January 2, 2011

Well thought I was having a good week…well that was until I realized today is Sunday. So no idea if I am having some good days, good end to a week or a good start to the week.

Today I bought myself some basketball trainers/boots. Because you just know they will improve my game…NOT!!!!
Will I run faster…NO!
Will I be able to shoot better…..Hummm No!
Will I be able to remember the rules any better …NO!!! Because have no idea of the rules now.
I do like my basketball shoes though.

Well I am off Guam…Yep I am!!! I am going on a little Wendy trip. Am I excited …well.
About the trip, yes I am.
About the weather, yes I am
About the shopping, yes I am
About taking a bus to the airport … No I am Bloody NOT!!!!!!!
Because you just know I will miss my flight …right?

So I have to tell you about my vodka. I have been flavouring vodka for a little while now.
Place your favourite sweets into a jar add some vodka, put the lid on and shake the mixture and leave for a while.
One that I made here and made an impression was green skittles flavoured vodka. It was also named by JA as Shrek’s Piss.
My actual favourite was lemon vodka. I made it early December and drank it all myself over New Years Eve…. I had lemons I needed to use up so I washed and cut them all up placed in a jar and poured my vodka over it. So 3-4 weeks later….served with cola and ice cubes….Lovely!
J had some super sour sweets so I have just made another batch of flavoured vodka. Let’s see just how sour these sweets are.

On 3 more days and then the Christmas tree can be put away...Not that I am counting.

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