May 21, 2011

Well another two early mornings at the gym plus 2 more swimming time added…While I don’t seem to be losing weight something is different…clothes fit different and well I just feel better in general…well until about 7pm and then my eyes are burning and need sleep…..
On Thursday J said he would like to go to the Indian restaurant for dinner….
I ordered a butter chicken and a naan bread…I was not disappointed...the butter chicken sauce was so creamy and the naan bread was so doughy…..I thought it was my birthday not J’s
I did not need the chicken part of the butter chicken, just the sauce/gravy and the naan bread… good as any roast potatoes and homemade gravy!

So this week I have found a few things out
1. I have a pair of flip-flops that sound like ducks quaking when I walk…will I be getting rid of them…Hummm NO!
2. When you make pasta salad that small box of pasta makes MUCH more than you thought it would…it makes a BIG load…
3. It is ok to take the rubbish/trash out while in your PJ’s. (well seems the new fashion here)
4. Open air pools have Arctic feeling water in May
5. Cars don’t clean themselves inside????? ;)

So that all been typed I can have a whinny minute…..Why is it when you have been shopping there is still nothing you fancy or want to eat in the house???? Why is it, that while fruit is is lovely and refreshing at times and full of natural sugar it does not have the same satisfaction as chocolate?????
Why is it that a glass of water does not quench your thirst like a cola can of coke???

I mean is there any need at all….Water is good for you…Wonderful but I can drink liters of water and still be thirsty…one small can of cold fizzy beautiful cola and I am no longer thirsty…
Now fizzy water can sort of quench the thirst…only problem is most take like it has a aspirin or something like it in there….

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