December 31, 2010

Well ANOTHER early start this morning. We decided that we were going to try very hard to find J ski clothes for his school skiing trip. As G nor I have ever skied this was another challenge of trying to find the right stuff for less than double of the cost of the ski trip.
I had heard of a outlet mall near Mt Fuji. JH had passed it while driving to Fuji and mentioned it. So I looked it up….This is what was written about it….
A huge outlet mall in Gotemba city, at the foot of Mt. Fuji
Hummm Well it looked like any good outlet in the USA, The shops looked good…but it stopped there!
I thought the idea of an outlet was it was cheaper than the official shops in a normal mall, last year’s clothes, seconds, overstock…Hummmmm NO! It was the normal shop, full priced in the outlet mall.
REALLY, it was. I mean has anyone explained the meaning of outlet…we even have one in Wales. REALLY we do...McArther Glen in Bridgend, advertising designer labels at 60% discount…REALLY
So somebody needs to poke somebody here and explain..While your outlets look have no idea of what an outlet is!
Sooooo….We did actually mange to get J his skiing stuff. We managed to get the jacket, trousers and some kind of ski vests and leggings. All this for less than the cost of the jackets we had seen.
While it was cheaper, it was the only kids ski stuff we had found. Not on sale and only 3 in stock.
Next we need to get the goggles and stuff. Not worried about them, you can find them everywhere here.

So after feeling extremely pleased with ourselves we headed home…the long way round.
When we got home I decided I was going to make cinnamon rolls. While they tasted good, Cinnamon Bon Have nothing to worry about.

It is New Years Eve here right now. At the end of our street is a shrine, a shrine to what I have no idea. Outside as I type they are getting ready for tonight’s festivities. I have been told that outside our house will be very busy. There will be lots of people celebrating New Year. I am hoping they don’t make too much noise, I mean I might want to go to sleep and hearing a load of jabbering and chatting …that I can’t understand will do my head in!
So I have been thinking of New Year resolutions’ came up with one or two that I might try and do.
I have also thought of a few things I would like to do. One is make a cook book for myself but each recipe dedicated to somebody. Know whether I will actually get off my backside and do this is another thing.

Wishing everyone a wonderful New Year and a fantastic 2011….REALLY I do.

December 27, 2010

Six months already

So I have been here 6 months and I kinda still love it here.
Still no idea why, maybe because of the lack of spitting, no smell of

So we have had birthdays, G traveling and Christmas and I
Still love it.... What can I say

Last week while watching G play in the over 35 football tournament
I looked up and seen Mount Fuji. Well for those who know me I am
NEVER at a loss for words. I was that morning, beautiful blue skies
Crisp cold morning with a perfect view of Fuji with the snow looking so
Perfect it looked painted on.
Know I am not a person who looks at something and things wow
Went to Nigara falls nice place but a lot of water. Walked over Sydney
Harbor bridge... Been there, all ok and no don't need a bloody t-shirt
I have no need to go to certain places, just look at other people pictures
Seen the pictures so no need to go... REALLY!!!

So I have decided to change my life. I am going to actually go to a gym
I will actually do more than walk on the slowest setting of the tread mill
and watch Dr. Phill on the gym's TV's
I have spoken with a trainer, booked an appointment mid January. That should be interesting
I am sure I will have lots to say about all that when the time comes.

So this Christmas among other gifts I received a Kindle... And yes I love it!!!
Listen to me be positive... Really it is me typing this!!!!
Been down loading to my hearts content... Have to somehow fit in
Reading the 20 boxes of books I shipped here!!!

I am current sat here people watching, going to carry on watching
Hope I don't laugh to loudly

August 22, 2010

So I am having another good day, REALLY I am!!!
I am sure that to anyone who knows me that this may come as a surprise.
Well I am the person who can make mountains out of moles hills.

So this morning off we toddle to pick up my new phone. I have been on the waiting list for the 4G phone. I was number 320 in one particular store.
Set the GPS to take us to Yokohama station. (Which we registered while there last week) So I say to G I feel like we are going in the totally wrong direction…this coming from me is also laughable.. as I find my way by looking for strange landmarks..Such as the bendy tree pointing to the left…So you’re getting my drift here right.
So off we go and I am convinced we are heading for Costco. GPS takes us on the highway (which I feel is highway robbery the cost of the tolls) The GPS then announces we have arrived at our destination..Well the original Yokohama station from the 1400’s might have been there (if they had stations in the 1400;s) but I am sure it has not moved since last Saturday/
We want to get to down town ASAP because in Softbank (Phone store)because you take a number and you can wait an ages to be served and then a life time to complete what you need to do.. . So we got my phone, was given a discount ticket for parking. So that made me happy!!!

Then D,L & L came around. I once again had some of my daily allowance in the form of juice..This time orange juice and some other liquid. I then made a Mule but should have looked up the correct amounts. …but in the mule I actually had fresh lime..So that should be a bonus, right?
Then off we toddled to Red Lobster…I really think I should be holding off on the fruit juice…
I came home set the alarm off. ‘INTRUDER ALERT, INTRUDER ALERT’ was all I could hear, did I rush to sort this out..hummmm no…I will tell you why, I had English being spoken in my house…I was wondering if the alarm might want to be my new friend. Perfect English…well I would not except a broken English from a computer!!! He did seem a bit harsh as he was shouting INTERUDER ALERT so maybe I should look elsewhere for a new friend.

I mentioned to D about water aerobics, this did seem like a good idea at the time.
Then this morning when I lifted my 2 ton head of the pillow…I knew I was not going to make it to Coach Quick’s Exercise class. What can I say…I think I am going to have to get checked if my body can take juice.

Today I am having another massage at the pool…don’t think all nice relaxing massage think more like..The guy has had issues with people all week and he is taking it out on me.
The reason I went there in the beginning was because I hurt my backside….no idea why…no fruit juice or magic juice had been consumed. To stand or sit was a night mare, or to even put on my right sock on was just as bad. So Coach recommends this guy…at first he says I am in too much pain for a massage…
’REALLY Sherlock!!!’
Then he shocked or burned my toe…and it hurt like #@$%^&*!@#$%
I then went back last week for my second session. During my massage he climbs on the table and pushes and pulls my hips…I am going as red as Santa’s suit… I have J running up to me telling me he can now dive backwards from the top diving board…this makes my heart go into my mouth ( I tense up at this)
…Thank goodness I cannot see this. I am allowed to turn back on my belly thank goodness…Oh man all I can say the relief I get from the pain in my back and shoulder is worth it….So I will take it in my stride and wear a red shirt and blame the highlighted coloured cheeks on the reflection of my shirt!

Well……. I have found a way to have 2 of my 5 recommended fruit and veggies….A sea breeze or two!
Cranberry and Grapefruit juice with a splash of the magic juice!
So I am figuring that if I drink enough of these I am going to be super healthy!!!!
Also the fact that they are on the Happy hour menu is even better…So for ¥500, so I am getting a bargain and being good!!!!

Know as I type this I have to say I have had a few of these Sea breezes. I think I might need to cut back on the fruit juice…the fruit juice seems to be making be a little giddy!!!
Oh yeah I had a China blue as well..well that Lychee magic juice in I have had 3 of the daily 5…man how good am I?????

So today was a good day. I dropped J off at school and went to Starbucks. I ordered a coffee…why I have no idea. I don’t like Coffee. This one was not too bad…But Still not a fan of coffee.

The other ladies there were LOVELY. I came home did some housework…yes I did say housework, well my version of housework.

Tried to sort out the office. I am soooo glad G was not here. I moved, stacked, threw, lifted and I might have even kicked something. (The kick was on purpose) it looks 95% better than 20 minutes after I started. Thinking I still have a lot to do...........Like at least 55% to finish it

Yesterday I stayed out for wayyyyyyyyyy to long. If J had have been out that long I would have lost it. And made him drink pints of water come home and shower apply after sun lotion etc…But no….no not me..I mean why would I need to do that???
Then for some STUPID reason I started twisting in the water…. I felt a bit like the way the Sea breeze fruit juice is making me feel right now….

Sooooo then I had a soft drink that I might be allergic to. My lips blew up like I had Botox injections.
My lips started going dowe and then I had another drink of the same stuff and my lips blew up again….Who knew???? So now the question is do I try the drink again? May be it was not that?
If it was that shall I just put up with it????…well I really like the drink.

I am also pondering another question….why in Japan do they not have an on/off button for the radio…well normal as in other countries…press a button and the radio is off press it again and it come on…Maybe I am missing something. But it seems I am not the one where to turn off the volume/radio/CD etc you have to turn it right down …Well will pass a safety test in The UK right…Hummm thinking NOT!!!!
Saying that I do love something called Music catcher. You play a CD and press record and it records the song on the CD and stores it and when you have no CD or radio is the news is on you press CM …love it!!!! Well that function is in the TANK!!!! Not my lovely red car that I don’t have any longer…(cause he stole it!!! Hubby that is)

Tomorrow I am off to pick up my new cell phone….4G here I come…Now thinking this might be a problem to use..I can’t use my PC or iPod touch. So I must remember not to put peoples number in who live in a different time zone..cause I might hit their number while trying to do something that I should not be doing…. Ohhhhhhhhh well

August 18, 2010

What can I say

So summer is over!!!!
My darling son is off to school tomorrow. I did think about a week ago that I would keep him home and home school.... That was until Babs reminded me about last year when all parents at the school had to home school their kids because of the H1N1 virus. I would rather pull my nails out than do that again!!! So that lovely day dream soon had a bucket thrown over it!!!!
Well still loving it here... But.....
Well Sushi... Californian rolls... That is sushi!!!! But can I find that here ???? NO I can't. May be I should contact somebody and explain that there is sushi and there is sushi!!!!

August 8, 2010

Well we have been here for 57 days, minus the days we went to Guam and the days I had to go back to Korea.

….And I’m still LOVING it here. Little bit different, about 0000.0001% English I spoken.

Have not been to the interesting restaurants that Gareth has been to where the menu states that the meat is not Pork and does not taste like chicken. Nor have I been to the restaurant that offers chicken rectum as a main course.

Having not been to a Japanese restaurant yet I can’t comment and what is available. I can tell you about the lovely selection of fresh fish..(Well we do live on a port ..Shame I am not a fish person!) or the lovely fresh looking herbs that I know what they are for In the local stores here.

Now while everything is not sweetness and light, I love it here!! REALLY I do.

I know I can’t find fault with anything and everything, but it is so lovely here.

(How Welsh is that, 'Lovely')

I am missing people. Yes REALLY I am .of course I still miss people from home, Germany, Dubai and now Korea.

The Japanese people are so lovely, smiling and soooo helpful.

During the time I have been here we/ I have met some interesting people..Some very interesting and some that can go sit in the corner and talk to the wall!

I have found out this week who will deliver and at what costs. I was told about Amazon delivering veggies…

I hate the way every 7th week I am responsible for the rubbish/garbage for the street. So I have to go outside nice and early and place a tarpaulin and netting and hold it down with large stones. Then people places they rubbish underneath to stop the birds…But find it cute that when the rubbish truck comes by it has a jingle tune playing…well it is cute for now.

The highlight of my week was Tesco’s this morning.

I found Tesco’s cereal, pasta, biscuits and salad cream..SOOOO happy!!
So today was not a day in the Jungle more a days in the woods.

Well since I last wrote on here. …
We went to Guam…loved it!!!!
Went to Korea and wanted to slap nearly everyone in sight!!!!

Finally my car has arrived!!!
The company was worried I would not like it, because of the colour…Well I love the colour..Love MY car.
But…sadly my beautiful car was STOLEN…it was stolen by hubby…so now I get to drive the lovely big blue tank…..Yippppppeeee
Well saying that I have learnt to love my tank.

Since I have come back here, I have gotten my 1st suntan in 36 years, well one that has not not had me needing treatment for burns.. I have not shouted our screamed at anyone; I don’t want to slap anyone for their stupidity!!!

So life is good!

June 26, 2010

Well yesterday after finally taking the iron out the box…I did some ironing and then took J swimming.
While there he pasted his swimming exam..Wayyyy which means he can go into the pool at anytime, with or with a parent. He had to swim no touching the floor sides or when turning no hands only feet, dive, tread water, more swimming and then he was asked some questions. I was so proud of my son.
Then He started diving off the one of the boards until one of the ladies by the pool started throwing the ball and you had to catch it while jumping off. This was a real hit with all the kids..All the kids there were sooo friendly, and the boys will all be in J’s grade next school year.
I met a few people all really friendly and easy going.
I took my book to read and never started it…that is a 1st I always read 1st!!!
Last night found us at Red Lobster…Lobster fondue rocks!!!!!!


June 25, 2010

Sooooooooooooo….really, really ain’t happy!
I am being bitten alive. The mozzies are a killer. Using my wonderful, smelly tea tree oil but it seems to have no effect. NOT HAPPY…I mean any need?
Well…Thought I lost my iPod That was interesting, I had my what had happened all played in my head…I was totally WRONG!!! Now there is a surprise!
I am getting more and more jobs done…the ironing just might get done today. Well I have set the ironing board up. The iron is still in the box!

I decided after having the worst tasting noodles the other night for dinner that I would make noodles…Mine were awful as well. I gathered from the pictures on the bag that I needed to boil the noodles…why would I do that??? I thought I knew better…once again I was wrong!!!!!
So last night I boiled the noodles before adding them to the meat and veggies.
Seemed to be a hit with G and J.

I really miss our water cooler. For the last 7 years we have had a water cooler…Now I am buying water daily it is killing me… The recycling bin looks like we have a family of 20 with all the water bottles going out.
So now I am on the search for a water cooler.
Also it is taking up space in the fridge.

Off to Guam tomorrow

June 22, 2010

So the movers came and picked up a lot of their boxes, paper and stuffing stuff…Not feeling the need to cry when I think of the rubbish and all that how was I going to get that out there????

Living room is looking like a living should now!
The kitchen is ok as long as you don’t look in the cupboards.
I now need to go through the books shelves and the glass cupboards and but things away properly.
We needed to just unload the boxes.
Firstly G had to earthquake proof some of our stuff…still have a few more pieces to go.
I just wanted to get those boxes empty.

Used my new hoover.... no instructions needed. I mean it is a hoover

Went out for dinner to a place called Boogie cafĂ©…YUCK!!!!!!
I had Honmuko chow mein , and the boys had burgers…mine was a packet of Raman noodles cooked in fish sauce with spam…..yuck yuck yuck
The boys burgers, hummm well I think they were meant to look like they did. G said she has cut the bun wrong. She had basically cut a sliver off the top of the bun. She had also asked ketchup, Mayo or mustard. Both said JUST ketchup so after she must have gone and killed the cow, ground the beef she came back with all 3 Ketchup, mustard and mayo in their burgers…J was sooooooo happy…NOT!!!!!

I am missing my water cooler…I want a water cooler have not seen one as yet but when I do…..I am going to get one!!!!

Still waiting for my car….mentioning cars… to get my car sorted…G had to produce some paperwork. Including a parking certifacte from the landlord to say I had a parking space. Seems the police have to come by and check that I actually do have a parking space…REALLY!!!

I keep getting bit…thought is it wasa mozzies but I am having other thoughts now…
Tea tree oil ALWAYS worked..if it is the mozzies..they just don’t care about the tea tree oil.

I mean any need?

Soooooo on Monday 14th June 19, 2010, my family and I moved to Yokohama in Japan.
We have now been here 5 days.
We were lucky enough to move here at the start of the rainy season. Yes I did type LUCKY..I mean we get heat, we get rain, and we get to sweat to our hearts content! Soooo lucky us!

So we arrive at Gimpo airport in Korea..(We also had the pleasure of living in Seoul for 3 years)
Check in our 6 pieces of luggage (only allowed 20kg per person on this flight) plus the 4 piece of hand luggage.
So I am waiting for the overpriced charges for anything over the 60kgs we are allowed…we have been around 120 kgs +. The lovely lady hands us back our tickets and tells us to have a good flight…ahhh bless her..Then we have to watch our bags good through..Ours our stopped…Now….I am thinking..Shit what have I packed where that I will not get away with…spices, Dvd’s or 1 of the 3 cans of hairspray that magically slipped into the cases…Well it was the hairspray and those lovely people said OK just so we know..ahhhh bless.
So we arrive in Japan..J bless him has a migraine, we drive to the house…drop a few things off, stare in amazement at the house..yes I remember it..but I think it has shrunk since our looking trip..REALLY it has.
We then drive to the hotel and we get to the club level…club level my ARSE!!! Not even going there!!!

Tuesday we arrive at the house and the movers are waiting for us YAYYYYY!!!
Lovely people….they were really nice..Not being sarcastic.
I work on putting away the kitchen stuff….so realize that I will need about 80% more kitchen space…Lalalalalalala

By 4pm I am hurting…We left around 5pm Movers said they would be back around 8am next morning…soon put a stop to that. We rearranged 9am ish

Wednesday was pretty much the same…hurting sweating…working out the bloody rubbish system….I think I am about 75% there.

Thursday…took Gareth to work, he explained not to listen to the navigation 100% or it will take me the extra long way around. We pass a slip road and he said that would be good but you’re not taking that you need to go further along to drop me off. After dropping him off I must have circled the area about 3 times found the slip and went to Costco…Lovely lady there allowed me my own card on Gareth’s account with no Japanese ID…ahhhh bless.
She asked if I was new to Asia…( still wondering why she would ask that..maybe I stand out) I told her we had lived in Korea. Oh well you will know about the rainy season then…Yep I do, in fact I normally leave Asia around that time!!!! Just not this year!!!!
Met my neighbor who was very impressed I had already hit Costco. She told me her name and I kept calling her Geraldine (no idea why cause her name is NOT Geraldine). REALLY I did, but I also did that to 2 other people I have met since I have been here. (I mean I called two other people Geraldine)
Anyway the neighbor offered to write her name down for me…Nope It’s fine I am sure I won’t be calling you by your name.

Today…Saturday. We went to IKEA. Bought a few things..Including Swedish meatballs. The other thing I bought was a step/stool thing to reach the bloody cupboards…I mean REALLY. Yes I need help reaching the cupboard, slightly high our new cupboards
After breaking our backs getting the stuff in the house off we toddled again. Had lunch at MacDonald’s $28 No they are not serving extra fine food, that was the price..Yayyyyyy (that was for 3 meals one being a happy meal)

As I am typing this I can smell a BBQ….No I am not hungry but I think if I turn the tap on I might run it dry I am drinking that much. Water that is not the hard stuff…but could do with a vodka right now!

Now I wait for my new car
Our trip to Guam
And lucky, lucky me a trip back to Korea for my visa’s Yayyyyyyyyy

So much excitement!!!!! REALLY