June 6, 2012

Been going to the pool as much as I can and then having withdrawals when I am not going.
Also my back hurts like a million times more when I have not been to the pool.
Pretty pleased with my effort on Saturday...an 1 1/2 hours swimming! (well pretty pleased with my effort full stop ;) ...)

I have started the Michelle Bridges 12WBT and I am not sure if I am loving it or not right now...
Weighing day today...so I am sure that will also be a deciding factor for me.
I keep seeing her video's where she says...hunger is normally thirst....but I am pretty sure I am hungry and not thirsty, because water is not having the same effect as a cheese and onion sandwich ...but I am drinking a LOT of water...and I do mean a lot....wish it tasted like cola!!!
Started my new blog like it suggested. I will try not to be sarcastic in that blog

On Monday I Kind of took out the left side of my car....
I was taking J to school and a car was coming in the opposite direction (not allowed until 9am and it was before 9am)
The car was coming along a bit quick and I moved over to the left...a little bit too much!
I thought I have just hit my mirror into next week....but no...the front wheel arch looked like a giant with a big head had head butted it. The passenger door never opened properly, the back door was also no longer flush...I mean what is my car made of?....the same stuff as a coke can?
I wont even get started on what happened next...Except when the guy comes out to collect the car...I ask how long...he tells me he order a new mirror...hummm okay...but how long to fix the car...oh I just get new mirror...like I said. Arrrggghhh, don't get me started!!!!

On Sunday we were at the Dragon boat races....
This year seen the team beat their time by 16 seconds and the 2nd race by 20+ plus seconds....
I had had enough by this time and ready to move on!

Woken this morning with a gentle swaying from the 6 point something earthquake.
So I got up and headed to the pool....I really am impressing myself!