June 22, 2010

So the movers came and picked up a lot of their boxes, paper and stuffing stuff…Not feeling the need to cry when I think of the rubbish and all that stuff..like how was I going to get that out there????

Living room is looking like a living should now!
The kitchen is ok as long as you don’t look in the cupboards.
I now need to go through the books shelves and the glass cupboards and but things away properly.
We needed to just unload the boxes.
Firstly G had to earthquake proof some of our stuff…still have a few more pieces to go.
I just wanted to get those boxes empty.

Used my new hoover.... no instructions needed. I mean it is a hoover

Went out for dinner to a place called Boogie cafĂ©…YUCK!!!!!!
I had Honmuko chow mein , and the boys had burgers…mine was a packet of Raman noodles cooked in fish sauce with spam…..yuck yuck yuck
The boys burgers, hummm well I think they were meant to look like they did. G said she has cut the bun wrong. She had basically cut a sliver off the top of the bun. She had also asked ketchup, Mayo or mustard. Both said JUST ketchup so after she must have gone and killed the cow, ground the beef she came back with all 3 Ketchup, mustard and mayo in their burgers…J was sooooooo happy…NOT!!!!!

I am missing my water cooler…I want a water cooler have not seen one as yet but when I do…..I am going to get one!!!!

Still waiting for my car….mentioning cars… to get my car sorted…G had to produce some paperwork. Including a parking certifacte from the landlord to say I had a parking space. Seems the police have to come by and check that I actually do have a parking space…REALLY!!!

I keep getting bit…thought is it wasa mozzies but I am having other thoughts now…
Tea tree oil ALWAYS worked..if it is the mozzies..they just don’t care about the tea tree oil.

I mean any need?

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