January 8, 2011

The Christmas tree is finally down.
Do I feel better? …hummmm NO!
So it took forever to get take all the baubles off. We packed away all the lights, tinsels and baubles.
Then we took it apart. Then we tried to get it back in the box….Not happening in this life time.
You know you can get those bags for storage space?...The ones you but stuff in and then get the vacuum to suck all the air. Space saving bags…well I need something like that for the 3rd part of the Christmas tree. The G says come on let’s take this back into the attic. …sounds easy, right?
Once again, NO!!!
The chest of decorations went back up no problem….The tree which has never been in the attic…which was living in the office in the box since it was bought in October.
The tree box now only contains 2/3 of the tree the other part is wrapped up in a lot of bubble wrap
So I watch as G and J move boxes, as I am thinking can I ask them to put a few other things up there as well.
When all is done, attic is closed….I go downstairs and I have a big empty space where the tree was…
Any need, REALLY.

This evening G said let’s go out to eat locally. Ok…off we trot. ( Am I getting better or what??)
J had a pizza…looked ok.
G had what can only described as ‘balls’ perfectly shaped balls at that! Looked awful and judging by’s G reaction they tasted awful.
I decided to have a sort of stir fry…I paid the man. Then I looked closer at the picture and I had pointed at and realized it has Squid in…Hummmm NO, NO, NO. So I explained to the man with the help of the translator on my phone ‘NO SQUID!!!’ Crossed my arms, shook my head..and he says…’Ahhhhh one moment, one moment, one moment’ Off he runs and returns with a small frozen bag of ….fishy stuff….including a pink and white stripped thing…By this stage I am gagging…he points to the squid..’You not like’…’NO’ Points to the pink and white fish…which looks like a pice of stripped rock from Blackpool! You like? NO!
Points to the shrimp..’you like this one’…’NO’
So I just crossed my arms and said ‘CANCEL… NO LIKE FISH’...He has a big smile ok…you still want drink?
Queue behind me is growing (popular place I guess) so after a 10 minutes ordering, showing fishy stuff in a bag, I ended up with pasta instead…

Just a taste

January 7, 2011

Christmas tree is still up, mocking me…No pain meds today, so I know I am being mocked!
There is one bauble that just kinda sits there, winding me up a treat…well I am about to stamp on it!

Visitors have left …. I have say I am a little upset. They came, they went and they joined us for meal a time a or two. Now they are on their way back to Narita airport for their long flight home.
I am going to have to make friends with the English speaking house alarm again… He always welcomes me home. Well what he actually said is “system off, welcome home’ he is friendly enough welcoming me home.
This is a bit like Miss Garmin and Miss Clarion. When arriving at my final destination in the car. They always tell me I have arrived at my destination and to have a nice day. So polite…I wonder if you can pay less for a less polite GPS…so instead of wishing a great day saying something like…You’re here!
Where I would more like say…’were here, and take your rubbish with you!’
So I have 3 English better speaking English electronic devices to make best friends….So watch this space.

J got a book for Christmas from Yeti Moo..Called Freaky Facts…one Freaky is Fact that is in there is…
Squirrels can only remember where they have hidden half of their food…Alzheimer’s may be?
So my question is how would you know that that…Did somebody watch a squirrel for a few months?
How do they decide this...Does Suzie Squirrel say “Hey Einstein, do you remember where I put my nuts?”
Or maybe she says “Hey Einstein, We Squirrels are awful forgetful”’...I mean come on……ANY NEED!!!! REALLY is there any need?
Another fact….which I must add I have heard before is that Polar bears are all left handed.
Why would you sit in ice cold surrounds freezing your backside off watching which Hand the Polar bears are using??? Now I am sure that somebody is not sat on their backside freezing watching polar bears..I am sure they are all nice and warm…but that was the vision I conjured up!

January 6, 2011

Well the tree is still up…
It is coming down this weekend…even if I have to set fire to it and reduce it to smoldering plastic and burnt baubles!
I feel like it is mocking me….but again that could be the pain medication….

Yesterday while out, seen a sign in Gap that stated 70%. Off I trotted today, and I did actually get a few bargains for J. So much so that I am thinking of going back and buying the next size up for him.
It was cheaper than in the US.
G said earlier he never thought he would hear that anything was cheaper in Japan, guess I am going to have to find a few more bargains. Just so he can hear it again.

I think I have early onset of Alzheimer. You know when you walk into the room and to get something and forget what it was you went to get…if you do I am guess you have early Alzheimer’s as well.
Earlier today I put something away….Can I find where I put it??? NO! Any need?
When I was younger there used to be a whistle thingy, that you would attach to your keys, you would whistle and it would beep. When I was a kid they were everywhere, not anymore.
When I lose my phone, I call it and hopefully the ringer is on and not on silent.
Well I need to be able to ring my keys, my iPod, my books; even the mail that arrived today is lost already. So I need to sort something out. Have not found anything like my phone in the fridge as yet…but give it time.

January 5, 2011

Any need!!!!!!
Today the Christmas tree was coming down…Was coming down. I just can’t take it down. Not because I think it is pretty and I will keep it up for a while longer, but because I have fractured ribs and I can’t take it down. It there any need, REALLY!!!
I have been in a lot of pain with my side/back for about 2 weeks. This morning I could stand it no longer.
So off I struggle to the Dr’s office….I explained the problem. So he starts examining the area
Does this hurt..hummm yeah. What about this YES!!!!! Then said and how about this? OWWWWW yes!
I mean have I not just told you about the pain and how much it hurts??? ANY NEED, REALLY!
So there was lots of hummm and rrr –ing. Xray…You have fractured ribs…No I don’t…yes you do.
So here I am after taking Vikadan (now understand why House was addict…they don’t work and you need a whole handful to feel any difference!)
So feeling sorry for myself…even more so that I have no idea how I have fractured ribs….
I reckon when I was at the happiest place on earth…NOT!!!! One of the characters put a spell on me!!!!

The visitors are off out, today Costco and a puppy park. J has gone with them
JH said she will take pictures and show me when she gets back….How many SD cards and camera’s do they have.
One of the things JH wanted to see was Nikko, where there are 98 stone Buddha’s lined up.
Somebody has knitted red hats and scarf for these stone Buddha’s, honest they have. I seen the pictures nearly all 98 of them.

Sat here looking at the Christmas tree, I am convinced it is giving me the evil eye…either that or it’s the Vikadan kicking in.

January 4, 2011

The Christmas tree is coming down tomorrow….Yayyyyy then only 325 days until it back up
There is also only 355 days until Christmas.

So I made some more lemon vodka (think I will be needing it with only 355 days left for Christmas)
I know when it is ready because it turns yellow, so a couple of weeks to wait, and with 355 days until Christmas I will have time to make a few batches
Yesterday I tried the Skittles Vodka (all flavours) tasted good.
So don’t know about anyone else but when I have had my limited of magic juice (normally 2 sips) my cheeks turn red . REALLY they do. No idea why this happens.
Well you would think at this point I might stop the magic juice right???? NO!!!
Will I be able to drink the magic juice with my exercising????
Maybe the juice part is not good…but the magic part will be ok!!!! Can’t be anything wrong with the Magic part surely?

The visitors are really seeing a lot of Japan….more than I will in the next 3 years. Done Disney, seen Fuji tried some sushi I am done.
Off they have popped and explored Japan. JH told me tonight that they have not done some of the stuff they would have liked….REALLY??? They have not stopped….I even got to see pictures on ONE of their cameras.
I did think one morning very early I would drive up to Fuji and see take a closer look…but then again…
I can see other people’s pictures!

Today I made a new recipe up. I decide we were having BBQ pork..Well the pork changed to beef.
When making the recipe normally I add a little orange juice. As we never had any today I used cola.
It was a hit. Seems this is on the approval list.
Another thing I found here is purple sweet potatoes (used to eat them in Korea when I could find them)
I use them the same as normal potatoes, I cube them add seasoning and bake. Not sure how impressed J is but hey. I am not impressed with wandering around Disney but hey. I was told by Bab’s this was happiest place on earth. Happiest place my @#$%!!!!!!!!!

January 2, 2011

Well thought I was having a good week…well that was until I realized today is Sunday. So no idea if I am having some good days, good end to a week or a good start to the week.

Today I bought myself some basketball trainers/boots. Because you just know they will improve my game…NOT!!!!
Will I run faster…NO!
Will I be able to shoot better…..Hummm No!
Will I be able to remember the rules any better …NO!!! Because have no idea of the rules now.
I do like my basketball shoes though.

Well I am off Guam…Yep I am!!! I am going on a little Wendy trip. Am I excited …well.
About the trip, yes I am.
About the weather, yes I am
About the shopping, yes I am
About taking a bus to the airport … No I am Bloody NOT!!!!!!!
Because you just know I will miss my flight …right?

So I have to tell you about my vodka. I have been flavouring vodka for a little while now.
Place your favourite sweets into a jar add some vodka, put the lid on and shake the mixture and leave for a while.
One that I made here and made an impression was green skittles flavoured vodka. It was also named by JA as Shrek’s Piss.
My actual favourite was lemon vodka. I made it early December and drank it all myself over New Years Eve…. I had lemons I needed to use up so I washed and cut them all up placed in a jar and poured my vodka over it. So 3-4 weeks later….served with cola and ice cubes….Lovely!
J had some super sour sweets so I have just made another batch of flavoured vodka. Let’s see just how sour these sweets are.

On 3 more days and then the Christmas tree can be put away...Not that I am counting.