May 25, 2011

NO exercise Monday, No exercise Tuesday ( not unless you consider the walk I went on with Mrs. H last night for what was meant to be 30 minutes and turned out to be an hour because we got lost!!!)
So there I said NO EXERCISE…I am surprised it took me this long to take two days off!!!....But I am back in full swing today with a morning swim in the Arctic pool today…well I am heading there after school drop off.

My friend ‘Charity’ arrived to stay with us on Monday on her Asia tour….It’s amazing how even when you have not seen people for years you just fall straight to where you…

So yesterday Charity and I went to a craft class to make a Japanese tea box…Well make is the wrong word…decorate is more like more like it…Well I wanted Koi fish on my mine…but there was not enough to cover the box had chosen… So I decided on a blue Japanese style…looked better on the box than it did just lying there with all the other sheets of paper.
Well Charity was top of the class, A plus student…She was enjoying herself…completed her box (took notes so she can make some when she goes back home) Looked as if she could have taken on another 20 boxes!!!!...I on the other hand had a headache from peeling tape, finding paper (not Koi patterned!!!)
Measuring, adding up, cutting, pasting and getting gluey/paste fingers!!!! To say I was ready to leave by the end of the class would have been an understatement.
I think taking the pictures of each step made me happier…I am very happy I have made a box…I still want to make a ottoman/chest size one…but thinking I might need to take some medication before I start that one!!!

May 22, 2011

I decided last night that I was NOT doing ANY exercise today… I mean come on I need a break right???? I have been marvelous….Not sure I have EVER been this dedicated!!!!
5.30am I awoke... (That sounds posh…I awoke) By 5.45 I was in my swimmers and off to the Arctic pool….which was either not as Arctic this morning or I am getting more used to it!
I did my exercises and swimming and then decided as it was warm I would sit by the side of the pool and dry off a bit….So I get my book (which is extremely funny I might add) and I sit by the side of the pool and just let the world pass by when I am sure the floor is moving under me…. We had two 5.5’s 4 minutes apart….I mean come come…really as I am sat there in my swimmers, relaxing reading my book!!!! Any need, REALLY!!!

I came home from the pool, showered, dressed, had breakfast and potted around for a bit then sat down with my book and I feel asleep on the sofa at around 9.45 am…Ok I must have need the sleep right???
So I went out around 11ish and was home by 12.30 and promptly fell asleep again…and now at 7.30pm I am more than ready to go to sleep again….I mean REALLY, Any need?

So the mozzies (mosquitoes) are out and biting me, just seen J’s leg and he has 6 huge bites…again any need?
It is starting to get very humid here right now so you know the mozzies are looking to party!!!
Well I wish they would do one!!!!!

I really need my fringe/bangs but…but it seems when I have my fringe cut I come away looking like I might be a danger to the general public….Honest I do…I need my fringe feathered and thinned out…not cut straight across and look like I have just been released!
So hoping to get that done tomorrow….wish me luck.

Yesterday I had dessert sushi….It was awesome….
So it seems your cook your sticky rice in milk and add vanilla and sugar and then make the sushi shape and top with fruit….I have to say it was pretty good…I was not convinced at first so I tried one and I was hooked! Like I needed to add another food like that to my life!!!!