May 21, 2011

Well another two early mornings at the gym plus 2 more swimming time added…While I don’t seem to be losing weight something is different…clothes fit different and well I just feel better in general…well until about 7pm and then my eyes are burning and need sleep…..
On Thursday J said he would like to go to the Indian restaurant for dinner….
I ordered a butter chicken and a naan bread…I was not disappointed...the butter chicken sauce was so creamy and the naan bread was so doughy…..I thought it was my birthday not J’s
I did not need the chicken part of the butter chicken, just the sauce/gravy and the naan bread… good as any roast potatoes and homemade gravy!

So this week I have found a few things out
1. I have a pair of flip-flops that sound like ducks quaking when I walk…will I be getting rid of them…Hummm NO!
2. When you make pasta salad that small box of pasta makes MUCH more than you thought it would…it makes a BIG load…
3. It is ok to take the rubbish/trash out while in your PJ’s. (well seems the new fashion here)
4. Open air pools have Arctic feeling water in May
5. Cars don’t clean themselves inside????? ;)

So that all been typed I can have a whinny minute…..Why is it when you have been shopping there is still nothing you fancy or want to eat in the house???? Why is it, that while fruit is is lovely and refreshing at times and full of natural sugar it does not have the same satisfaction as chocolate?????
Why is it that a glass of water does not quench your thirst like a cola can of coke???

I mean is there any need at all….Water is good for you…Wonderful but I can drink liters of water and still be thirsty…one small can of cold fizzy beautiful cola and I am no longer thirsty…
Now fizzy water can sort of quench the thirst…only problem is most take like it has a aspirin or something like it in there….

May 19, 2011

So Tuesday I was at the gym at 5.55, thought about going in the pool but the shiver I got down my spine put a stop to that!
I then went back to the gym in the evening with G and did another little bit…which wiped me out!!!!
I felt I should go to the gym again after going to a birthday and having a desert….
To be honest I never felt guilty after eating dessert, maybe I should have but I just never….

Yesterday I was at the gym at 6.10 ( this upset me a little as I had been awake and only dozing since 3ish am and I looked at my clock again and it was 6am) So after my workout I did consider jumping in the pool…once again a shiver down my spine but a stop to it!!!!
I came home did my chores and took J to school…Then I headed for the pool….
So the sun was shining, I am thinking ok……can’t be that bad the kids have been in it all weekend.
I notice one of the lifeguards who was cleaning and doing checks etc….
I go and find a bed for my towel and stuff…Not difficult as I am the only one stupid enough to be there!!!
Then I walked over to the one side of the pool…(the only side I use for some bizarre reason) and I start climbing down into the pool…..The words that went through my mind at that time were too many mention and some not printable…So I have the water about waist high….I can do this right?…come on Wend’ just jump in and get your shoulders under….come on Wend’ it will be time to pick J up from school at this rate ( I should have just went straight in from the deep end)…Well I did it…I thought my heart had stopped….Thank goodness there was a life guard there in case I died of a heart attack after the shock of the freezing arctic water …Well I carried on and very quickly I warmed up…
I actually spent 40 minutes..Swimming and doing water aerobics…go me!!!!!
So today I am going again after school drop off…..
Really hope there is a life guard there again early in case the pool is any colder than yesterday…I don’t think it could be….

Today is J’s birthday…can’t believe he is 12….I mean REALLY, ANY NEED!!!!
Gone are the days of me telling him hair cut time….That topic is going to cause major hassles I think with us and his curly hair…
Gone are the days the lights were out at 8pm..Because if he was a sleep by 8pm I know he will be wandering the house at 3 am…
Gone are the days of reading stories….. Big shame!
Gone are the days he did not have an opinion!!!!....Oh I wish those days where back!
……but also gone are the days he would only eat chicken nuggets and fries and NOTHING else….YAYYYYY!!!!
I actually remember him telling another mother at her child’s party at a party where pizza was served that he was allergic to the pizza…..REALLY!!!! Also told another mother he was allergic to mashed potatoes….

Happy birthday sweetheart….Love you!

May 17, 2011

Sunday morning I managed to get out of my bed… After the cola I drank at quiz night surprised I slept at all…But I did sleep not for long but I slept. We took J to soccer and I headed into the gym…well not straight away…But during the time I was messing around, I noticed G with a lovely big cooked breakfast and guess what? I was not jealous!!!!!! I did not think I want that breakfast, I had had my whole grain cereal for breakfast at home...(yummmm)

J and I then went to see Thor…..can’t say whether it was a good movie or not as I was failing to keep my eyes and open… My eyes were in so much pain...not from the movie but lack of sleep; well I think it was lack of sleep and not the movie.

On Monday I never made it to the gym ….Mrs. H had said that WE were sorting out my office, who needs the gym when Mrs. H is in full steam ahead mode? …well I might have mentioned the office once or twice before…I go in there look around, step over things…look at the books, find a book I want to read and then close the office door again…..Well I think to myself how can I cancel this AGAIN with Mrs. H? Because I have cancelled this before on a few occasions…I mean just the thought of cleaning that room gave me nightmares… So I am on the phone to Yeti Moo and the door bell rang…Mrs.H is here(NOOOOOOOOO!!!!) …guess I had left it too late to cancel or she was not giving me the option…Well what she was here earlier than she said she would and she was in FULL STEAM AHEAD mode…. Outcome was it I was a very happy bunny at the end of the day…Crafts all sorted…I can walk around the office…find what I need in the linen closet…and I happy to leave the office door open!
Thank you Mrs. H…. I know have an office to use...not just calling a room an office….Yayyyyyy.

So I was at the gym at 5.55am this morning…added to my workout…now I am off for some beans on toast!

May 15, 2011

I was unable to get on here yesterday as blogger was down, not that I had much to write about.... Maybe some whining and droning on.

Well yesterday I was awake at 3am having breakfast by 5:30am and at the gym by 5.50, felt the quake, finished the ironing, laundry gone and beds made by 7.30am.... No idea what's wrong with me.
We went to Costco, walked to a local supermarket type place and bought a laminator for 1000¥... Bargain!!!!
Made G a vindaloo curry, and waited for J to come home.... J was at a birthday event... He arrive home at 11pm... My kid is out later than me!!!!!
I mean after my busy day being an expat wife.... I need my rest!

This morning I met GL and the lovely Miss R for lunch.
J went to the opening of the local open air pool. G had already gone there, we dropped J there I went home did what I needed and then walked up there to join them... It nearly killed me!!!
Then I walked back there tonight, and home from there... Go me!!!!! ( again nearly killed me walking there)

Tonight we went to a school quiz night, we came 2nd.... Not bad huh????
I drank coke tonight :( i am not seeing it as 'oh no I drank soda, but as ... they were LOVELY!!!!