August 22, 2011

Okay…so what’s been happening with me….NOT A LOT!!!!
No that’s a big fib…I Went out on Friday night with the ladies…Lovely little Italian place…food was good…just not the plate of linguine with EVERY type of sea creature WITH their heads on….NO. NO, NO…
I did feel like a little kid saying …’YUCK I CANT EAT THAT!!!’ I mean come on Wend, ANY NEED….
My plate was replaced with a plate of stuffed mushrooms so a VERY happy Wendy!!! REALLY I was happy! Stank of garlic and I am sure everyone in a 1 mile radius could smell the garlic.
It was a lovely evening with a lovely bunch of ladies…While I never carried on the night with the all the ladies, I did race to the taxi that two ladies had already jump in….Thank you ladies for a wonderful evening!!!!!
Still not sure what the soggy cold thing was on the front seat of the Taxi…again YUCK!!!!

Yesterday I did manage to read some of THAT book….Arrrggghhhhh
Yesterday was a pretty lazy day. Had lunch with G, J spent time with friends…Then we had dinner with Mr., Mrs. H and number 3. While At Mrs. H house I tried saying ‘Arigato Gozaimasu’ So then I hear G and Mrs. H tell me I needed to say something else…or maybe it was she needed to say something…Well it was going well over my head and giving me a headache…no idea what they were going on about…So I am sticking to ‘Thank you’!!!!!!! Much, much easier!!!!

While outside Mrs. H’s house I looked down and I have all these mozzies eating me alive….ANY NEED!!!!
I mean REALLY can’t you bog off and annoy somebody else….Cant be deal with mozzies…REALLY…Go do one Mozzies!!!!!

Today I woke at 7am pretty good for me…that’s a lie in!
I then went and did a few washi egg, these where the quails eggs I had prepared before the summer.
My mind was running around with lots of craft projects I want to start….I get lots of ideas but I need to get off my backside and start the projects and I need to finish projects as well!!!!

I spent some time in the kitchen today…I made egg salad, chocolate pancakes, blueberry pancakes, tomato soup, Dr. Pepper pork, parsley salad and whole sliced potatoes…GO ME!!!
I even started that other blog with most of what I made today. Again, GO ME!!!!

This week I have caught up with a few phone calls that were long over due
DW still miss you can’t believe how long we have not seen each other but just chat like I never left.

Yeti Moo…Feel better soon!!!!

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