July 23, 2011

I am home……Yayyyyyyy I am back in Japan with MY bed!!! AND I HAVE JUST FELT A MOZZIE BITE…ANY NEED? REALLY ANY NEED!!!!!

The day before we flew home J and I had lunch with my nephew. The place we went was a set price for adults and half price for kids.
Well the week before I had gone with J, parents, SoM and Princess Sunshine. When we went in I said 4 adults and 2 children. They said J was an adult and SoM said he has to be under a certain height. So the guy said go measure him…. J was actually in the kids zone height limit…M stood there and she was also under the height limit which made is all laugh…Well the place was not expensive by any stretch I know J…is is not a huge eater… It was an Asian fusion place so I knew he would eat very little going on past experiences in other places…Guess what I was wrong….6 full plates of food – I mean Any need, REALLY?!?!?!
So we are back, I notice that the height marker has moved…and J has grown at least 3-4 inches since we were there 8 days ago. Well like I say J is not a huge eater unless it pizza, bacon or hash browns…(okay not quite true but close) Well this is the day that J eats a small plate of food…I mean come on, REALLY!!!!

The night before we flew I slept fitfully, finished throwing things into my suitcase next morning and headed to the airport…Thank goodness its close.
We checked in, even though I had checked about a million times I was still worried about our weight allowance. We were not even close….but still worried. Checked in and went straight through…Well you can’t go far at Cardiff airport. It takes only 10.6 seconds to walk the length of the airport (and that was a recorded official statistic with a 101 year old lady walking with a Zimmer frame)
It is so small that when you get off the plane in Cardiff you have to actually walking around the building 5 times to give them time to get your bags off the plane and put on the carousel. Even then you can still be waiting.
Well we get to Amsterdam….Get on the plane all settled in and J was a sleep before takeoff.
I watched a few films….glad I never went to the cinema and paid to see them…
Arrived at Narita and we were off the plane through immigrant, collected bags and through customs in less than 22 minutes…I mean WOW!!!!

I was talking to Mrs. A last night and decided what I was going to write here today…but I have forgotten already…I mean REALLY!!!
I know it was about me being as dozing as I look and now as I try to remember the fuzzy doziness has taken over!

I woke up at 11.45pm the first night home, quickly went back to sleep and was awake again not long after 4am.
By 3pm yesterday I guess I could no longer stay awake, so just before G was due home J woke me and said Mom (I mean any need – you are Welsh!!! So my name is MUM!!!) Wake up Dad will be home soon… (What a great kid…even though he calls me Mom)
G came home not long after and asking how was my day blah, blah, blah…. So I say great, I have not long woken up…to which I catch G’s eyes roll as if to say great how much noise will she be making while everyone is else is asleep….Well actually I made no noise…I was asleep before everyone so there!!!!!

Today my car, that G drives is being serviced…Yes my car that G drives…I drive his car…how normal is that for me????

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