May 12, 2011

This morning after seeing J off to school my rings and it's Shutter~Bug.... Another day made by a another fantastic individual... Thank you Shutter~Bug

It like winter here right now, can't believe it is May already... The sun should be shining, sun lotion should be out... But instead I am thinking I might need thermal knickers and Wellington boots!!!

So another day in the right direction,
I ate breakfast, I ordered a child's portion for lunch, a hearty soup for dinner and a dish of cherries an evening snack.... Plus I went to see Dan the man!!! I think he might dislike me... New exercise added... Dan the man said you don't have to do this exercise on your own... I assured him i had no intention off!!!!
Now I will be honest I was not feeling the positive vibe today, but by the time I got home I was doing good...well not sure about good, but I was in a better mood!
Which is a good job really as I give myself a headache when I am moody.

May 11, 2011

Fab~K, thank you!!!

This morning I had the ironing done by 8.15am... What is wrong with me????
All chores were done and I was in my car and off to pay bills by 8.30am.
I found my way there, parked the car at the right end of the car park.... I try to remember the floor and letter/aisle I have parked in and off I go... I go and do what I need to do. All sorted nice and early and then I head back to the car... Should be easy right??? Wrong!!!!
So as none of the stores are open, just all cream shutters and Japanese writing only... Well I got lost AGAIN... I mean really any need!!! This EVERY month... You would think I would have worked it out after 8 months... But no... maybe when we are due to leave Japan for good I will get it sorted... Properly not but I can hope.

Today I had lunch with GL... How good was I??? I ordered salad, oh how I wanted one of GL's fries, not one maybe but all of them, but I never. No soda's either, I really am on a roll!!!

G and I headed off to the gym again this evening... I actually enjoyed it tonight. I am very pleased with myself right now... I just hope I keep it up in the holidays... Think the holidays might kill me!!!

After the gym I came home made dinner... I don't think I have ever served myself a portion that small...
I also made a ham and corn chowder for tomorrow's dinner, I am good!!!!

May 10, 2011

I got my first 100th flag yaaayyyyy!!!!

I was up and doing the ironing with laundry on by 6am... Marinated the meat for dinner and dishwasher unloaded all before 7 am...

I drove into Tokyo with Miss Garmin, Miss GPS and the lovely Kenny Chesney... Thank goodness I never took that 9am appointment. So I arrive in Tokyo, park at the Tokyo tower... (I am sure the top is still bent!)
I chat with Mo3, thank goodness for Mo3. I walk across to the Dr's office and get a test to see about being allergic to eggs and dairy. I drive home and get some lunch... Chicken Alfredo... I mean really?!?!? Come on Wend any need? Pretty stupid really!

As it was raining we were not going out walking, so I call G and say how about the gym instead. As I am asking him, I am like... REALLY Wend? Well I made that call so now I have to follow through... Lovely..NOT!!!
Well we drive to the gym and I am think Why???? I am going to have to go home and cook dinner afterwards.
Well I went and did my work, and I feel... Good!!! Go me!

"Sometimes I lie awake at night, and ask, 'where have I gone wrong?' Then a voice says to me, 'This is going to take more than one night"
Charles M. Schulz

May 9, 2011

I need a 100th flag for America!!!! (the flags on the right hand side of the blog) It's just not happening, so I asked Trinity and Suzanna no idea who's who......So I emailed Trinity hoping he was still in the US, yes I day type 'he' (he chose the name) so I am hoping one of them will be able to get me that 100th flag

So today I cleaned house... I hate cleaning house, I put some pictures up... Don't think G was impressed with my attempt of DIY.
I sorted a few papers... Why do I end up with so many receipts, they are all in Japanese, so like I can read then... DUH!
I also had a few Korean receipts here and I found a bus ticket from Cardiff dated 2001... I mean REALLY!!!!

Walked tonight with G and Mrs. H I think I eat about a million tiny flying thingys, you know the things that are not flys and are not mozzies but always in wooded areas or by water. They are always head height, no matter how tall you are... Any need!!!

Tonight I realized we have something on EVERY weekend until we leave for the... Again, REALLY
We have quiz night this week... Not that I will be any good, but it will be fun to do a quiz, last quiz I went to was with Babs....

J is sat opposite me with a big fat juice Easter egg... Once again REALLY any need?!?!?
I will go grab me some watermelon.... Oh the joys of a healthy kick!

"Sometimes I lie awake at night, and ask, 'where have I gone wrong?' Then a voice says to me, 'This is going to take more than one night"
Charles M. Schulz

May 8, 2011

12 followers, 53 countries and over 1500 page views…now I need one more person from the US to look and I will have my 1st 100 view flag… I love it!!!!

So yesterday I was in a pretty awful mood!
I was not even very nice to myself…..
Went to see Dan the man….came home made some pasta salad…new recipe…(my own concoction )
Washed EVERY towel in the house for some reason….
I always wash my towels on a hot/boil/ hottest setting whatever terminology you use…but know after reading a magazine article…sorry after reading a headline in a magazine…could not be bothered really reading the whole thing. I now wash all my bedding on the hottest setting…let’s hope all bedding still fits the bed!
I spoke with Yeti Moo (hope you enjoy your mother’s day pressie)
Then I spoke with SoM and the 2 angels….Love you angels
Then spoke with GMoJ and heard another precious angel whom I am yet to met (can’t wait to get cwtchs/hugs) Spoke with MoM, I was in a lot better mood by the time I had finished (thank goodness, because it was not looking good)

So after doing that, we headed off to GL’s for a party, her lovely friend s are leaving and she throw a Sayonara party for her and her family.
Hence the reason I made pasta salad….
I met some new people, (No blog names for them as yet, but we will have soon I am sure)
These ladies had me crying with laughter, it’s been a while since I have laughed that much…thank you ladies you rock!!!!!
Last night GL produces a very expensive bottle of liquor, absolutely no idea what it was. It was brown I can tell you that…
So I get my drink, and I neck it…you know down the hatch in one…I thought it was a shot…it was LOVELY!!!!!
So I inform everyone that when I host a party all are welcome, but we don’t have expensive liquor like that…$20 may be if their lucky…to which G pipes up…$20 you mean 10 bucks!!!
GL and Hubby are awesome and throw a great Sayonara party!

I wake up this morning at 2am but quickly must have fallen back to sleep until 6am, I see the blue sky, sun shining and I know it is a walking morning, I am waiting to see if G is joining me.

Well it is mother’s day here and I don’t get to celebrate British mother’s day any more as we never know when it is…we have American and Japanese calendars…G and J are out today, J has a football/soccer game and it is an away game at a stadium, and they get a tour beforehand….Hope you enjoy it boys.

So today I am going to kick back, read my book and may be watch my movie….

Happy international mother’s day world