January 5, 2011

Any need!!!!!!
Today the Christmas tree was coming down…Was coming down. I just can’t take it down. Not because I think it is pretty and I will keep it up for a while longer, but because I have fractured ribs and I can’t take it down. It there any need, REALLY!!!
I have been in a lot of pain with my side/back for about 2 weeks. This morning I could stand it no longer.
So off I struggle to the Dr’s office….I explained the problem. So he starts examining the area
Does this hurt..hummm yeah. What about this YES!!!!! Then said and how about this? OWWWWW yes!
I mean have I not just told you about the pain and how much it hurts??? ANY NEED, REALLY!
So there was lots of hummm and rrr –ing. Xray…You have fractured ribs…No I don’t…yes you do.
So here I am after taking Vikadan (now understand why House was addict…they don’t work and you need a whole handful to feel any difference!)
So feeling sorry for myself…even more so that I have no idea how I have fractured ribs….
I reckon when I was at the happiest place on earth…NOT!!!! One of the characters put a spell on me!!!!

The visitors are off out, today Costco and a puppy park. J has gone with them
JH said she will take pictures and show me when she gets back….How many SD cards and camera’s do they have.
One of the things JH wanted to see was Nikko, where there are 98 stone Buddha’s lined up.
Somebody has knitted red hats and scarf for these stone Buddha’s, honest they have. I seen the pictures nearly all 98 of them.

Sat here looking at the Christmas tree, I am convinced it is giving me the evil eye…either that or it’s the Vikadan kicking in.

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