August 22, 2010

So I am having another good day, REALLY I am!!!
I am sure that to anyone who knows me that this may come as a surprise.
Well I am the person who can make mountains out of moles hills.

So this morning off we toddle to pick up my new phone. I have been on the waiting list for the 4G phone. I was number 320 in one particular store.
Set the GPS to take us to Yokohama station. (Which we registered while there last week) So I say to G I feel like we are going in the totally wrong direction…this coming from me is also laughable.. as I find my way by looking for strange landmarks..Such as the bendy tree pointing to the left…So you’re getting my drift here right.
So off we go and I am convinced we are heading for Costco. GPS takes us on the highway (which I feel is highway robbery the cost of the tolls) The GPS then announces we have arrived at our destination..Well the original Yokohama station from the 1400’s might have been there (if they had stations in the 1400;s) but I am sure it has not moved since last Saturday/
We want to get to down town ASAP because in Softbank (Phone store)because you take a number and you can wait an ages to be served and then a life time to complete what you need to do.. . So we got my phone, was given a discount ticket for parking. So that made me happy!!!

Then D,L & L came around. I once again had some of my daily allowance in the form of juice..This time orange juice and some other liquid. I then made a Mule but should have looked up the correct amounts. …but in the mule I actually had fresh lime..So that should be a bonus, right?
Then off we toddled to Red Lobster…I really think I should be holding off on the fruit juice…
I came home set the alarm off. ‘INTRUDER ALERT, INTRUDER ALERT’ was all I could hear, did I rush to sort this out..hummmm no…I will tell you why, I had English being spoken in my house…I was wondering if the alarm might want to be my new friend. Perfect English…well I would not except a broken English from a computer!!! He did seem a bit harsh as he was shouting INTERUDER ALERT so maybe I should look elsewhere for a new friend.

I mentioned to D about water aerobics, this did seem like a good idea at the time.
Then this morning when I lifted my 2 ton head of the pillow…I knew I was not going to make it to Coach Quick’s Exercise class. What can I say…I think I am going to have to get checked if my body can take juice.

Today I am having another massage at the pool…don’t think all nice relaxing massage think more like..The guy has had issues with people all week and he is taking it out on me.
The reason I went there in the beginning was because I hurt my backside….no idea why…no fruit juice or magic juice had been consumed. To stand or sit was a night mare, or to even put on my right sock on was just as bad. So Coach recommends this guy…at first he says I am in too much pain for a massage…
’REALLY Sherlock!!!’
Then he shocked or burned my toe…and it hurt like #@$%^&*!@#$%
I then went back last week for my second session. During my massage he climbs on the table and pushes and pulls my hips…I am going as red as Santa’s suit… I have J running up to me telling me he can now dive backwards from the top diving board…this makes my heart go into my mouth ( I tense up at this)
…Thank goodness I cannot see this. I am allowed to turn back on my belly thank goodness…Oh man all I can say the relief I get from the pain in my back and shoulder is worth it….So I will take it in my stride and wear a red shirt and blame the highlighted coloured cheeks on the reflection of my shirt!

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