July 28, 2011

The humidity is killing me!!! I think I can handle the heat…but this humidity ANY NEED???
I am getting bitten by every mosquito in Japan, it’s like they have been invited to dine out with my blood as main course!!!
NOTHING seems to stop the little blighters (again GoMJ diplomatic!!!)
I used to use tree oil which always worked a treat. I now have stuff that is recommended for use in the in the jungle…Yeah whatever!!! More like for garden use rather than jungle…and then it does not even work in the garden. So I am reacting like mad to all these bites so I looked up natural remedies… I found a few, there was one making baking soda into a paste another suggested lemons to strive off infections or even toothpaste…..I went with the deodorant suggestion…I have to tell you pomegranate deodorant seems to be keeping the itch of the bites away… So my thoughts went to…How the heck do you finds these things out… did somebody pick up the deodorant by mistake and use it on mossie bites… did somebody try everything in the bathroom cabinet and this was the last resort. I have no idea, but I am truly grateful whatever the reason…and that somebody then had time to post this find on the internet!!!
So back to the humidity…it has been recommended to have you’re A/C set to 28 degrees…let me tell you it’s not worth having it on! In fact it is cooler outside the house than inside when you have A/C at 28 degrees!
While a lot of people become tetchy and irritable when tired (me included!!!) it seems I get exactly the same way when I am struggling with the humidity…I have become evil…. It would seem more so than ever before. I have no idea why my patience’s is at its limit…not that I ever had very much…
…I mean when I ask where my car keys are…I mean not my fault they are not in the bowl that I placed on a shelf as you come through the door and made clear from day , THAT’S WHERE THE KEYS GO,NOWHERE ELSE, JUST THE BOWL!!!!!!..Even though I was the last person to drive my car and put my keys down……I mean why don’t you know where my keys are…REALLY….you have no idea??? hummm REALLY?
Earlier this evening I closed the windows in my bedroom…put the A/C on and then complained at how useless the A/C was a couple of times ...Then we heard the rain…sounded like a window was open…Arrggghhh could somebody not have closed the windows? I mean really you could not have closed windows…. really???? Oh yeah I closed them…
So I think everyone around me is ready for me to get over myself…I am doing my head in, I am wanting to kick myself - Even though NOTHING is my fault!!!! It really is everyone else who has issues..Not me!!!

So yesterday I took a lady to get some washi paper….I have no blog name for her yet so she is ‘a Lady’
We are going to do some washi eggs together, she said I have 5 eggs ready will that be enough… One will be enough the 1st one will take a couple of hours… I found some Koi paper (finally)….Yayyyy…But never bought it….

Last night I read the book SoM gave me…finished it at 3.15AM (any need)
Got up this morning… Extremely tired…went to IKEA and meet Mrs.A and had some lunch.
No Idea Mrs. A was going to be there when IKEA was planned. Nice catching up…Thanks you Mrs. A
I only went for a couple of things…We did manage to close the boot/trunk of the car.

P.S only 52 days Yeti Moo

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