August 25, 2011

Since Sunday I have not really done a lot…(surprise, Surprise!)
I have been to the pool the last 2 mornings and ACTUALLY exercised! This morning even with the grey skies and waiting for the rain to come I still went swimming…I weighed before I went and I weighed when I came back and you would think after all that exercise I had lost at least 10lb…but NOOOOOOOOO…I won’t give up again…I started well a few months ago and I have to get back on track…eyes rolling …yes I have said it before but I am going to get there this time!!!!..... Well I will try and not give up!!!

So I have found a new app…I love it!!!!
It’s a like a speech text message I suppose…I just need EVERYONE to get it now so I can send them messages. It’s so cool…I love it!!! I REALLY love it!!!

…….That book is killing me!!! I am getting there slowly…half way through at least now…so much for me staying at home on Monday and reading the book. Well I did stay at home but I never read much of that book!!!! I have a few things to do today for J so that’s another excuse for not reading it.

I have been very good and actually made recipes and posted it on my other blog….
Taken pictures, posted them, posted recipes…now I just need to know how to make the food look better than just slapped on the plate….Shutter bug I wish we lived closer!
Seems that G and J are enjoying the dinners…so that’s a bonus!
I have even made chocolate chip pancakes for J’s breakfast tomorrow even though it is not 11 am THIS morning…REALLY I have.
Dinner is made already…Spag Bol. Nearly all the laundry is done…Beds changed, towels washed and dried…Last load of laundry to go into the washer….Just call me wonder women…No idea where ALL this energy has come from…I mean ANY NEED….I will be needing a nap before I know it!!!

Yeti Moo will be arriving in less than 4 weeks …Woooo Hoooo.
Yeti I can’t believe the picture….I promise I never laughed…Poor you!!!

Did think of cleaning my car today…but is looks like it will rain…I can imaging tell G that’s why I am not cleaning the car…he would say well it’s not rain INSIDE the car….I really should clean that car…
We swapped cars this week…I had forgotten about this and I looked at G and said…”oh sorry I have not cleaned my car’ the response I got…’REALLY, you surprise me’ I think he was being sarcastic….well after that I thought as you expect it to be a mess... (It’s not always…it’s just more of a mess than it’s clean…)
I have no need to exert myself…and I think I went and read a magazine…..

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