July 30, 2011

After reading part of my last mumbling – I noticed a few errors… (Not the spelling and grammar we all know I have no chance with either of them) Like when I mentioned that I used tree oil used to help with the mossie bites… TREE OIL – REALLY!!! Come on Wend…TREE OIL, I mean what is TREE OIL??? Hummm TEA TREE OIL, Wend, TEA TREE OIL…I mean come on any need?
As you might have noticed apart from my name, NOBODY’S real names appear in this blog… Well GoMJ I think has only been mention once by the correct name…I have had GoJ, GoM but actually the same person…AGAIN, REALLY!!!!! I mean I could go on about all the other stuff but it’s giving me a headache just thinking about…really it is.
Have to tell you about the terrible time I am having….I think it’s my new glasses. Since I have had them, my hearing has gotten worse…REALLY it has... Yes I can image - you eye rolling as if to say ‘what is she going on about now’ But seriously since I have had had them my hearing has almost become none existent. I find myself either just smiling at people (I could be agreeing to anything if they are talking to me) because I have no idea if they are talking to me,or I find myself saying… What’cha just say or huh???? I am seem to get better results with just what’cha say?’ compared to ‘I am sorry could you repeat that again’ May be because they are so shocked I was being polite…who knows…All I know is my hearing is BAD, REALLT,REALLY BAD!!!!…Guessing I should not have gotten new glasses….silly me! (can’t remember if I have already moaned about this…if I have …then sorry but it really is that bad…if I have not, then more moaning will be coming along in the future, of that I am sure!)
This last week, I finished a few jobs in the house that I had wanted to do….
Extremely pleased with myself…started a couple of new project which I am enjoying more than I thought I would. So go me!!!!
Had a lovely evening with Miss. Williams who said a couple of things that made me wake up this morning seeing my world in a different light. Miss Williams, Thank you, you rock!!!!
P.S, I am sorry if you have earache….
We went for lunch today at Hard Rock, I suppose it looks like your being good when you have a big plate of salad…But I am sure the pecans, cheese, tortilla straws and dressing are not the best to have on the salad…but if they were not there I would not eat it…
Well while we were looking for a parking space we saw signs for charging your eclectic car. Where you could plug your car up to charge it…REALLY…how cool is that???? One of the cars even had the battery indicator when it shows you charging. It had 3 large blue led lights that were kinda dancing away…well one was not, only 2 and 3…guess the car had been charging awhile….Any way ..I love it!!! I want one in blue!
I told G what I wanted for Christmas this week…he just looked at me as if to say REALLY?...he really did…guess he has caught the really’s as well!
I really am thinking about Christmas already…well you have to don’t you??? I have to start thinking what to buy…I have no idea.
When J was little I am sure a lot of toys G picked where what he wanted to play with as well…(a few where far to old…like the Lego robot that connects to the PC (or something like that…I do believe it is still in the box…well put back in the box when G had finished with it)
Well I am finding that I am doing that now…I seen the new Wii gaming system – no idea if it’s already out on sale.
Do I think J wants it…has he shown any interest in it…NO! Do I think he will show any interest in it...NO!
Is it is me that would like it yes….But I am not asking Santa for it I have a list of my own for Santa!!!!

I am so happy 98 different countries have visited my blog…and it has been viewed over 3000 times AND….I have 14 followers….I would be doing a happy dance but the laptop is resting on my leg!!!! So my other leg is moving around in happiness instead of the happy dance.

July 28, 2011

The humidity is killing me!!! I think I can handle the heat…but this humidity ANY NEED???
I am getting bitten by every mosquito in Japan, it’s like they have been invited to dine out with my blood as main course!!!
NOTHING seems to stop the little blighters (again GoMJ diplomatic!!!)
I used to use tree oil which always worked a treat. I now have stuff that is recommended for use in the in the jungle…Yeah whatever!!! More like for garden use rather than jungle…and then it does not even work in the garden. So I am reacting like mad to all these bites so I looked up natural remedies… I found a few, there was one making baking soda into a paste another suggested lemons to strive off infections or even toothpaste…..I went with the deodorant suggestion…I have to tell you pomegranate deodorant seems to be keeping the itch of the bites away… So my thoughts went to…How the heck do you finds these things out… did somebody pick up the deodorant by mistake and use it on mossie bites… did somebody try everything in the bathroom cabinet and this was the last resort. I have no idea, but I am truly grateful whatever the reason…and that somebody then had time to post this find on the internet!!!
So back to the humidity…it has been recommended to have you’re A/C set to 28 degrees…let me tell you it’s not worth having it on! In fact it is cooler outside the house than inside when you have A/C at 28 degrees!
While a lot of people become tetchy and irritable when tired (me included!!!) it seems I get exactly the same way when I am struggling with the humidity…I have become evil…. It would seem more so than ever before. I have no idea why my patience’s is at its limit…not that I ever had very much…
…I mean when I ask where my car keys are…I mean not my fault they are not in the bowl that I placed on a shelf as you come through the door and made clear from day , THAT’S WHERE THE KEYS GO,NOWHERE ELSE, JUST THE BOWL!!!!!!..Even though I was the last person to drive my car and put my keys down……I mean why don’t you know where my keys are…REALLY….you have no idea??? hummm REALLY?
Earlier this evening I closed the windows in my bedroom…put the A/C on and then complained at how useless the A/C was a couple of times ...Then we heard the rain…sounded like a window was open…Arrggghhh could somebody not have closed the windows? I mean really you could not have closed windows…. really???? Oh yeah I closed them…
So I think everyone around me is ready for me to get over myself…I am doing my head in, I am wanting to kick myself - Even though NOTHING is my fault!!!! It really is everyone else who has issues..Not me!!!

So yesterday I took a lady to get some washi paper….I have no blog name for her yet so she is ‘a Lady’
We are going to do some washi eggs together, she said I have 5 eggs ready will that be enough… One will be enough the 1st one will take a couple of hours… I found some Koi paper (finally)….Yayyyy…But never bought it….

Last night I read the book SoM gave me…finished it at 3.15AM (any need)
Got up this morning… Extremely tired…went to IKEA and meet Mrs.A and had some lunch.
No Idea Mrs. A was going to be there when IKEA was planned. Nice catching up…Thanks you Mrs. A
I only went for a couple of things…We did manage to close the boot/trunk of the car.

P.S only 52 days Yeti Moo

July 27, 2011

Ok So I have not made a cake with soda as yet…to be honest I had forgotten about it until I just seen the last part of my previous mumbling…

Monday I went swimming very early and while the pool was not as cold as it has been. I had trouble getting in… not as in I am old and needing help (that as well may be) but I just seemed to take longer to get my shoulders under and start the tedious task of swimming back and forth…. (I want a water proof ipod!!!)
I told myself that I needed to start the exercise regime again…I will stick to it no matter what…well I have said that in my head, and out loud…Have not actually convinced myself I am telling the truth…especially as I am eating the Cadburys chocolate that I brought home from the UK!!!!

Sunday night I went to bed and was asleep by 9pm….and then wide awake at 11.05 pm….so I stayed awake ALL night….felt the earth move (yes ANOTHER quake) 3.55am – I mean come on ANY NEED????
I had stuff delivered at 8.30am so I was wide awake and feeling extremely moody to say the least….Extremely hot and humid and no ice cold coke in the house….AGAIN – any need!!!!
As it was early when all was sorted I told J he was coming out running errands with me…the look he gave me said it all… But he got in the car without moaning..Well if he did I hear heard him.
We drove into Yokohama and paid some bills…every month I go in and every month the same women walks me through EVERY step and EVERY month I tell her I won’t remember….next month will be no different….
We start heading back to the car and we decided we are going for lunch….we walk into TGI Fridays and j wants to sit in a booth…OK…just remembered last time I was there with Yeti Moo…All the smoke was coming into the non smoking area…not sure how they could advertise the space as non smoking but ok…I look up and see it is empty so hopefully won’t be too bad …I then notice that they have put glass there…the clue that gave it away was a huge yellow sticker in the middle of the glass….how clever am I spotting that??? …We had nice lunch the two of us…him on his phone, me on mine…no whining, complaining, on either side. This was a miracle on my part…believe me!
Drove home and J thought I was taking him to the pool…..how wrong the poor child was….I needed a sleep…Believe me when I say that…in fact EVERYONE needed me to sleep at this stage….(I was cranky and even I was getting fed up of myself!!! REALLY I was) Yes I did have a little 2 hour nap… again believe me the world sighed with relief Monday afternoon…. Yes J did get to go swimming….Eventually
That evening I made roast pork and just for good measure I made a curry as well and also washed all towels and put them in the drier….(I like my towels nice and soft and they were going in that dried no matter what!!!) G must have thought Oooooo curry for dinner tomorrow (little did he know it is my quick fake curry…he could find that out following day!)…He might have been impressed but let me tell you…The curry was made in minutes and cooked in the oven with the roast pork….Well the oven was already on (also as the house was a sauna in that kitchen anyway WHY put myself through this the next night, right? Also…if I do all this in one go and I look like I am a good wife…(while trying to decide myself if I was clever, lazy, not thinking straight or all three)
So Nanna had told me that you could sometime see the from the bedroom window people doing Tai Chi. Well I have lived in the house for 1 year 1 month and 9 days to see this…honest I had not seen this before in the park….So there I am sat on my bed, looking out my window and I see all these older people (See GoJ I can be diplomatic!!!!) I am thinking to myself be careful your going to hurt yourself…Watching it was quite comical in some ways…watching these people. Not sure who was actually running the show…I mean running the class…I did think I wonder what they would think if I go and join the class…Would they welcome me with open arms…(hope not because I bet they were VERY SWEATY!!!!) But I decided against joining them because well if I was dying of heat in the house with the A/C on I could not image what I would be like outside and how I would feel with all these 90 plus year people making me look like a monkey on hot coals…..

Well I wake up this morning to an email from Yeti moo asking if I was in Japan in September…Hummm yes and now I know your thinking of coming over I want you booking your tickets ASPA I thought…I called her and of course she was out…I mean how can she email me that question and not be there to take my call….I mean, REALLY!!! Any need?
EVENTUALLY got through to her…she asked if I minded….'hummm no'…so I said book the tickests…Oh I have to look for some she said (you could'nt you have looked before all this?)…So I think I waited 10 minutes and called her and asked her if she had booked them? Not yet…Come on…ANY NEED???
I called her again…still looking….Well not having this….Called her again after running a few errands (that included me getting a shoulder and neck massage) and she had booked them…..Woooo hooo
A very happy Wendy today…. Thank you Yeti Moo can’t wait to see you and the Puppy Champion!!!

July 24, 2011

Yesterday I told G and J was would make spaghetti, we had dinner at SoM and she had made everything from scratch…Can’t say she never made the pasta either…. I like making dinners from scratch but not always as easy as you think, getting ingredients, certain dishes (Mongolian Beef for example needs to be made just before serving) and at times just getting of your backside!!!…Well I looked in the fridge and cupboards and that idea went out the window on Friday night.. (but I still said on Saturday I was cooking fresh…) So I went into the freezer and found one I had frozen before going away and passed it off as freshly made… I added a dash or this and pinch of that. Not sure my guys would even know the difference between just made and just deforested…..
So I am blaming my dinner fib on jet lag!
Holy Moly – any need for jet lag….So I have been sleeping at night but waking extremely early…even for me. I have then napped in the afternoon. Kind of works and kinda doesn’t. Well last night I was asleep fairly early, to find I was fully awake by 2am….I was so awake I did even think about going swimming…yes I know bit of a batty idea even for me!
I decided to read for a little bit but my eyes were not quite as awake as the rest of me. So after deciding it would be extremely mean of me to wake the rest of the house by putting TV on in the bed, I went downstairs and watched TV there. I must have dozed of at least three times as I was thinking oh man I will be in the same place with this jet lag if I need another afternoon nap.
Around 8am I wander upstairs and get back into bed. I heard J walking around and then G asked if I was getting up today……so I am assuming it is around 10am at the latest…hummmm nope it was 12.30pm…I mean come on REALLY!!!!! Any need….Now I must have needed the sleep…But is it 4.12pm as I write this I am in need of a nap time….Just no need!!!!
I intended going to IKEA today for some picture frames…Never got there (12.30pm wake up might have been part of the reason) …But we dug out the Wii from under the stairs instead and G fixed it up to the TV…only taken a year, one month and 12 days….but whose counting.
One of the reason I wanted it out was for the Wii fitness…(well if I see it I might use it..I mean I can think positive) While we were away we got J all the sensor stuff for the PS3 so he can do the same sort of stuff as the wii and not sit on his backside while playing…I seen a few games and said Ooooooo I think I might get them …G just looked at me and said and will they be like the Wii in a box under the stairs, he did say that…any need?…..I mean REALLY!!!!
I like the Wii fit ….I can hula hoop with the best of them!!!
While we were in the US, Queenie had a recipe for ribs cooked in Mountain Dew, and they were good. I am not a rib person normally but they were REALLY good!… I have a pork recipe that calls for Dr. pepper and I also made a beef dish with cola that was much better than I was expecting and I had a couple of positive comments from G and J. So today I decided to look up cooking with soda….there are SOOOOOO many cakes made with soda, from cola to 7up…
I have a recipe for cake made with mayonnaise but never with a soda…guess what I am making this week….yep chicken!!!! Only joking I am going to make a cake with soda.
Wonder if it will quench my thirst and my sugar craving all in one?