June 15, 2011

OMG!!!! Any need…I can now see why I am a nightmare….
I need a slap! I can’t complete a task that is important! I can float around in my own world…. I am good that.
One job I had to really do this week and it was finished at 4.30 am this morning…AGAIN any need?

This last month the way I have behaved is awful, in fact if I had seen people behaving the way I had I think I would have used a tranquilizer gun on them!!!!! I mean I am getting back to the old Wendy… Obnoxious!!!!!

I have my kindle and I and not afraid to sit in a corner read it and let the world go by!!!!

Book club was nice on Monday… after school returns we have already decided the first to book and the next 3 hosts. Book was not what I wanted to read….Much better than I thought and then finding out that the author was a women and she had NEVER had kids I seen her and the book in a different light

Extremely anger at yahoo weather, lying to me AGAIN!!!…it was not sunny yesterday nor is it this morning…

Right I am off to put my happy face on…might take some work but I will manage it…I mean I have to get that attention span back! So no matter how long it takes I kill two birds with one stone…The happy face and the attention span!

Just thought good job I shelved that idea about writing a book….with my attention span…What was I thinking????