December 27, 2010

Six months already

So I have been here 6 months and I kinda still love it here.
Still no idea why, maybe because of the lack of spitting, no smell of

So we have had birthdays, G traveling and Christmas and I
Still love it.... What can I say

Last week while watching G play in the over 35 football tournament
I looked up and seen Mount Fuji. Well for those who know me I am
NEVER at a loss for words. I was that morning, beautiful blue skies
Crisp cold morning with a perfect view of Fuji with the snow looking so
Perfect it looked painted on.
Know I am not a person who looks at something and things wow
Went to Nigara falls nice place but a lot of water. Walked over Sydney
Harbor bridge... Been there, all ok and no don't need a bloody t-shirt
I have no need to go to certain places, just look at other people pictures
Seen the pictures so no need to go... REALLY!!!

So I have decided to change my life. I am going to actually go to a gym
I will actually do more than walk on the slowest setting of the tread mill
and watch Dr. Phill on the gym's TV's
I have spoken with a trainer, booked an appointment mid January. That should be interesting
I am sure I will have lots to say about all that when the time comes.

So this Christmas among other gifts I received a Kindle... And yes I love it!!!
Listen to me be positive... Really it is me typing this!!!!
Been down loading to my hearts content... Have to somehow fit in
Reading the 20 boxes of books I shipped here!!!

I am current sat here people watching, going to carry on watching
Hope I don't laugh to loudly

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