October 6, 2012

I was wondering how to start to days blogs…then I realized by typing about wondering I had actually started the blog!!!! I have to mention that sometimes this does take me a few days and I do write in the moment and the past….But what I do is write when I remember …just needed to add that. Ok I have a couple more names for my blog…. Model Mum, Dancing Queen (DQ), Miss Event and Barbie. I think we have a water ghost thief…REALLY we must have. EVERY TIME and I do mean EVERY TIME I go to the fridge there is a 3/4 or 1/2 full bottle of water… G always empties the water out of his bottle and puts the bottle in the bin…J just leaves the bottle where ever he was sat. If I don't finish a bottle I put it in the top of the fridge. It REALLY is doing my head in…I mean come on already…So I then pour the water out. …. …But I mean come on already… Last night before we went to bed, the fridge was filled with bottles of water and there was no half filled bottles….I come downstairs around 3.30 and go get a drink…and there it is a half filled bottle of water…yes it was in the middle of night…but blurry eyed I was not!…I had been awake for a while I knew if I stayed in bed much longer I would have woken G up…with putting lights on, finding a book I wanted to read out of the 10 nooks next to my bed…So I was pretty wide awake!…. I will get to the bottom of this, some how! So…I am very excited that christmas is getting closer….I don't think G will be on board with my idea for getting the tree up now… NO idea why? I mean how awesome would it be to have the tree up and those fairy/christmas lights twinkling away every night???? Awesome right???? I LOVE FAIRY LIGHTS I have started to work on christmas….I have started on the gifts, I have bought the cards and gotten some christmas crafts almost ready to do. I was going to write my cards this week…but I will hold off until November. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!! REALLY I do. Can't wait! …Cookie Exchange already booked and in the diary! Last week I cooked chicken breast for dinner….I took the chicken out of the oven and I tell you that tray with the chicken in was tweeting…Honestly it was….It tweeted and I don't me on the social networking site…Maybe the chicken or the tray was very hot (coming out the oven what else would it be?) But seriously it actually tweeted, twerped, chirped whatever ..that tray of chicken was making a noise! I have started Pilates….Oh my the PAIN!!!!! So I have to breath in, not work to fast, roll through my spine….exhale…ALL FOR ONE HOUR!!!!….I will point out, unlike when I used to do yoga in the last country we lived…I don't set my phone to ring me, so I can get out of the class….My car is parked to far away for me to say…'oh thats my car alarm I had better check it' …oh yes I have be known to help myself get out of a full class! My one problem I have found in the class (there are many but I will only share the one!) My bra squeaks…REALLY not a tweet or a chirp…honest a squeak….When I have to thrown myself backward (with help…and my feet are NOT allowed to touch the floor) well maybe not actually throw myself…but something similar I am stuck there and my sports bra is poking me in the face and squeaking…honestly!…I am not hearing things I swear….I know because NOT only do I have VERY selective hearing, I don't hear a lot anyway. Today I am cloud nine and for no apparent reason….I really am walking around smiling! (This was when I originally started typing 2 days ago!) It's rainy…It's slightly colder~could be the, I do like the colder weather…. Dinner is prepared and in the crockpot, could be that… Had a caramel coffee this morning….could be the caffeine… Having lunch with Pinky and Scout…could be that… It could also be that I am sat on my backside playing on Pinterest….(I LOVE THAT SITE!) Ok I have been writing this blog over the last few day's and I am still REALLY, REALLY wanting to put my christmas tree up!!!! Ooooo Just had a quick little quake ….If I was a sleep…I would have slept through that one… G brought home a tin of Rose's and Hero's (Cadbury's chocolate) from the UK. I have hidden them…and I can honestly say I have not stolen any or gone to the hiding place…so there will actually be chocolate left when actually put up the tree….well right now there is hope…. Going swimming this morning….NOT my idea I might add and I do think the water will be freezing. SO Im thinking about all those extra calories I will use to keep warm and then the exercise on top of that!!!! So a famous Sandwich chain has opened up locally…I should have realized it would have it's Japanese stamp on it…Well we are in Japan… So I ordered my sandwich and a large drink…So I look down at the drink and I am like is there even any drink in here…..So I tell the women in kind of a charades, kind of way that my drink is not even half full. One of the staff spoke perfect english. So she said well you have ice in there….Oh my, did she REALLY just say I have ice in there….Well surely the ice should make it look as if there is more in there ????? So I say I ordered a large dink, I paid for a large drink I would like a large drink please….Well She adds some more….The amount she added would be hard to put in to actually amount…but I will try….a DRIBBLE…..Yes a dribble that is how I will describe what she added to the cup….Now I have to tell you…I was not particularly hungry, but I was thirsty…hence the large drink required. The line of people was out of the door by this stage…The women who serves me my Starbucks was behind me in line…Hedge pig and Pinky were also in line…I point out that there is a mark on EVERYONE of their cups and that cup should be where the drink level stops…..Well I did get my drink to the size I required…Hedge pig and Pink got the dribble of an excuse for a drink….AND the women in Starbucks makes my drink to extra perfection since…. Oh yeah and I have 2 new Starbucks mugs Paris and Atlanta…NOBODY is allowed to drink out of those cups!