’ compared to ‘I am sorry could you repeat that again’ May be because they are so shocked I was being polite…who knows…All I know is my hearing is BAD, REALLT,REALLY BAD!!!!…Guessing I should not have gotten new glasses….silly me! (can’t remember if I have already moaned about this…if I have …then sorry but it really is that bad…if I have not, then more moaning will be coming along in the future, of that I am sure!)
This last week, I finished a few jobs in the house that I had wanted to do….
Extremely pleased with myself…started a couple of new project which I am enjoying more than I thought I would. So go me!!!!
Had a lovely evening with Miss. Williams who said a couple of things that made me wake up this morning seeing my world in a different light. Miss Williams, Thank you, you rock!!!!
P.S, I am sorry if you have earache….
We went for lunch today at Hard Rock, I suppose it looks like your being good when you have a big plate of salad…But I am sure the pecans, cheese, tortilla straws and dressing are not the best to have on the salad…but if they were not there I would not eat it…
Well while we were looking for a parking space we saw signs for charging your eclectic car. Where you could plug your car up to charge it…REALLY…how cool is that???? One of the cars even had the battery indicator when it shows you charging. It had 3 large blue led lights that were kinda dancing away…well one was not, only 2 and 3…guess the car had been charging awhile….Any way ..I love it!!! I want one in blue!
I told G what I wanted for Christmas this week…he just looked at me as if to say REALLY?...he really did…guess he has caught the really’s as well!
I really am thinking about Christmas already…well you have to don’t you??? I have to start thinking what to buy…I have no idea.
When J was little I am sure a lot of toys G picked where what he wanted to play with as well…(a few where far to old…like the Lego robot that connects to the PC (or something like that…I do believe it is still in the box…well put back in the box when G had finished with it)
Well I am finding that I am doing that now…I seen the new Wii gaming system – no idea if it’s already out on sale.
Do I think J wants it…has he shown any interest in it…NO! Do I think he will show any interest in it...NO!
Is it is me that would like it yes….But I am not asking Santa for it I have a list of my own for Santa!!!!

I am so happy 98 different countries have visited my blog…and it has been viewed over 3000 times AND….I have 14 followers….I would be doing a happy dance but the laptop is resting on my leg!!!! So my other leg is moving around in happiness instead of the happy dance.

July 28, 2011

The humidity is killing me!!! I think I can handle the heat…but this humidity ANY NEED???
I am getting bitten by every mosquito in Japan, it’s like they have been invited to dine out with my blood as main course!!!
NOTHING seems to stop the little blighters (again GoMJ diplomatic!!!)
I used to use tree oil which always worked a treat. I now have stuff that is recommended for use in the in the jungle…Yeah whatever!!! More like for garden use rather than jungle…and then it does not even work in the garden. So I am reacting like mad to all these bites so I looked up natural remedies… I found a few, there was one making baking soda into a paste another suggested lemons to strive off infections or even toothpaste…..I went with the deodorant suggestion…I have to tell you pomegranate deodorant seems to be keeping the itch of the bites away… So my thoughts went to…How the heck do you finds these things out… did somebody pick up the deodorant by mistake and use it on mossie bites… did somebody try everything in the bathroom cabinet and this was the last resort. I have no idea, but I am truly grateful whatever the reason…and that somebody then had time to post this find on the internet!!!
So back to the humidity…it has been recommended to have you’re A/C set to 28 degrees…let me tell you it’s not worth having it on! In fact it is cooler outside the house than inside when you have A/C at 28 degrees!
While a lot of people become tetchy and irritable when tired (me included!!!) it seems I get exactly the same way when I am struggling with the humidity…I have become evil…. It would seem more so than ever before. I have no idea why my patience’s is at its limit…not that I ever had very much…
…I mean when I ask where my car keys are…I mean not my fault they are not in the bowl that I placed on a shelf as you come through the door and made clear from day , THAT’S WHERE THE KEYS GO,NOWHERE ELSE, JUST THE BOWL!!!!!!..Even though I was the last person to drive my car and put my keys down……I mean why don’t you know where my keys are…REALLY….you have no idea??? hummm REALLY?
Earlier this evening I closed the windows in my bedroom…put the A/C on and then complained at how useless the A/C was a couple of times ...Then we heard the rain…sounded like a window was open…Arrggghhh could somebody not have closed the windows? I mean really you could not have closed windows…. really???? Oh yeah I closed them…
So I think everyone around me is ready for me to get over myself…I am doing my head in, I am wanting to kick myself - Even though NOTHING is my fault!!!! It really is everyone else who has issues..Not me!!!

So yesterday I took a lady to get some washi paper….I have no blog name for her yet so she is ‘a Lady’
We are going to do some washi eggs together, she said I have 5 eggs ready will that be enough… One will be enough the 1st one will take a couple of hours… I found some Koi paper (finally)….Yayyyy…But never bought it….

Last night I read the book SoM gave me…finished it at 3.15AM (any need)
Got up this morning… Extremely tired…went to IKEA and meet Mrs.A and had some lunch.
No Idea Mrs. A was going to be there when IKEA was planned. Nice catching up…Thanks you Mrs. A
I only went for a couple of things…We did manage to close the boot/trunk of the car.

P.S only 52 days Yeti Moo

July 27, 2011

Ok So I have not made a cake with soda as yet…to be honest I had forgotten about it until I just seen the last part of my previous mumbling…

Monday I went swimming very early and while the pool was not as cold as it has been. I had trouble getting in… not as in I am old and needing help (that as well may be) but I just seemed to take longer to get my shoulders under and start the tedious task of swimming back and forth…. (I want a water proof ipod!!!)
I told myself that I needed to start the exercise regime again…I will stick to it no matter what…well I have said that in my head, and out loud…Have not actually convinced myself I am telling the truth…especially as I am eating the Cadburys chocolate that I brought home from the UK!!!!

Sunday night I went to bed and was asleep by 9pm….and then wide awake at 11.05 pm….so I stayed awake ALL night….felt the earth move (yes ANOTHER quake) 3.55am – I mean come on ANY NEED????
I had stuff delivered at 8.30am so I was wide awake and feeling extremely moody to say the least….Extremely hot and humid and no ice cold coke in the house….AGAIN – any need!!!!
As it was early when all was sorted I told J he was coming out running errands with me…the look he gave me said it all… But he got in the car without moaning..Well if he did I hear heard him.
We drove into Yokohama and paid some bills…every month I go in and every month the same women walks me through EVERY step and EVERY month I tell her I won’t remember….next month will be no different….
We start heading back to the car and we decided we are going for lunch….we walk into TGI Fridays and j wants to sit in a booth…OK…just remembered last time I was there with Yeti Moo…All the smoke was coming into the non smoking area…not sure how they could advertise the space as non smoking but ok…I look up and see it is empty so hopefully won’t be too bad …I then notice that they have put glass there…the clue that gave it away was a huge yellow sticker in the middle of the glass….how clever am I spotting that??? …We had nice lunch the two of us…him on his phone, me on mine…no whining, complaining, on either side. This was a miracle on my part…believe me!
Drove home and J thought I was taking him to the pool… wrong the poor child was….I needed a sleep…Believe me when I say that…in fact EVERYONE needed me to sleep at this stage….(I was cranky and even I was getting fed up of myself!!! REALLY I was) Yes I did have a little 2 hour nap… again believe me the world sighed with relief Monday afternoon…. Yes J did get to go swimming….Eventually
That evening I made roast pork and just for good measure I made a curry as well and also washed all towels and put them in the drier….(I like my towels nice and soft and they were going in that dried no matter what!!!) G must have thought Oooooo curry for dinner tomorrow (little did he know it is my quick fake curry…he could find that out following day!)…He might have been impressed but let me tell you…The curry was made in minutes and cooked in the oven with the roast pork….Well the oven was already on (also as the house was a sauna in that kitchen anyway WHY put myself through this the next night, right? Also…if I do all this in one go and I look like I am a good wife…(while trying to decide myself if I was clever, lazy, not thinking straight or all three)
So Nanna had told me that you could sometime see the from the bedroom window people doing Tai Chi. Well I have lived in the house for 1 year 1 month and 9 days to see this…honest I had not seen this before in the park….So there I am sat on my bed, looking out my window and I see all these older people (See GoJ I can be diplomatic!!!!) I am thinking to myself be careful your going to hurt yourself…Watching it was quite comical in some ways…watching these people. Not sure who was actually running the show…I mean running the class…I did think I wonder what they would think if I go and join the class…Would they welcome me with open arms…(hope not because I bet they were VERY SWEATY!!!!) But I decided against joining them because well if I was dying of heat in the house with the A/C on I could not image what I would be like outside and how I would feel with all these 90 plus year people making me look like a monkey on hot coals…..

Well I wake up this morning to an email from Yeti moo asking if I was in Japan in September…Hummm yes and now I know your thinking of coming over I want you booking your tickets ASPA I thought…I called her and of course she was out…I mean how can she email me that question and not be there to take my call….I mean, REALLY!!! Any need?
EVENTUALLY got through to her…she asked if I minded….'hummm no'…so I said book the tickests…Oh I have to look for some she said (you could'nt you have looked before all this?)…So I think I waited 10 minutes and called her and asked her if she had booked them? Not yet…Come on…ANY NEED???
I called her again…still looking….Well not having this….Called her again after running a few errands (that included me getting a shoulder and neck massage) and she had booked them…..Woooo hooo
A very happy Wendy today…. Thank you Yeti Moo can’t wait to see you and the Puppy Champion!!!

July 24, 2011

Yesterday I told G and J was would make spaghetti, we had dinner at SoM and she had made everything from scratch…Can’t say she never made the pasta either…. I like making dinners from scratch but not always as easy as you think, getting ingredients, certain dishes (Mongolian Beef for example needs to be made just before serving) and at times just getting of your backside!!!…Well I looked in the fridge and cupboards and that idea went out the window on Friday night.. (but I still said on Saturday I was cooking fresh…) So I went into the freezer and found one I had frozen before going away and passed it off as freshly made… I added a dash or this and pinch of that. Not sure my guys would even know the difference between just made and just deforested…..
So I am blaming my dinner fib on jet lag!
Holy Moly – any need for jet lag….So I have been sleeping at night but waking extremely early…even for me. I have then napped in the afternoon. Kind of works and kinda doesn’t. Well last night I was asleep fairly early, to find I was fully awake by 2am….I was so awake I did even think about going swimming…yes I know bit of a batty idea even for me!
I decided to read for a little bit but my eyes were not quite as awake as the rest of me. So after deciding it would be extremely mean of me to wake the rest of the house by putting TV on in the bed, I went downstairs and watched TV there. I must have dozed of at least three times as I was thinking oh man I will be in the same place with this jet lag if I need another afternoon nap.
Around 8am I wander upstairs and get back into bed. I heard J walking around and then G asked if I was getting up today……so I am assuming it is around 10am at the latest…hummmm nope it was 12.30pm…I mean come on REALLY!!!!! Any need….Now I must have needed the sleep…But is it 4.12pm as I write this I am in need of a nap time….Just no need!!!!
I intended going to IKEA today for some picture frames…Never got there (12.30pm wake up might have been part of the reason) …But we dug out the Wii from under the stairs instead and G fixed it up to the TV…only taken a year, one month and 12 days….but whose counting.
One of the reason I wanted it out was for the Wii fitness…(well if I see it I might use it..I mean I can think positive) While we were away we got J all the sensor stuff for the PS3 so he can do the same sort of stuff as the wii and not sit on his backside while playing…I seen a few games and said Ooooooo I think I might get them …G just looked at me and said and will they be like the Wii in a box under the stairs, he did say that…any need?…..I mean REALLY!!!!
I like the Wii fit ….I can hula hoop with the best of them!!!
While we were in the US, Queenie had a recipe for ribs cooked in Mountain Dew, and they were good. I am not a rib person normally but they were REALLY good!… I have a pork recipe that calls for Dr. pepper and I also made a beef dish with cola that was much better than I was expecting and I had a couple of positive comments from G and J. So today I decided to look up cooking with soda….there are SOOOOOO many cakes made with soda, from cola to 7up…
I have a recipe for cake made with mayonnaise but never with a soda…guess what I am making this week….yep chicken!!!! Only joking I am going to make a cake with soda.
Wonder if it will quench my thirst and my sugar craving all in one?

July 23, 2011

I am home……Yayyyyyyy I am back in Japan with MY bed!!! AND I HAVE JUST FELT A MOZZIE BITE…ANY NEED? REALLY ANY NEED!!!!!

The day before we flew home J and I had lunch with my nephew. The place we went was a set price for adults and half price for kids.
Well the week before I had gone with J, parents, SoM and Princess Sunshine. When we went in I said 4 adults and 2 children. They said J was an adult and SoM said he has to be under a certain height. So the guy said go measure him…. J was actually in the kids zone height limit…M stood there and she was also under the height limit which made is all laugh…Well the place was not expensive by any stretch I know J…is is not a huge eater… It was an Asian fusion place so I knew he would eat very little going on past experiences in other places…Guess what I was wrong….6 full plates of food – I mean Any need, REALLY?!?!?!
So we are back, I notice that the height marker has moved…and J has grown at least 3-4 inches since we were there 8 days ago. Well like I say J is not a huge eater unless it pizza, bacon or hash browns…(okay not quite true but close) Well this is the day that J eats a small plate of food…I mean come on, REALLY!!!!

The night before we flew I slept fitfully, finished throwing things into my suitcase next morning and headed to the airport…Thank goodness its close.
We checked in, even though I had checked about a million times I was still worried about our weight allowance. We were not even close….but still worried. Checked in and went straight through…Well you can’t go far at Cardiff airport. It takes only 10.6 seconds to walk the length of the airport (and that was a recorded official statistic with a 101 year old lady walking with a Zimmer frame)
It is so small that when you get off the plane in Cardiff you have to actually walking around the building 5 times to give them time to get your bags off the plane and put on the carousel. Even then you can still be waiting.
Well we get to Amsterdam….Get on the plane all settled in and J was a sleep before takeoff.
I watched a few films….glad I never went to the cinema and paid to see them…
Arrived at Narita and we were off the plane through immigrant, collected bags and through customs in less than 22 minutes…I mean WOW!!!!

I was talking to Mrs. A last night and decided what I was going to write here today…but I have forgotten already…I mean REALLY!!!
I know it was about me being as dozing as I look and now as I try to remember the fuzzy doziness has taken over!

I woke up at 11.45pm the first night home, quickly went back to sleep and was awake again not long after 4am.
By 3pm yesterday I guess I could no longer stay awake, so just before G was due home J woke me and said Mom (I mean any need – you are Welsh!!! So my name is MUM!!!) Wake up Dad will be home soon… (What a great kid…even though he calls me Mom)
G came home not long after and asking how was my day blah, blah, blah…. So I say great, I have not long woken up…to which I catch G’s eyes roll as if to say great how much noise will she be making while everyone is else is asleep….Well actually I made no noise…I was asleep before everyone so there!!!!!

Today my car, that G drives is being serviced…Yes my car that G drives…I drive his car…how normal is that for me????

July 19, 2011

So have to say Jamie has falling in love with baby R. It would be a hard to not. Trying to think of ways to take to take him home. I was thinking hand luggage, well he is under 12 kg and as I have a kindle I don't need to buy books and so that will save weight. Just wondering what the people on the xray machine will think as my pull along goes through with a baby in.... Not sure I could get him past his mum any way ....
SoM might have something to say as I tried boarding the plane with her angels as well.
Went and seen Harry plopper, I mean Harry Potter. Much better than the last one, but come on makeup department you need a bit more make up on them to age them!!!!
Bought Jamie some new shoes. Well seems they were 1 1/2 sizes different each shoe. Hummm really ~ sorted now but the guy seemed put out that I had returned odd sized shoes ~ well it's on the box he said. Well it was not stated I said and your writing need works !!! But shoes changed.

Have to tell you I am ready to go home. I want MY bed.
I want my stove and washing machine.
Also my body is crying out for veggies ~ seems the veggies in a chow mein don't count, curries, mushy peas and the limp bit of lettuce in a Tesco's sandwich does not count either ~ oh well

"Sometimes I lie awake at night, and ask, 'where have I gone wrong?' Then a voice says to me, 'This is going to take more than one night"
Charles M. Schulz

July 14, 2011

So, we drove to Washington DC without any problems. We decided to get in the car and stop for breakfast sling the way. Well we are in America, we will find a good breakfast right? ~ WRONG. We drove along and after about an hour we said we stop at the next place we find. We picked the only extremly bad place, I think!!! We decide to have Cinabonn, they were AWFUL... There was one choice, the women serving looked like she could do with a holiday/vacation. She looked at me as if I had green horns on my head when I asked for a bottle of water... We then carried on driving to Washington. I having to tell you, DC was pretty awesome....meeting with friends also made the trip.
The only let down for me and it was a let down was there was not water in the Reflecting pool. Looked pretty manky (where the reflecting should be) but otherwise I loved it ~ so did G and J.
We flew to Boston on 'Jet Blue' I love Jet Blue...yes I love something!!!
It was fantastic, leg room, good service, flight on time and so I could on. In fact I would have been happy to fly back to Europe with them. Have to say Jet Blue could teach the other airlines a thing or two! The flight attendants never gave the impression they were doing us a favor by being on the plane ~ I know that can't be the easiest job ~ but come on some of the flight attendants make you wish you had a seat out on the wing of the plane where you can't disturb them... I know not all are like that but there are many who are.
We get to Boston, go pick up our car ~ again lovely people (unlike some of the other car rental places I have seen) gps was not so lovely, she seemed to have a few issues being a gps, one being she had no idea where she was going!!!
We Spent two days in Verere went to the movies 2 days running. First day we went and seen Transforms ~ I can't comment on this movie as I slept for most of of the movie. Next day I went and seen Bridesmaids and G and J watch Green Lantern.
We then drove to MH and stayed with Queenie and family which was awesome ~ we had a really relaxing time. Went on a Duck tour of Boston, went for dinner, laser tag (not me the others) had our first 4th of July, watched fireworks, met new people (All absolutly fantastic) Queenie and family your fantastic hosts!!!
We then drove to back to NY to get our flight back. We drove for a couple of hours and decided to pull of and get some lunch, while looking for somewhere I see a Italian pastry shop. Well ~ I have always wanted to try a cannoli, so off I head and find I can have the original or chocolate and they ranged in size. I went for the small traditional version .... YUCK!!!! I really disliked this and won't be eating another!!! Again, YUCK, YUCK, YUCK!
Well we get to the airport. Checked in, that gave me a headache!!! Seems you need to use a machine before you get to a person... Well when we did get to an actual real human we decided to upgrade to economy plus ~ hahaha, joke was on us!!!!
Well let me tell you, we paid to be kicked by people climbing over us rather than walk an extra few feet. I kept calm (the lovely flight attendant had already told us she was aware and watching) well it got worse and worse. Like I said I kept calm but started to get very, very angry. Within an hour we were moved to nice seats which never including being kicked!!!!

"Sometimes I lie awake at night, and ask, 'where have I gone wrong?' Then a voice says to me, 'This is going to take more than one night"
Charles M. Schulz