August 27, 2011

Just seen how many spelling mistakes I seen in my last post….oh well

I signed up for that Japanese painting classes today….I am REALLY looking forward to the classes.
Went to star bucks and had that new drink…well new to me the lemon and mint with green tea…minus the green tea….(which reminds me I still have the Starbucks book to read!)
I managed to read a few more pages of THAT book….REALLY I did. Just realized I need to finish it by Monday night…Oh no!!!!!

Well today I went on a train…yes I REALLY did!!!! Then I ate some fish….again REALLY I did!
There is a nice guy G works with and he was leaving in this blog he will be called….Fonzie...or even Richie Cunningham, nope Fonzie…So we went to Tokyo for dinner….I was told I was not taking the car….I REALLY was not happy.
Well off we go to the train station, palpations all ready started….we get on the train…With FAR, FAR too many other people…It felt like half of Japan was on that train…it then got even busier…I think the WHOLE of Japan got on there at one point!
I was going to ask one of the people sat by me if they wanted to sit on lap. Well they did seem unable to get any closer to me if they tried… The smells…yuck, any need...I mean REALLY!!!…and where’s that hand sanitizer when you want it!!! I mean it’s everywhere else in Japan
So we EVENTUALLY got off the train…I look across and see a man with a rather large belly. He stood in the door way of a train…I looked and thought I was going to scream…I was convinced the man’s belly would be chopped off… (No idea if that was the plan) While I also have a large belly, MY belly would not have been that close to the door…I might not like my belly…but chopping it off like that…I don’t think so… I then started looking around me…One guy had shoes that looked like clown shoes…very long with the big sort of rounded front….
Well we get into the place we were meeting…I was drinking cola… (Then I remembered ‘HE’ had made me take the train!!!) Mr. and Mrs. Nan arrived and I was introduced to a new friend ‘Chu High’ think that’s what it is called and how it is spelt. I love this drink….There was fresh grapefruit and some kind of white Japanese alcohol…no sojo, because we’re not in Korea. Well the food arrived…I ate fish…The chicken was chicken meat and not chicken insides…the place was pretty awesome… (Not just because the food was not chicken insides) the restaurant was under the railway…The toilet was in the far corner and I was convinced the railway would collapse….Still taking deep breathes to calm myself on that thought train…excuse the pun
When we took the return train home…Yes I did get back on the train…I surprised myself! The amount of people was a surprise...There were a lot of them!!! ANY NEED!!! The amount of people who were falling asleep or were asleep was amazing….AGAIN…..PERSONAL SPACE PEOPLE!!!!
I think if somebody had fallen asleep on me I would have screamed!!!! YUCK, YUCK, YUCK!!!!

August 25, 2011

Since Sunday I have not really done a lot…(surprise, Surprise!)
I have been to the pool the last 2 mornings and ACTUALLY exercised! This morning even with the grey skies and waiting for the rain to come I still went swimming…I weighed before I went and I weighed when I came back and you would think after all that exercise I had lost at least 10lb…but NOOOOOOOOO…I won’t give up again…I started well a few months ago and I have to get back on track…eyes rolling …yes I have said it before but I am going to get there this time!!!!..... Well I will try and not give up!!!

So I have found a new app…I love it!!!!
It’s a like a speech text message I suppose…I just need EVERYONE to get it now so I can send them messages. It’s so cool…I love it!!! I REALLY love it!!!

…….That book is killing me!!! I am getting there slowly…half way through at least now…so much for me staying at home on Monday and reading the book. Well I did stay at home but I never read much of that book!!!! I have a few things to do today for J so that’s another excuse for not reading it.

I have been very good and actually made recipes and posted it on my other blog….
Taken pictures, posted them, posted recipes…now I just need to know how to make the food look better than just slapped on the plate….Shutter bug I wish we lived closer!
Seems that G and J are enjoying the dinners…so that’s a bonus!
I have even made chocolate chip pancakes for J’s breakfast tomorrow even though it is not 11 am THIS morning…REALLY I have.
Dinner is made already…Spag Bol. Nearly all the laundry is done…Beds changed, towels washed and dried…Last load of laundry to go into the washer….Just call me wonder women…No idea where ALL this energy has come from…I mean ANY NEED….I will be needing a nap before I know it!!!

Yeti Moo will be arriving in less than 4 weeks …Woooo Hoooo.
Yeti I can’t believe the picture….I promise I never laughed…Poor you!!!

Did think of cleaning my car today…but is looks like it will rain…I can imaging tell G that’s why I am not cleaning the car…he would say well it’s not rain INSIDE the car….I really should clean that car…
We swapped cars this week…I had forgotten about this and I looked at G and said…”oh sorry I have not cleaned my car’ the response I got…’REALLY, you surprise me’ I think he was being sarcastic….well after that I thought as you expect it to be a mess... (It’s not always…it’s just more of a mess than it’s clean…)
I have no need to exert myself…and I think I went and read a magazine…..

August 22, 2011

Okay…so what’s been happening with me….NOT A LOT!!!!
No that’s a big fib…I Went out on Friday night with the ladies…Lovely little Italian place…food was good…just not the plate of linguine with EVERY type of sea creature WITH their heads on….NO. NO, NO…
I did feel like a little kid saying …’YUCK I CANT EAT THAT!!!’ I mean come on Wend, ANY NEED….
My plate was replaced with a plate of stuffed mushrooms so a VERY happy Wendy!!! REALLY I was happy! Stank of garlic and I am sure everyone in a 1 mile radius could smell the garlic.
It was a lovely evening with a lovely bunch of ladies…While I never carried on the night with the all the ladies, I did race to the taxi that two ladies had already jump in….Thank you ladies for a wonderful evening!!!!!
Still not sure what the soggy cold thing was on the front seat of the Taxi…again YUCK!!!!

Yesterday I did manage to read some of THAT book….Arrrggghhhhh
Yesterday was a pretty lazy day. Had lunch with G, J spent time with friends…Then we had dinner with Mr., Mrs. H and number 3. While At Mrs. H house I tried saying ‘Arigato Gozaimasu’ So then I hear G and Mrs. H tell me I needed to say something else…or maybe it was she needed to say something…Well it was going well over my head and giving me a headache…no idea what they were going on about…So I am sticking to ‘Thank you’!!!!!!! Much, much easier!!!!

While outside Mrs. H’s house I looked down and I have all these mozzies eating me alive….ANY NEED!!!!
I mean REALLY can’t you bog off and annoy somebody else….Cant be deal with mozzies…REALLY…Go do one Mozzies!!!!!

Today I woke at 7am pretty good for me…that’s a lie in!
I then went and did a few washi egg, these where the quails eggs I had prepared before the summer.
My mind was running around with lots of craft projects I want to start….I get lots of ideas but I need to get off my backside and start the projects and I need to finish projects as well!!!!

I spent some time in the kitchen today…I made egg salad, chocolate pancakes, blueberry pancakes, tomato soup, Dr. Pepper pork, parsley salad and whole sliced potatoes…GO ME!!!
I even started that other blog with most of what I made today. Again, GO ME!!!!

This week I have caught up with a few phone calls that were long over due
DW still miss you can’t believe how long we have not seen each other but just chat like I never left.

Yeti Moo…Feel better soon!!!!