May 15, 2011

I was unable to get on here yesterday as blogger was down, not that I had much to write about.... Maybe some whining and droning on.

Well yesterday I was awake at 3am having breakfast by 5:30am and at the gym by 5.50, felt the quake, finished the ironing, laundry gone and beds made by 7.30am.... No idea what's wrong with me.
We went to Costco, walked to a local supermarket type place and bought a laminator for 1000¥... Bargain!!!!
Made G a vindaloo curry, and waited for J to come home.... J was at a birthday event... He arrive home at 11pm... My kid is out later than me!!!!!
I mean after my busy day being an expat wife.... I need my rest!

This morning I met GL and the lovely Miss R for lunch.
J went to the opening of the local open air pool. G had already gone there, we dropped J there I went home did what I needed and then walked up there to join them... It nearly killed me!!!
Then I walked back there tonight, and home from there... Go me!!!!! ( again nearly killed me walking there)

Tonight we went to a school quiz night, we came 2nd.... Not bad huh????
I drank coke tonight :( i am not seeing it as 'oh no I drank soda, but as ... they were LOVELY!!!!

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