March 22, 2012

It s a beautiful day today…blue skies, sun is shining…but I am freezing….ANY NEED?!?!
….Sorry I take that back..just went out to see my veggie plants…and its warmer outside than inside my house that is insulated with single ply toilet roll, that's why I am freezing…Silly me

One of my friends posted on FB this morning that all kids with names beginning with A-Z where being recalled by the hospitals to be fitted a volume control and mute button…this made me smile…until I could see the benefits of this!!!! REALLY I could see this working….not when they are babies of course…just as they get older may be…..

So after watching Masterchef, and knowing I could not get 92% of the ingredients I decided I would make do with what I had or could get.
I knew I had parsnips which had cost more than a weekend away!!!!
I decided to make roast pork with parsnips, potatoes, peas…..and a jus…..WELL…..firstly, it never looked like on the plate, what I had planned for it to look like in my mind….. So I peeled and boiled the parsnips…to make a puree ( Puree whats wrong with the word mash?!?!) I don't do lumpy parsnips so puree/mash…whats the difference? I started peeling the potatoes and thought…nope lets do this properly… well properly and me don't alway go together…. So I sliced through the tatters and got what sort of resemble kind of a square/rectangle…gave up on getting them all perfect…. So six spuds…6 squares..(also helped with the fact I was DONE with peeling!!!) don't know what the word for cooking spuds on the outside is called expect ~ COOKED! ….I mean you brown meat…so do you golden spuds before placing in one's oven???? I pureed the parsnips and was about to puree the peas and thought…hummmm maybe G and J would like their peas to look like peas and not a mushy consistency
I went to place some parsnip puree on the plate and with the back of the spoon drag it through the puree to make it look like Masterchef. Spuds and pork were cooked…everything already to plate up….Then I thought hummmm you know what….if I spread that puree across the plate….it will look like the plate at the end of the meal, you know the bits you scrape in the bin……So I SLAPPED the MASHED parsnips on the plate (I am sure mashed tasted better than pureed) I Was going to put the pork on onto the puree parsnips and then the pureed peas onto on the pork (but I never pureed the peas) …But then I thought…What has gotten into you Wend…Get a grip girl!!! So i did get a grip...only just, but I did manage it… and we had roast dinner with squared spuds and no carrots so not REALLY a roast dinner. …. SO……Masterchef, keep ALL your ideas to yourself in future please!!!

We went to the movies yesterday. We went and watched 'Iron Lady' I enjoyed it….I was surprised how much of what happened in Britain I could actually remember as I was still in school during this time.
……So I go and collect Island girl (also to be know as IG in this blog when I am rushing, which will be more often than not!) We head towards the movies… I Kind of know where I am heading….Thought I missed a turning…used a few choice words….until IG noticed I was actually heading in the right direction….Normally taking a wrong turn would not be a problem…well not if you could read the street signs….and you where not LATE, yet AGAIN…REALLY I was late AGAIN…
Hedgepig texted should she buy tickets…Thank goodness she was on the ball…or even already in the cinema!
IG finds where we are, meant to go…I see Hedgepig and TBL buying tickets on a self service machine.
…….I push to the front see where they were about to press to take the seats…oh no can't sit there I said, So very nicely they changed the seats…(I would have been…hummm you turn up late and then tell us…hummm think not….but these ladies are nice, thank goodness)
We go and buy some food for inside the movie. I ordered mine and IG ordered her's
"can I have sweet and salted popcorn mixed please" she asked …oh boy you would have thought she had asked for something they did not have a squid ball or something.. REALLY…the women puts her two arms forward in a cross to let us know this is not possible….I mean it must be soooo difficult getting a scoop of sweet popcorn and then a scoop of salty popcorn…..come on REALLY….
So there I am waiting for my drink and popcorn thinking where did that women go….I was already late it's like come on darling get a move on!!!
IG explains I need to go to the end to get my stuff….It was served in these red bowl type things….a holder for my cup and a holder for my popcorn…pretty cool…If I had had a bag big enough mine would have come home with me!
I rush off to the bathroom..(too much info, but for a reason) there was a older lady leaving the bathroom after washing her hands, as I was going in….I left the bathrooms…and the lady was just in front of me…she had hardly left the bathroom….come on darling I am late!!!….I run (yes I ran) around this HUGE table and we all start walking in….in a voice which might have been too loud I mentioned how many people where there…(well movie had not started, but it was pretty quiet and packed.)
We go to our seats which were taken…(well 3 of them where) They soon moved!
….So we are all settled…movie has started (I want to say we were half way through, but I would be exaggerating) …then I look across and the old lady from the bathroom is just coming in…. she walks towards us…then starts going up the steps…I hope she got to her seat before the movie ended.

Oh yeah…..managed to get my blog settings back!
I now have 7 email followers…..I love it!!!!!

I have asked everyone who is going away for swing break to sign onto here so I might get an extra flag or two…

March 20, 2012

My heart currently belongs to the National Welsh rugby team.....I am SOOOOO proud of my team...Well done boys....You rock!!!!

Why oh why do people have to mess with things???? REALLY,Is there ANY NEED!!! So ….Here I was all happy with the layout of my blog…well kind of happy…I wish I knew more about computers…(….hummmm no I don't cause that would me thinking!) BUT…..I get on my blog after the weekend and it has gone all funny…and not as in funny haha!!! So now I don't really know how to get around my blog…not that i really knew before, but i was getting there!!!!….It was not broke…so I did not want it fixed!!!!!… ……But I have 2 new followers….Thank you Kristen E and Ho778…Loving it…I would check if I have anymore email followers but as the blog has decided to mess it's self up…so i can't use it I have no idea…SO AGAIN…I wished they had left it alone….REALLY I DO ……ANY NEED???? Today i made sausage rolls…I decided I only like then when come out of the oven, that may be why there are still some left… they are not even the same when warmed up in the microwave…REALLY their not.

Today while I was chatting away on the phone….I was talking about people talking UTTER crap/rubbish!!! Until Bubble's pointed out there there is crap~crap and funny crap!!!! Just thought I would put that out there! …Sure mine is not the latter…

I watched MasterChef the TV show over the last few days…I loved some of the ideas, I wanted to use some of the ideas, I found some tips…In fact I was so impressed I wanted to call everyone up and say come on over for dinner….Then I realized I was in Japan and I would not be able to get 50% of the ingredients….Sorry I take that back…I mean would not be able to get 92% of the ingredients…..ARGGGGHHHHH!

Saturday we went to two Sayonara. The first one we went to there was a cheese and biscuit tray….It was STUNNING…in fact I think it should have been in a Gourmet cooking magazine!!! It was stunning..I wish I had a picture of it to show you….Very rare I am impressed with something like that, but this was awesome. I was so impressed I dragged Bubbles around until I found it…just to show her. We found it in the clubs biggest refrigerator. The party later on was just so funny…the theme was children's games. EVERYONE took part, EVERYONE had a fab time… I did think the ceiling was going to go collapse onto the other party when they played a game with a ballon attached to your leg and everyone had to try and keep their ballon intact….So everyone was trying to stamp on everyone else's balloons. Along with the dressing up game….I think the highlight for me was when 'The 4 Chick's' performed, their one and only song. I think "The 4 Chick's' might have become an over night sensation…and will be booked for ALL future Sayonara parties….REALLY!…They were sensational!!! Not sure who presents the top twenty these days….but thinking he/she will be mentioning these ladies soon!!!

One day I was sat next to somebody and her calendar was full on her phone…a dot for EVERYDAY…I was like holy Moly…..So I sat down and looked at mine and thought I need more dots…hummm. So I rectified it…I have put in all book club dates, all brownie sessions, all gym days (even if I know I might not be going…but it helps the amount of dots!) I added every school day off, every start and finish of school holidays/vacations, Made sure everyones birthday was there….I even wrote christmas day, because it was not marked on the calendar…..

This time next week…I will ACTUALLY be in Miami after ALL that travel….12 hours to Miami…4 hour lay over in Los Angeles and then ANOTHER 5 hours to Miami…I am telling you, it had better be worth it!!!! I just know I will need some sort of meds to make me a nice person during the travel time…. if there is such a medicine I think I had better start taking it daily…..