January 1, 2011

Well Happy New Year World!!!!!
What will 2011 bring apart from a Royal Wedding?
Snow in the Sahara? Dallas brought back to our TV’s with Bobby Ewing returning from the dead AGAIN?
Me to carry on being positive….. Huh nope can’t really see any of it really.

So our New Year Eve was different, started when we went to the shrine at the end of our street.
People where queuing to buy a wish paper…well I think they were. On this paper they would write a wish and then burn the paper. Also they would pick a piece of paper which would tell them the type of lucky they will have for the next year. Now as I am new here this is only my understanding. Now when I am leaving in 3 years time I still won’t know anymore then than I do know.

I am guess pretty soon I will have to start my New Year resolutions. When do I actually need to start them, now?????.....REALLY?
Because before I start them I have a few jobs from last year that I need to do…like clean the car.
Sort the office out…..Yes still need to sort it out. Get rid of stuff…well I will when I know which bin to throw it in!

One thing I am looking forward to is taking the Christmas tree down….doing my head in!
Wish I was not so superstitious, but I am. So until Wednesday up they stay.
Looking at the tree now think…arrggghhhhh hope this won’t take long to take down and put away!
I mean Christmas is over in 2 minutes why can’t putting all the bits and bobs (a lot of bits and bob granted) be put away quickly?

I have decided I want to write a book (HAHAHA) .
When JH was staying with us a few years ago at New Year I mentioned it then and started and never finished. While in the office a few weeks ago I found what I started before.
JH was a character, with a twist…..I think I will have to start again but with some new people mixed in with my original characters.
Best seller I think…… (NOT!!!)

December 31, 2010

Well ANOTHER early start this morning. We decided that we were going to try very hard to find J ski clothes for his school skiing trip. As G nor I have ever skied this was another challenge of trying to find the right stuff for less than double of the cost of the ski trip.
I had heard of a outlet mall near Mt Fuji. JH had passed it while driving to Fuji and mentioned it. So I looked it up….This is what was written about it….
A huge outlet mall in Gotemba city, at the foot of Mt. Fuji
Hummm Well it looked like any good outlet in the USA, The shops looked good…but it stopped there!
I thought the idea of an outlet was it was cheaper than the official shops in a normal mall, last year’s clothes, seconds, overstock…Hummmmm NO! It was the normal shop, full priced in the outlet mall.
REALLY, it was. I mean has anyone explained the meaning of outlet…we even have one in Wales. REALLY we do...McArther Glen in Bridgend, advertising designer labels at 60% discount…REALLY
So somebody needs to poke somebody here and explain..While your outlets look lovely..you have no idea of what an outlet is!
Sooooo….We did actually mange to get J his skiing stuff. We managed to get the jacket, trousers and some kind of ski vests and leggings. All this for less than the cost of the jackets we had seen.
While it was cheaper, it was the only kids ski stuff we had found. Not on sale and only 3 in stock.
Next we need to get the goggles and stuff. Not worried about them, you can find them everywhere here.

So after feeling extremely pleased with ourselves we headed home…the long way round.
When we got home I decided I was going to make cinnamon rolls. While they tasted good, Cinnamon Bon Have nothing to worry about.

It is New Years Eve here right now. At the end of our street is a shrine, a shrine to what I have no idea. Outside as I type they are getting ready for tonight’s festivities. I have been told that outside our house will be very busy. There will be lots of people celebrating New Year. I am hoping they don’t make too much noise, I mean I might want to go to sleep and hearing a load of jabbering and chatting …that I can’t understand will do my head in!
So I have been thinking of New Year resolutions’ came up with one or two that I might try and do.
I have also thought of a few things I would like to do. One is make a cook book for myself but each recipe dedicated to somebody. Know whether I will actually get off my backside and do this is another thing.

Wishing everyone a wonderful New Year and a fantastic 2011….REALLY I do.

December 27, 2010

Six months already

So I have been here 6 months and I kinda still love it here.
Still no idea why, maybe because of the lack of spitting, no smell of

So we have had birthdays, G traveling and Christmas and I
Still love it.... What can I say

Last week while watching G play in the over 35 football tournament
I looked up and seen Mount Fuji. Well for those who know me I am
NEVER at a loss for words. I was that morning, beautiful blue skies
Crisp cold morning with a perfect view of Fuji with the snow looking so
Perfect it looked painted on.
Know I am not a person who looks at something and things wow
Went to Nigara falls nice place but a lot of water. Walked over Sydney
Harbor bridge... Been there, all ok and no don't need a bloody t-shirt
I have no need to go to certain places, just look at other people pictures
Seen the pictures so no need to go... REALLY!!!

So I have decided to change my life. I am going to actually go to a gym
I will actually do more than walk on the slowest setting of the tread mill
and watch Dr. Phill on the gym's TV's
I have spoken with a trainer, booked an appointment mid January. That should be interesting
I am sure I will have lots to say about all that when the time comes.

So this Christmas among other gifts I received a Kindle... And yes I love it!!!
Listen to me be positive... Really it is me typing this!!!!
Been down loading to my hearts content... Have to somehow fit in
Reading the 20 boxes of books I shipped here!!!

I am current sat here people watching, going to carry on watching
Hope I don't laugh to loudly