June 10, 2011

Oh my it is already June 10th, school is nearly out summer is trying to decided if it wants to come and stay or just keep visiting… Well I hope it is here fully by the time I get back in July.
I have still not written or even started the book that I wanted to write… Think I need to give on this…may be I will write something and send it to Yeti Moo to approve…
I have still not lost have 20 lbs in one hour!!! I might have lost $20 or even £20 sterling but not 20 lbs in the form that I want!!! Arrrggghhhh
I have lost inches…very pleased but also ADDED inches to another area which I needed like a hole in the head.
I have also done enough washing this week for a family of 20!!! I mean come on there is only 3 of us!
I have had a few strange dreams…one where a bottle of Champagne popped it cork and left a lovely hole in my ceiling…. Another one with Dolphins and Whales…that was a nice dream except don’t know why the whales had red and white t-shirts on….Bizarre right?

This week I have gone to the gym…had a training sessions with Dan the Man.
Been to the Arctic pool…which I might add is not nearly as cold as it has been.
Been out for dinner for LLL birthday…Nice place, nice food and a 5.7 quake to get the dinner started… NICE! (Sarcastic tones there as I type)
This weekend we have Bubbles, Mrs. H and The Bag Lady with Hubbys coming over for dinner.
All new recipes except for one… and I would choose to make a menu with stuff needing to be done last minute…

I really need to start reading my book for book club…. Yeti Moo the book is called ‘We need to talk about Kevin’ if you want to read it and let me know what you think… … This was Orange Ping Pongs choice of book….I think this will be a very interest discussion.
We have a very nice book club group, a really mix of ladies from all over.
I love the name of one of the lady’s book club back home….’11 wines and a beer’ I mean how cool is that stating in the obvious for a book group name. I think if I was in that group it might be called 11 wine and a beer plus a Pepsi….Just a thought

So not long until holiday/vacation….yayyyy apart from looking forward to seeing people I am also looking forward to
1. A cheese savory roll from Greggs with a packet of bacon crisp
2. A nice carvery …with veggies I recognize
3. PF Changs if we can find one in the areas we will be in
4. Panera sandwich and soup
5. Raspberry ice tea that has NO tea taste!!!!

Also of late I am also noticing more and more how much J is like me … Now this is great and not so great…Not impressed with the attitude…which I am being told is identical to mine….hummmm ...thinking NOT!!!!! I mean REALLY any need!
Every morning that child has to watch his basketball with his breakfast…(breakfast for J seems to be getting more leisurely by the day I might add)….I remember hearing kids talk about rugby, football/soccer and get excited about Liverpool or Man united….but now I hear all about The Miami Heat team….I mean Why Miami???? Why not the Celtics, or the Raptors…I like the Raptors Mascot.
Every day he comes home from school he is outside at the basketball hoop I have had enough of that basketball banging….. Bang, bang, bang arrggghhhh no idea what the poor neighbors must be thinking….

June 5, 2011

Where has the week gone????? I mean I have to have more time to do stuff….well do nothing…because I never have enough time in my day….But I never have anything to show for doing NOTHING! I mean come on any need?!?!?

So this week I have noticed…..
….. that if you wear high heels and you can’t walk in them properly…then walk on the road instead of the path/sidewalk…this way you won’t break your ankle but you might be hit with a car!
….. That a dog in Japan is treated like a baby and while most parents of really human babies don’t use stroller they carry their babies in sling like thingies….most dogs here…well in this area, have their own doggy stroller….I mean come on any need?!?!? Dogs are meant to go for a walk…not be pushed in a stroller!!!! ANY NEED!!!!!
….. The ¥ 100 store, ($1 store) is not ¥ 100 but ¥105…but I think I already knew that…
….. I don’t necessarily have a sweet tooth…more like I LOVE food tooth!
….. I don’t think I like Vanilla ice cream…bit of a waste of an ice cream flavor really!

Miss. Sugar high smile sending you the biggest hugs!

So this week our visitor Charity went home. We never did much but she did make a box…well cover a box and she also made some book marks.
I caught up with Yeti Moo, spent more time on the call than either one of us intended…funny how we live thousands of miles apart but that does not stop the friendship.
We had dinner with GL and Mr. GL, (boy was that curry thrown together quickly!)
We also went to a 40th birthday where the theme was red. (Painting your own finger nails with bright red nail polish is not a great idea when you are useless at paint nails!
Image… if you can, walking into a room where a young child has found a pen and decided to decorate the walls, hummm you seeing the picture right…So now image me putting on the varnish and pretty much having the same out come as that young child only the childs uses the walls, I use nails plus fingers and a bag of cotton wool….I think I had more varnish on my fingers rather than my nails! Finally gave up and Ms. GB painted the RED nails for me!...thank goodness…So guessing that attention span of mine was ALL used up with the washi eggs!)
Also been to the Arctic pool and gym!!!!! Attention spam REALLY going out the window on these two… Go on roll your eyes…
I finished my washi egg project…only to start another washi egg project with quail’s eggs this time.
I also downloaded a few books on to my Kindle. Planning on reading a bit on the holidays!!!
Threw a few things away, which is a big deal for me … As I can’t throw ANYTHING away; guess I am a bit of a nightmare…..
Can’t really think what else I did….hummm Well those washi eggs, did take some time!