July 24, 2011

Yesterday I told G and J was would make spaghetti, we had dinner at SoM and she had made everything from scratch…Can’t say she never made the pasta either…. I like making dinners from scratch but not always as easy as you think, getting ingredients, certain dishes (Mongolian Beef for example needs to be made just before serving) and at times just getting of your backside!!!…Well I looked in the fridge and cupboards and that idea went out the window on Friday night.. (but I still said on Saturday I was cooking fresh…) So I went into the freezer and found one I had frozen before going away and passed it off as freshly made… I added a dash or this and pinch of that. Not sure my guys would even know the difference between just made and just deforested…..
So I am blaming my dinner fib on jet lag!
Holy Moly – any need for jet lag….So I have been sleeping at night but waking extremely early…even for me. I have then napped in the afternoon. Kind of works and kinda doesn’t. Well last night I was asleep fairly early, to find I was fully awake by 2am….I was so awake I did even think about going swimming…yes I know bit of a batty idea even for me!
I decided to read for a little bit but my eyes were not quite as awake as the rest of me. So after deciding it would be extremely mean of me to wake the rest of the house by putting TV on in the bed, I went downstairs and watched TV there. I must have dozed of at least three times as I was thinking oh man I will be in the same place with this jet lag if I need another afternoon nap.
Around 8am I wander upstairs and get back into bed. I heard J walking around and then G asked if I was getting up today……so I am assuming it is around 10am at the latest…hummmm nope it was 12.30pm…I mean come on REALLY!!!!! Any need….Now I must have needed the sleep…But is it 4.12pm as I write this I am in need of a nap time….Just no need!!!!
I intended going to IKEA today for some picture frames…Never got there (12.30pm wake up might have been part of the reason) …But we dug out the Wii from under the stairs instead and G fixed it up to the TV…only taken a year, one month and 12 days….but whose counting.
One of the reason I wanted it out was for the Wii fitness…(well if I see it I might use it..I mean I can think positive) While we were away we got J all the sensor stuff for the PS3 so he can do the same sort of stuff as the wii and not sit on his backside while playing…I seen a few games and said Ooooooo I think I might get them …G just looked at me and said and will they be like the Wii in a box under the stairs, he did say that…any need?…..I mean REALLY!!!!
I like the Wii fit ….I can hula hoop with the best of them!!!
While we were in the US, Queenie had a recipe for ribs cooked in Mountain Dew, and they were good. I am not a rib person normally but they were REALLY good!… I have a pork recipe that calls for Dr. pepper and I also made a beef dish with cola that was much better than I was expecting and I had a couple of positive comments from G and J. So today I decided to look up cooking with soda….there are SOOOOOO many cakes made with soda, from cola to 7up…
I have a recipe for cake made with mayonnaise but never with a soda…guess what I am making this week….yep chicken!!!! Only joking I am going to make a cake with soda.
Wonder if it will quench my thirst and my sugar craving all in one?

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