October 6, 2012

I was wondering how to start to days blogs…then I realized by typing about wondering I had actually started the blog!!!! I have to mention that sometimes this does take me a few days and I do write in the moment and the past….But what I do is write when I remember …just needed to add that. Ok I have a couple more names for my blog…. Model Mum, Dancing Queen (DQ), Miss Event and Barbie. I think we have a water ghost thief…REALLY we must have. EVERY TIME and I do mean EVERY TIME I go to the fridge there is a 3/4 or 1/2 full bottle of water… G always empties the water out of his bottle and puts the bottle in the bin…J just leaves the bottle where ever he was sat. If I don't finish a bottle I put it in the top of the fridge. It REALLY is doing my head in…I mean come on already…So I then pour the water out. …. …But I mean come on already… Last night before we went to bed, the fridge was filled with bottles of water and there was no half filled bottles….I come downstairs around 3.30 and go get a drink…and there it is a half filled bottle of water…yes it was in the middle of night…but blurry eyed I was not!…I had been awake for a while I knew if I stayed in bed much longer I would have woken G up…with putting lights on, finding a book I wanted to read out of the 10 nooks next to my bed…So I was pretty wide awake!…. I will get to the bottom of this, some how! So…I am very excited that christmas is getting closer….I don't think G will be on board with my idea for getting the tree up now… NO idea why? I mean how awesome would it be to have the tree up and those fairy/christmas lights twinkling away every night???? Awesome right???? I LOVE FAIRY LIGHTS I have started to work on christmas….I have started on the gifts, I have bought the cards and gotten some christmas crafts almost ready to do. I was going to write my cards this week…but I will hold off until November. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!! REALLY I do. Can't wait! …Cookie Exchange already booked and in the diary! Last week I cooked chicken breast for dinner….I took the chicken out of the oven and I tell you that tray with the chicken in was tweeting…Honestly it was….It tweeted and I don't me on the social networking site…Maybe the chicken or the tray was very hot (coming out the oven what else would it be?) But seriously it actually tweeted, twerped, chirped whatever ..that tray of chicken was making a noise! I have started Pilates….Oh my the PAIN!!!!! So I have to breath in, not work to fast, roll through my spine….exhale…ALL FOR ONE HOUR!!!!….I will point out, unlike when I used to do yoga in the last country we lived…I don't set my phone to ring me, so I can get out of the class….My car is parked to far away for me to say…'oh thats my car alarm I had better check it' …oh yes I have be known to help myself get out of a full class! My one problem I have found in the class (there are many but I will only share the one!) My bra squeaks…REALLY not a tweet or a chirp…honest a squeak….When I have to thrown myself backward (with help…and my feet are NOT allowed to touch the floor) well maybe not actually throw myself…but something similar I am stuck there and my sports bra is poking me in the face and squeaking…honestly!…I am not hearing things I swear….I know because NOT only do I have VERY selective hearing, I don't hear a lot anyway. Today I am cloud nine and for no apparent reason….I really am walking around smiling! (This was when I originally started typing 2 days ago!) It's rainy…It's slightly colder~could be the, I do like the colder weather…. Dinner is prepared and in the crockpot, could be that… Had a caramel coffee this morning….could be the caffeine… Having lunch with Pinky and Scout…could be that… It could also be that I am sat on my backside playing on Pinterest….(I LOVE THAT SITE!) Ok I have been writing this blog over the last few day's and I am still REALLY, REALLY wanting to put my christmas tree up!!!! Ooooo Just had a quick little quake ….If I was a sleep…I would have slept through that one… G brought home a tin of Rose's and Hero's (Cadbury's chocolate) from the UK. I have hidden them…and I can honestly say I have not stolen any or gone to the hiding place…so there will actually be chocolate left when actually put up the tree….well right now there is hope…. Going swimming this morning….NOT my idea I might add and I do think the water will be freezing. SO Im thinking about all those extra calories I will use to keep warm and then the exercise on top of that!!!! So a famous Sandwich chain has opened up locally…I should have realized it would have it's Japanese stamp on it…Well we are in Japan… So I ordered my sandwich and a large drink…So I look down at the drink and I am like is there even any drink in here…..So I tell the women in kind of a charades, kind of way that my drink is not even half full. One of the staff spoke perfect english. So she said well you have ice in there….Oh my, did she REALLY just say I have ice in there….Well surely the ice should make it look as if there is more in there ????? So I say I ordered a large dink, I paid for a large drink I would like a large drink please….Well She adds some more….The amount she added would be hard to put in to actually amount…but I will try….a DRIBBLE…..Yes a dribble that is how I will describe what she added to the cup….Now I have to tell you…I was not particularly hungry, but I was thirsty…hence the large drink required. The line of people was out of the door by this stage…The women who serves me my Starbucks was behind me in line…Hedge pig and Pinky were also in line…I point out that there is a mark on EVERYONE of their cups and that cup should be where the drink level stops…..Well I did get my drink to the size I required…Hedge pig and Pink got the dribble of an excuse for a drink….AND the women in Starbucks makes my drink to extra perfection since…. Oh yeah and I have 2 new Starbucks mugs Paris and Atlanta…NOBODY is allowed to drink out of those cups!

September 15, 2012

Has it REALLY been since June that I have lasted posted???? REALLY!

Well during that time I have not blogged what has been happening here????

Hummmm...Well We went on holiday/vacation. So I got to spend quiet a few hours with a a 1000 people on a plane...yuck, yuck and more yuck!!!!
When the plane has landed and everyone has gotten off and the cleaning crew go onto the plane...I have always wondered how much cleaning they do???? Seriously .... Think back to when you have been waiting to board a plane...and the cleaning crew are leaving the plane...they only ever seem to have a couple of trash bags that don't really look full.
I don't see hoovers/vacuums, I don't see industrial strength cleaning products...I mean come on REALLY...Looking in the toilet does not mean you have cleaned it!!!!
I mean it could take...and I am only guessing here ....A few gallons of bleach for each sink. sink...Industrial toilet cleaner that kills all known germs and a few extra.... I mean come on really its a no brainer...Even I could work that one out. All seats need to be hoovered/Vacuumed...all those nasty little things on top of the head rests need replacing....REALLY they do! I mean you don't know if the man in the seat before you had lice or a really bad scalp condition that was contagious to the next passenger....REALLY you don't.

While I will NEVER win, House keeper of the year even I know whats needed...I mean I could supervise!!!!

Well apart from my flying with my 1000 new friends ( I mean REALLY I have to say that they are new friends...because you share things with your friends right...and if your going to sharing that closely surely your now all friends....Hopefully friends I WILL NEVER SEE AGAIN...)
The trip was great...I was not that amused at the top of the CNN tower...When J was stomping on the glass floor....No need to be that high up with a glass fall...I mean come on people...REALLY..lets not be encouraging people here...REALLY NO NEED AT ALL!!!!

Baseball game was ok...the women in front soon learnt to stop throwing her head backwards into my lap when I start slapping things into my lap (needed to do that at the sighing and the 'Holy Moly's' where just not working....I mean I had my kindle to read and this mop of red curly hair that needed taming that kept covering my kindle was starting to get to me a bit...The sun on only our part of the stadium was also not helping... Ok so it was 3 hours (that felt longer) That I will never get back...but hey ho...everything is tickity boo...on Holiday so lets have fun!!!

The women in the New York hotel asking how I would know about attitudes....Hummmm because I have enough of it myself...that I could properly be a Professor of Attitudes...Sarcasm maybe should be my middle name!!!!
Also the fact that when I asked a question and your answer with the rolled eyes pretty much confirmed my suspicions that you were a obnoxious cow...but hey it takes one to know right....

No REALLY the trip was great...it REALLY was...No plans to rush back there
Anyone needed so travel ideas email me and I will let you know on what NO to do or where NOT to go.

We also went home to the UK...Spent time with the niece and nephew...How dare they grow up!!!
No amused at all. The kids had no idea we were coming home for a visit...seeing my nieces face when she realized who was walking towards was awesome.
Then going to pick up my nephew later on with my sister, getting out the car and shouting "Oy you" and watching his face was another awesome moment. Those two kids ROCK!!!!

I have also finished the 12WBT challenge and I started it again.
Great first attempt. So much support from everyone.
...BUT...yes there had to be a but. I have become a REAL miserable cow...REALLY I have.
I have tried to work thought it but was like fighting my way through a pile of extra thick wet paper bags.
So at my last Dr's appointment, The Dr's was like wow look at you...Made me smile...not as much as before because like I say...miserable cow here!!!
She asked I was with the life and the diet and blah blah blah. I then explained how I was lately. She said she thought it was the diet...She explained maybe because before I would eat when I was sad, Eat when I was happy...So no I needed to find a new outlet...
....I quickly explained that No I never ate just when I was happy or when I was sad I ate ALL the time...And unless she could give me pills that were sugar coated and felt like 500 calories but was sugar free...I could not see anything helping....
So no pills like that it seems...REALLY there is nothing like that out there.
So...I decided instead of just saying I needed a kick I needed to actually kick myself.
So yesterday morning I work up and did think about kicking myself until I realized I might get a sore leg and a bruise...

Also have to tell you This Silly computer (please note I did not type STUPID computer, Because before that kick I never gave myself I would have typed STUPID and maybe another colourful word or two!!!)
...So this silly computer that I still cant use....is doing strange things...The screen keeps getting bigger....NO...not the actual screen the words and all.

While I was in the UK I bought a few pairs of shoes ALL the same...Well I figured I liked them and I wont be able to buy them again, certainly not in Japan. So I tried all expect one set. That one I just tried the right foot and I am I assumed (yes I know NEVER assume) That it would be ok....I paid and rushed out the shop....I took the one pair out of the shoe cupboard last week and went to take the sticker off to find that they had given me 2 right shoes...REALLY they did...
The shoes are very flat but they roll up and to make your life easy they have put a letter in each one. R in the right shoe and the letter L in the left shoe...I am sure with the type of shoe you could wear either on either foot...but come on REALLY I can't do that...It will not be good for my psychologic (think I spelt that right...Hope I have spelt a whole load of other words correct also....oh well...)
Yes as I was saying it will not be good for my psychologic way of thinking!
So I called the store...but was unable to connect with the store. But there was an option to call head office which I did.
Very nice lady....I explained calmly what had happened...I did not once mention that the women who served was me must be thick...(because that would not have been nice!) So They said they would find a store that had the shoes in that colour etc, etc...Well I get a email said that the store I had actually bought the shoes from actually had that style shoes...but only in 2 lefts... REALLY...Sherlock Holmes would be proud at this moment I image...following the clues to the store that had sold 2 right shoes and they only had 2 left shoes left....Wow...some people are just tooooo clever!!!! REALLY there are...who would have thought it!
So they are holding the shoes for me! Bless them

I know think I truly in love...not addicted to Pinterest...this site is the best...
For those of you who have no idea what pinterest is...I will explain it in my way....
There are all different categories...I tend to only use the Food and drink and the DIY and crafts
Then you you click on a category and all this pictures come up on the screen. So I have found baked sweet and sour (which is awesome by the way) Cola chicken, lettuce wraps. you then click the picture and it should take you to a blog that has instructions on how to make or do what ever you have clicked on. You then make your own boards and you can repin, like or comment.
I love it!
I have pined crafts that I properly will NEVER DO!!!!
But it makes me happy...I think
Well this week while just perusing the site I found a blog for a women who blogs about what she done Pinterest that have gone wrong!!!...this women Made me laugh out so loud, that I was told to be quiet by G and J....

I have been walking almost everyday with my exercise buddy...Can't remember what name we decided on for the blog....Well anyhow we are walking pretty much 10 km a day.
We start walking at 5 am (it is cool enough and I don't feel the need to stop after every 2 minutes at that time of the morning) Well we go to a local park for our walk. Let me tell you at 5am it is busy there. Well now we have been going long enough that we get a 'Ohio gazamus'(Japanese for good morning) from everyone (all Japanese) Some try saying good morning and it's VERY HOT in english (bless them)
Well there is one women there who I am guess is around 108 years old. Everyday she is there...She walks and then runs and then produces her note book and pencil...The runs and then walks and has a greeting for EVERYONE...and gets out her notebook again...First time I was worried she was heading in our direction....Not because I did not want to be friendly...but I was like oh no...bit early for this and what could she possible want us to do with that notebook....but everything was ok...she walked passed us. I thought maybe she is using the notebook to mark how many times she walks around the park...but if she is she must be writing the longest format of 1 lap, 2 laps, 3 laps....because that pencils is moving pretty fast for a long time.

Also two new names for the blog
Scout and Pinky...

Oh yeah my phone hates me!!!
REALLY it does. Not even throwing it helps. I try and turn it off or go to something else and it's like the phone is not ready. Seems when it has finished reading a email or facebook it will move on...until then not a hope. Silly phone!

oh...I am holding out for new wedding rings....Since I have lost weight i have needed to change my rings to my other hand...hoping the hint is getting through....I doubt it but I can hope...
So this might be an on going saga....Just to let you know

June 6, 2012

Been going to the pool as much as I can and then having withdrawals when I am not going.
Also my back hurts like a million times more when I have not been to the pool.
Pretty pleased with my effort on Saturday...an 1 1/2 hours swimming! (well pretty pleased with my effort full stop ;) ...)

I have started the Michelle Bridges 12WBT and I am not sure if I am loving it or not right now...
Weighing day today...so I am sure that will also be a deciding factor for me.
I keep seeing her video's where she says...hunger is normally thirst....but I am pretty sure I am hungry and not thirsty, because water is not having the same effect as a cheese and onion sandwich ...but I am drinking a LOT of water...and I do mean a lot....wish it tasted like cola!!!
Started my new blog like it suggested. I will try not to be sarcastic in that blog

On Monday I Kind of took out the left side of my car....
I was taking J to school and a car was coming in the opposite direction (not allowed until 9am and it was before 9am)
The car was coming along a bit quick and I moved over to the left...a little bit too much!
I thought I have just hit my mirror into next week....but no...the front wheel arch looked like a giant with a big head had head butted it. The passenger door never opened properly, the back door was also no longer flush...I mean what is my car made of?....the same stuff as a coke can?
I wont even get started on what happened next...Except when the guy comes out to collect the car...I ask how long...he tells me he order a new mirror...hummm okay...but how long to fix the car...oh I just get new mirror...like I said. Arrrggghhh, don't get me started!!!!

On Sunday we were at the Dragon boat races....
This year seen the team beat their time by 16 seconds and the 2nd race by 20+ plus seconds....
I had had enough by this time and ready to move on!

Woken this morning with a gentle swaying from the 6 point something earthquake.
So I got up and headed to the pool....I really am impressing myself!

May 30, 2012

Just after 6AM I was at the pool this morning..... I get there and there was a couple of people already there. They had not actually gotten into the pool at that stage.....I was like ARRGGHHHH this is MY time....I did think of turning around and getting back in my car....I mean 4 guys there doing their morning swim and then me and my 'Driving Miss Daisy' level of swimming...VERY different!....But I walked into the pool area....and put my towel on a chair and headed into the pool. So...here I am think..."oh no...PLEASE DON"T BE FREEZING, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE" Cause I did not want to look like I could not handle the cold water... So I get in the pool...and was like hummmm WHERE HAS MY ARCTIC POOL gone.... hummmm...REALLY no longer Arctic.... Off I swim.... my swimming was nothing compared to the guys ...I actually think the guy in the next lane to me did 3 lengths to my 3/4 of a length, actually he might have actually done 4 lengths, but who's counting? (well me actually...well I would if I could keep up with)...But I carried on...and after I did my 30 minutes...I left and came home. Laundry was done, changed the beds, did another load of laundry...decided to tell the world Via facebook what a good mood I was in and what I had done before 7.30......(well I have been in an awful mood lately. So bad in fact that I did not even want to be around me!)

May 29, 2012

I have no idea where the time is going....I started typing this up last week sometime... Right now I am double booking myself...I have no idea where the time is going....I thought my putting EVERYTHING in my calendar I would be fine....well I would be if I was putting everything in the SAME calendar...I had book club last week...I remember 10 minutes before I was due to be there, that I was meant to be out for a birthday lunch....I mean come on Wend!!! We went to Disney last week for J's birthday with a few of his friends....ONCE AGAIN I WILL SAY....MAGIC OF DISNEY MY BACKSIDE!!!! (would really like to say something else...but I won't) I will say...the weather was great, the kids were great...I was in a good mood (REALLY I was) But then there was.... Closed Rides...AGAIN! Closed toilets...I NEEDED the THEN, not in an hour....not that they opened at all that day! We even got to see a broken down ride where the water needed to be drained (all 2 inches of it) then plastic bags to be put over shoes, then somebody came over to each ride and walked in front of them and brushed the water away...only in Japan! I also think everyone in Japan happened to be there on the day we had chosen to go. J had a day off school so this worked out great....I guess EVERYONE must have had a day off!!! I was surprised not to have seen any little dogs....because they Japanese take their little dogs EVERYWHERE...including into some restaurants...Even feeding their dogs from their folks...REALLY...but don't get me started on that! We also took J to to the movies and for a meal....Went and seen Dark Shadows...wish we had waited to see it on the plane!!!! We also went for lunch to an Indonesian restaurant, hummm Well I picked the wrong dish...G's was nicer! So I have been going to the pool, I actually went into the pool, not as Arctic it could have been. I climb in, walk along the little wall and then keep saying come on wend! Then I just start swimming and think, that was easy! ......also burnt my back while I was there reading my magazine after. (I was also moving my legs so that also counts as exercise...right?) On Wednesday while I was there I looked across the sky and seen the 'Simpson' clouds...seriously...I was just waiting for the theme tune to come out of the speakers. There is also a crow there (at the pool) and I am sure he is mocking me!!! REALLY...as soon as I appear at the pool this crow starts squawking...not a little squawk, but an annoying ear piercing screech...ARGGHHHH it is doing my head in. I want it to fly off and squawk else where...like NOW!!!! We had a potluck lunch last week (think it was last week...it could have been the week before) and the theme was food on a stick...It was great and everyone really joined in. I wanted to try something really cool like but a chicken salad on a stick....my vision was to have a Iceberg lettuce leaf filled with the salad filling and then a stick threaded through the leaf kind of sealing/sewing the leaf and holding the filling inside....Well no such luck...I ended up with crab filled mushroom which were not the nicest tasting...because I was rushing and I never bought the ice burg lettuce nor did I make the chicken salad!!!! REALLY, ANY NEED?!?!?!? Last weekend while out with friends, I can honestly say I have not laughed so much in a long time. for some reasons were started talking about face's...stern face, naughty face's etc...So this week I have realized that I can actually use this in a form of exercises for the face...REALLY!!! I just have to make sure I am not doing this while in company! Then this week (might have actually been last week...) I was out for Mrs.H birthday... We went to the Dolphin restaurant. It was a French restaurant...with a view all over yokohama water...well I think that was what the view was...but with all the rain and mist could not see ANYTHING! Dolphin restaurant...don't sound very french does it? I am going to a comedy show this friday, then Men in Black 3 if I can and then Sunday we have the Dragon boat race....you know that that alone will take a whole blog session!!!!

May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's day world….Not actually MY mother's day as I am WELSH (we celebrate in March, but we won't go there!) Anyhow…..here I am AGAIN! Well….went out last night…..I had to make a few calls this morning to apologize….I should make a few more calls…but I don't have the energy! So….last night I went out…..I headed to Bubbles and texted SHOT GLASSES! I took my home flavor vodka with me. I get to Bubbles…she had out the bubbles and the shot glasses….My vodka…which was in a glass jar from the $ store (EALLY the 100 Yen store but 1, I can't find the Yen sign 2, I am still working on $$$$ and I don't see that changing anytime soon!) So I pour the LARGE vodka shoots (not just for me, might i add!!!)….and knock it back…then this was repeated a time or two more…… ……….I do believe we then left for dinner….. not to much memory of what happened until after 10pm (when the world became less fuzzy!)…..All I can say my teeth were numb….now I hear you asking how do you get numb teeth….I have no idea,…REALLY I don't, but this has happened to me before. Only once mind….all I can say is, last night I could have fallen from the top of the train station steps to the bottom and I would not have noticed the pain I don't think I even realized I was even on a train…and those of you who know me…I don't do trains…well at least without me telling EVERYONE how much I DONT DO TRAINS!!!!!! I did see prove of how bad I was….it was shocking…I never even had enough control to stop my glass of water over flowing (I was pour ing the water into my glass)…..I have a vague memory of this….I seen the proof! Normally I would say….Oh the shame……now I will be saying make sure nobody is filming!!!!! So while everyone was else was relaxing and laughing and joking…..I sobered up! REALLY…The one upside to this is that I did not wake up with a headache…Next morning that is, not while I was out for dinner… Also you might hear people say ….I have no recollection of getting in a taxi at the end of the night…..It is very rare you will hear somebody tell you I have no recollection of arrive at dinner!!! So today with the warm weather and beautiful blue skies, I laid down and watched the world go by…plus a frisbee or two…. Today when I came home I poured all the home flavored vodka down the sink….NEVER again will I drink home made concoctions, NEVER I tell you!!!! So….again there is a advert/info commercial on TV….Looks American, but dubbed…There is this women pulling the strangest faces…..I am not sure if it is because of the way they chef is dressed…or because he has a lamb chop, piece of fish and scallops in the same pan…..I am sure it is because of the latter….So this guy has challenged her to cook scrambled eggs in a 'NORMAL' frying pan and he is cooking them in a super duper pan ( ceramic I think) Well his scrambled eggs look perfect!…hers don't….what a surprise….So now we see the fish and the meat in the same pan…I am gathering by her raised arms she is saying something like….oh no fish and meat in the pan…. and he is saying, (and I am only guess mind you) is saying something like…..Oh no worries, the lamb chop won't be fishy…….well he is WRONG…..He is using the same tongs for EVERYTHING in the pan…..that lamb chop now has scollop juice on it…..I mean come on, ANY NEED…Change the tongs!!

May 12, 2012

Good morning world….. Well I have been awake since before 5 am, G was like like you know its only 5 o'clock??? Well I did know….and since I have been downstairs I have finished a craft, started a craft and looking to start another…..and I have CLEANED the tops of all the door frames….no idea why I suddenly thought….Ohhhh the tops of the door frames need a wipe…..I mean REALLY. Starbucks…..Well the time has arrived that we have to pay to park there….I mean REALLY? There actually are meters in front of Starbucks…..but NOBODY has pained for years…. So here is my suggestion….as we need to use less electric in Japan…TURN OFF the meters. REALLY….I only need the parking space for a very long 1/2 hour…REALLY that is all. …This week while in Starbucks, I decided that there should be sign…."PLEASE DON"T BEND OVER IF YOUR SKIRT IS SHORTER THAN A CURTAIN PELMET, OR IF YOU THINK YOUR SWEATER IS A DRESS AND IT IS NOT!!!!…And I will tell you why. A young women was at the counter being served….She could not decide what she wanted to eat and she must have thought that whatever was on the bottom shelf looked nice and decided to take a closer look….Well I got the pleasure of seeing tomorrows washing!!!! If she had been in an English speaking country I would have said to her…..sweetie while he might like to see your stocking and your knickers…it's not something I want to see over my mango frappe!….I mean ANY NEED? The pool was supposed to open today…BUT it's not, it will open next week. While the pool was filling this week, I was at the club and thought hummmm wonder if thats cold….so I went in and sat in the shallow end…It was not that cold! ……..Yesterday while I was at the club, the team J had played against in soccer walked past us and 2 of our team were standing there….The away team where awesome…the first kid past shook hands and said thank you to two of our team players that were with us….how awesome is that. While I am typing this there is another advert/info commercial on….They are trying to sell a chair…that clicks into the position you want….and you can even lay down with it…I am thinking hummmm that does not look very long…(it also has no legs so it is basically a cushion with hard bits inside and joints) so the lady on TV makes the chair flat and then….sits on it and pulls something from the end up….making it looking like a bar on a theme park ride and she starts doing exercises….REALLY…it come in bright pink, navy or black…..oh my! I wish I could understand what they are saying in some of these adverts….. Right think it is late enough to start banging around the house…. Everyone has to get up as sometime right and if I am up so should they be!

May 9, 2012

Oh my it's been awhile….and you know what I just can't remember what I have been up to…REALLY I can't. Well I can remember some bits but not lots…and no not because I was drunk and blacked out….. ….But I have found karaoke…I don't think the people at the bar were too impressed that I had found karaoke. The way the one guy had his head in his hand and shaking his head gave me my first clue. ….And….the club is getting it's own karaoke system, where I have informed them I will require my own microphone. Not because of germs, but because I WANT MY OWN ONE!!!! I am not good at sharing!!!! I WANT TO SING… well not what I do is actually singing….even I know that…but I don't care!!! It is amazing what alcohol can do…REALLY it is…I even manage to get on trains without have a panic attack…REALLY gotta love vodka! Also I have found that i like some champagne..REALLY I do…it does not all taste like corned beef! only some of it. Bubbles…I thank you…not so sure G will…but oh well! So there is a load of kids outside in the park everyday except weekends with their mums….there is a man there who seems to run this group….I used to see him with what i would gather were his 3 children and he would be wearing a hat that was a cross between JR's stetson and a park rangers hat….well he would be carrying a big rucksack/backpack and so would his children who did not older than may be 8. They always looked as if they were on a trekking holiday…not sure where the vacation spot is here in Yokohama…may be in the park across the road???? …Well away way this guy like I said seems to be running the group….The mum's park their car along the road…(which is illegal by the way!…just thought i would throw that in!!!) You can hear him running the group…I think he is trying to teach them English along the way….I have heard the birthday song once or twice… It is lovely to hear the kids laughing and their squeals of delight…REALLY it is……BUT…yes there is a but….There seems to be one kid that is a pain….So mostly I hear this kids name being called….REALLY….I mean come on people sort this kid out….or start calling him by a different name….it's doing my head in! It is a Bit like the kid playing the same notes on their instrument for months!!!!! Every afternoon…..have not heard it for a while…may be they have stopped playing, or have gone to a different house to annoy the neighbors…but I am thinking it's more likely because it has been so cold and all windows have closed that I have kept my sanity…but I am sure now it has warmed up I will be hearing something soon…..I am surprised the kids parents have not stopped the noise themselves…because I am telling you this I would have sacked the teacher by now!!! REALLY I would have! Been looking around at what to do while on our holiday. G found that the theme park close to where we are staying is opening the biggest ride in Canada…so guess were we will be heading…oh well I will have my kindle with me!!! Started to pretty much have come together. The holiday…not the ride…I am hoping the ride is totally put together. We had the school family fun day….the problem was there was a used book stall…. Well I had made a promise to myself and to G, that I would not bring anymore books home….Well I broke that promise….and I don't think G was impressed that I stayed awake until 4.30am reading…oh well…I stayed awake the following day, no nap needed, maybe because I never got up until 11~ish. Last weekend myself and a few other fantastic ladies cooked a dinner which was a silent auction prize and the money went to Tohoku The winners were asked what they don't eat ( no not so we would serve them that…REALLY)….They had no idea of what was on the menu. We went to one of the winners home and cooked them their surprise dinner. Which went down REALLY well!…cleaned plates…Fantastic. Then when i was talking to one of the winners this week, she told me that while she had said her husband did not eat a specific food she had forgotten to say he did not eat salmon. …but he cleared his plate. So a triumph there I think! Oh my that guy is blowing his whistle now….They are stood around you for goodness sake….You shout constantly…Carry on you might lose your voice….We can but hope! Not sure If I mentioned that I had planted some seeds and some seedlings. Well all except the parsnips everything is growing fantastic …REALLY Well I think I might have ONE parsnip in a couple of months…I did planet a lot of parsnips seeds but until last week NOTHING…now there are two little green leaves both very different looking. I am assuming the one that looks like the carrot leaves is my ONE and ONLY parsnip….well a parsnip is only a white carrot…right…or is that a carrot is only an orange parsnip??? The beets seem to have had a growth spurt this week, I have only managed to produce ONE strawberry. J was NOT impressed by it either!!!! …..but when I looked this morning, I noticed my first snow peas….REALLY….YAYYYYY My broccolini seems to have decided that it has given up on me picking it and now looks like a weed sprouting yellow flowers…..Which may be how it meant to be…I am doubting it…but well… The coriander/cilantro finally has decided to perked up…about time…properly won't get a meal out of it... While I have been typing this I found a movie in English that has not been dubbed…(seems they want to dub all movies here now on TV…REALLY, there is NO NEED!!!!) Well it was an old move…'OK Corral' Well if they wild west was like that I am mover there….serious I always thought it was meant to be hard work and stink!!!! Seems not…I was sensing a New York loft feel….lovely china dinner set…Bet they hand bubble wrap in those days…they must have cause there is no way those bumpy roads would not have broken all that china…..While I know it was use a movie….they are meant to get it sort of correct right????? Oh my that guy has the kids singing now….hummmm I know I come from the land of male voice choirs…and I except to hear group music pretty much in tune….but come on mate…take them all in doors to sing! REALLY you need to…I wonder if the rain will stop them singing???? We can only hope!

April 9, 2012

I planned on going to the gym this morning.....I managed to get to Starbucks!
I planned on doing chores.....Well I managed to shop online...does that count?

I have the windows wide open....no idea why...because I am freezing!
when I get up and lose the windows and doors...does that count as exercise??? Ok, ok ...just thought I would ask!

So....I was thinking...yes it happens sometimes!
I am 40 next year....so I think I will celebrate it this year.....Well if I don't all the people I like will be gone next year....Cause I don't like everyone!!! REALLY I don't.
Thinking a girls trip to Hawaii....Well it's close and we will arrive there we wont have even left Japan...if you get my meaning.....With the time difference.
...AND if we do go, we might see Dog the Bounty Hunter...I am mean how cool would that be?
Ok I hold my hands up...I love that show....

April 8, 2012

Ok….So I am ready to start blogging after our trip away….to be honest I have had no time while we have been away to even really think of blogging…REALLY!
With the 3 flights that it will take for us to get home I decided I will type while I fly……..
………Actually I never actually finished typing while I was flying….this was actually finished on Sunday morning…FINALLY!!!!!

The day before we are due to fly I take J's to the local hairdresser/salon (great guy, worked in the UK and understands what we actually want without playing charades)
Haircut, ready to leave, I take out my credit card as I have had no time to go to the bank (I needed to catch up on my soap operas and think about packing) I am informed that they don't take credit cards….HUMMM REALLY!!!!… he tells me it is ok and I can pay later…..I ask what time they close (because I have another TV show to watch and G will be home soon and I have to make it look like I am almost ready to leave)
The place closes at 7pm….ok, I can fit this in, right?…WRONG!!!! ……….it is 8.45pm and I am kind of ready to go when I remember I have have not been back to the hair dressers to pay for the haircut…..So I panic…then I called +3 who bless her was in bed, watching a movie and had not been very well….I explained my situation and +3 said she would sorted it for me. ………but when +3 tried to sort it…the place was closed next day and then +3 and family where going on holiday/vacation. So +3 called and got it all sorted…..Absolute Angel +3!!!!

G has all suitcases by the front door, everything ready….panic mode had already set in, but not as much as normal because my angel of neighbor was going in to check everything…(You see, I have a little problem…I need to check everything 20 times plus…I am always worried that something will happen…like I might not have turned the iron off and then there will be a fire…..which is a joke because I can't tell you the last time I used my iron. So even though I have not touched the iron personally and I know it has not been used that day or even the day before….I still check it is off….or I go check the windows in the rooms we DON'T use I check the taps, the shower, even the oven ….REALLY I do)
I make out I am already to go…(yeah ok!!!) then I help throw the cases outside….I pull the car off the drive and G then drives his car on the drive so it is in one of spaces next to the house. (japanese homes and parking…don't get me started!!!)
I asked G if he has my passport, yes he replied
I asked G if he has packed my headphones, yes he replied
I asked G if he had checked the oven, yes he replied,
I I asked G if he had checked the showers where off, yes he replied….so your getting my drift….
"locking the front door" G shouted….oh man….REALLY…. I am sure something will be still on…but…I get in the car…he drives my car (what is it with men driving)
…..We drive to the airport, park and head into the terminal.we checked in, went through and into the lounge..(I love G has access to lounges) I get on my phone and go straight to Facebook and check in at Haneda airport…you know like you do!
The closer we are to getting on the plane the more I start to worry…..I always worry about what ifs'…what if the plane crashes…etc.
Now I worry I will snore and keep the rest of the plane awake. I never slept the whole way to the US, but I nodded on and off….if I snored my way through the trip I have no idea…I am sure though it would not have been a problem…
I will tell you why!!!!…the man behind me must have had something in his throat for the whole flight. it seemed to start from a sniff and explode somewhere inside him (well sounded like he was with noise he was making every 2 minutes!!!!)
We arrive at LAX and spend some time just mooching about waiting for our next flight.
While mooching around we find a little place to eat…not to many people in there (that should have been a sign!) I decided I would have a kind of hotdog like G and J. So mine arrives in a YELLOW square bun…which was soggy!!!!
I look at the sausage and the gaging reflexes have already begun!!! REALLY they had….. So I think come on Wend sort yourself out!!!!…It was meant to be a sort of Italian sauce with extra flavors (can't remember what flavors)
So I take a bit off this nasty looking tray of food in front of me which…which might I add was advertised as one of their extra specials…..extra special my backside!!!! So I take a bite and it tastes vile…..the soggy YELLOW bread was may be the only edible thing on the tray….The sausage I am gathering was actually part reggae….the reason I say that is because there were red, yellow and green dots inside the sausage….I mean I have heard of preservatives ….but this was taking that a little far….
…Eventually off we go and board our next flight to Miami….We are all sat there waiting to take off….which we did EVENTUALLY!!! But the women in charge comes onto the PA system mentions it is not a full flight…she then goes on to say that if you see somebody you would like to know better then you can move…or if you don't want to be sat next to the person you are currently by you may also move….REALLY!!!!
I am thinking as she was in LA and maybe she thought that she was a comedian and that a big producer would be on the plane and sign her up…..even if there was a big producer on the plane, she had no chance…she was NOT funny!!!!
…So we arrive in Miami…we are at the Hotel by 7am…we check in and go straight to our room….(which was changed…and not because I whined and moaned…nor did G…but because of G's status with the hotel point system they gave us a bigger room) Off we went and did a little exploring…I took public transport….it was easy, close to the Hotel and it was free, but I won't be rushing to do it again!!!! We went passed the American Airlines center or whatever it is called, seen where 2 of the events would be taking place. (the basketball game and the WWE hall of fame induction)

…I REALLY enjoyed the basketball game…not even the nose bleed seats put me off. The Miami heat won…
….The Hall of Fame WWE induction….holy moly…that is 4 HOURS OF MY LIFE I WILL NEVER GET BACK!!!!…I could not understand what most of them were saying…REALLY. The was one group called the 4 horse men…which I am sure if you know WWE you will know who they are…I did not as I have no idea about WWE…expect little snippets I pick up along the way…Any way, the 4 horse men appear on stage…(there was actually 5 of them …Huh???)
One was Rick Flair~The Ultimate Warrior….Again Holy Moly….All of the 5, 4 horse men talked…and went on and on and on!!! I never had an aisle so I was already in a awful mood…REALLY I was.
Mike Tyson was also inducted for some reason…like I say i have no idea about WWE…Well he come onto the stage and he mentions he has been clean and sober for 3 years….REALLY…well either he has had one to many knocks to his head or I want he had had that day….
…We also went to the WWE access event….basically a big hall with with lots of WWE stuff and picture opportunities, with a few wrestlers as well.
Well…one wrestler is Welsh and I has actually contacted him under his real name, and while we were in Miami he actually replied…REALLY!!!
We get to the event and there is the Welsh Wrestler….J went and had his picture taken with him…and said my mum contacted you…He knew who I was….REALLY!!! I then had my picture done with him…he smelt lovely..again REALLY!!! So I am now a fan when Mason Ryan is wrestling otherwise I am not interested….Only the big WWE event to go and i did not go to that…thank goodness.

The weather was fantastic…not to hot, but nice and warm…not humid, well not that I had noticed…
We went to two of our fav places to eat in the US…The Cheese cake Factory and PF Chang's….
So we see where the cheesecake factory was…..we drive around trying to find a space….nothing, but there is valet parking service…so G say's come on lets just valet….He was like won't cost that much….it was $6 ….REALLY. that was all…I mean we live in Japan, it seems like it is $6 a minute to park at times living here…(Yes I know not quite…but you know what I mean)…we go into the mall and start looking around as we walk to the restaurant.J starts walking into a place and we are like where you going… There is a kind of a host just outside and he ushers us in…G states how they have used EVERY space available. The menus arrive…and G looks and me and says…'we are in the wrong place' so with a lot of Hmmm sorry, wrong place…we left VERY quickly, heads kind of down….I am sure lots of people have made the same mistake….because The Cheesecake factory is right next door…the place J has started to enter before we stopped him.
We go into the correct place and we get seated straight away, order and J and myself get on the free wifi straight away….Poor G.
One of my problems is I don't actually like trying new foods…..but instead of the Asian salad I normally order (like every time we go there!) I ordered Chicken marsla….it was awesome!….So guess what we are having for dinner on Monday night…..I liked it that much I have been looking up recipes and I have found one that just might be a hit.
On the Sunday we went to PF Chang's….we love Chinese food. We always have the lettuce wraps there…(ALWAYS a hit in what EVER state we are in) …. I don't order the Mongolian beef…because I honestly think mine tastes better…REALLY I do.
So J ordered his, I order a noodle dish as did G…..J was happy….Mine was awful…the noodles were sooo sticky…not only did they stick together but the stuck to my teeth….YUCK!
G's food came out….it was a thick noodle dish…with slop on the top and bean sprouts and cucumber sticks…..I could see by his face that this might nit have been a good choice…..When he took his first fork full I KNEW it was definitely not a wise choice….While J is sat there saying I really like my food…glad we came here….Well I am glad somebody enjoyed their food!

One of the reasons we picked the hotel was location and it had a car rental place….we decided because of location we did to need a car the whole trip. except The day they went to the wrestling and if we decided to go off somewhere on the free days….
So we decided we will hire a car for an extra day….we had a day with no events and thought lets go further out….So G make reservation for the friday. We go downstairs to pick up the car like it had stated and the Valet said you need to go to the car rental desk…..so we go in and the car rental desk is a machine that looks like an ATM machine….with a Skype system….REALLY!!!! So they cant find the reservation…Eventually we get it sorted and the machine spits out VERY SLOWLY 4 pieces of paper. we take it to valet and sign a clip board and he hands over the keys….We look a round the car and notice some dents…we tell the valet…nothing to do we me he replied…hummmm ok….then off we drive….actually easy pease when the system was rolling….
Sunday we go and do the same thing…G goes and takes to the machine….The ATM machine close to the the car rental machine was getting no action because people we queing behind us because they thought that we were at the ATM…. REALLY they did.The tank was not full….but sorted that out and off we went…..came back for less than 1 hour and they wanted to charge us a fortune to park…we sorted that out….G and J went off to their event and I went and bought a few things in the local supermarket…….All great, car returned….J happy as his favorite wrestler won…(TOTAL FIX!!!!)

The last morning we have a late breakfast as it is going to be a long trip home…..When the phone beeps….the car rental has taken money from account…more than the actual rental….So we call them (actually G did) they keep putting G through to the front desk of the hotel…who cant help etc…..So off G goes to the talking machine in the hotel lobby…they explain that the cars are collected every other day so it looked like that car had not been returned….G was not amused, he pointed out he had signed over the car….and the next amount was actually more than the hire…but ALL sorted….
We rush out of the hotel….take a taxi to the airport…where G was ungraded and he very nicely gave G his seat….REALLY he did…. ( J was sat next to the man who had designed the shoes J was was wearing….horrible green things)
Eventually we took off and the one stewardess was the American express rep…she talked about getting a American Express card and what it could gain you….REALLY when did they start advertizing on planes.
We then get on our next plane…. 2 flights down one one more flight to go….Don't think of that 11 hour flight wend….it has to be done…
……It did not help that the plane was MINGING!!!! the toilets were disgusting and I told the stewardess…who came and let me know she had cleaned them as much as possible….we get off the plane at Los Angles and G looks up and said this plane is the one going back to Japan….and it was….well we did have a few hours so I was hoping they would CLEAN it!
We go to the lounge….(at times like that when we can use lounges I don't mind that G has travelled…cause I do like a comfy chair) We go to the quiet area…J goes straight to sleep I go buy magazines…and and wander around
I suddenly realize I have not packed my makeup….So I call the hotel…(who's policy is to keep everything for 60 day's) I was put through to lost and found…I am sorry I am told it has not been handed in….Ok I replied I also left a suitcase in the room, maybe the person put my makeup in there….off he goes…comes back and he said nope…no suitcase….To this I am lost for words…(Yes I know it does not happen often!!!) a 28inch suitcase has not been handed in…he said we cant go into the room as it is occupied…so I state if I walked into a room with somebody else's makeup and a 28inch suitcase I would not be happy….
He kind of agreed…said may be it was all in the system…we chatted for so long he told me his wife's name was wendy….Well the outcome was he was going to send an email with his email because I had nothing to write on and I would contact hime when I got back to Japan….simple enough….YEAH RIGHT!!!! typed sarcastically
So just as we were getting ready to leave the lounge G's name is called….now we had already been told the flight was overbooked…..I am thinking they have upgraded him and I did put a smile on my face when he came back….I thought night flight just get on with it Wend…..So he never said anything but said come on…I woke J up and we headed downstairs….G goes to the desk to collect his new upgraded ticket…ARRGGGHHHH be nice wend…when he say's oh look all three of us have new tickets…..I think I managed to stop the happy tears from pouring….Never said anything to J, just handed him his ticket and when he was shown to his seat…his face sort of lit up through the blurry sleep eyes….He sat down..got out the quilt/blanket and was asleep before we took off…..Now I was dressed for comfort….The stewardess…came up to to me and said Champagne….Hummmm No…Nothing thanks…which seemed to surprise her…Not interested thank you it taste like corned beef…
Great flight, watched a few movies….slept a little…happy Wendy…REALLY I was. We get off the plane at 5am and was in the car after clearing immigration, customs and collecting the bags by 5.20am
We get home, suitcases unpacked, and put away and laundry on by 6.30am….G then notices that the hotel has taken $30 from us that actual day….So I am thinking great maybe they have sent my makeup even if $30 is a bit much…
So i call the hotel…they said they have not taken any money…my bank is wrong!!! REALLY she did. I then get put through to the lost and found department…..I explain AGAIN….(I had been told this was going straight into the system) Still had not turned up….I was like well has a suitcase been handed in…( I said we have left it on purpose, but maybe the makeup was inside the case) Still NOTHING…I was like REALLY…he said yes it's strange…so a report was filed
I then got a email from the company…I tried calling them but with different timezones….I will have to get up extra early or stay up extra late…but as those of you who know me the latter will never happen!
I called the hotel again and say look this is a joke….AGAIN I explained..I then get to speak with a supervisor and AGAIN I had to explain….even me who likes to talk had had enough of talking…..
He said well cant say what actually happened may be somebody took it…hummmm REALLY…who…YOUR STAFF???? he said he had spoken to the claims department who have tried to contact you but were unable to reach you….NO you didn't I said…firstly G's contact details are on his account…secondly the guy told me you cant take my number as I live overseas….oh no he said that is not correct…REALLY you surprise me!!!!
So I am now waiting to be contacted…as I have tried using their system…which is rubbish…let me tell you!!!!
….oh yeah and that $30 was for parking the car that had ALREADY been returned….So I stated that the hotel had taken my money fraudulently…no he said…I said you have…we had checked out and paid our bill on Tuesday and then on thursday you take money….hummmm no we had signed off….G will deal with that!!!!

Thursday I slept a little during the day….went to the club and seen Chai…who looked great in her 'colors' and we had Indian for dinner

Friday I managed to do a little shopping and do some planting of veggies..REALLY I did ….more strawberries, celery (no idea why) broccoli, broccolini, 3 types of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers mint (that taste like mint should not that funky stuff!!!) all to go with the other stuff i had planet before I went away. Then had Indian for dinner

Saturday, I managed to stay awake all day…seen Bubbles and Mr. Bubbles with his extra shinny ring….and had Indian for dinner….

It's now sunday morning…been up since 4 am and we WON"T be having indian for dinner

March 25, 2012

Spring break has begun….is this a good….Ohhhh the joys!!!!

Friday i was driving back from somewhere and I happened to drive passed the bottle store/office license/ liquor store whatever you call you…
Well….. There was this man struggling with his trolly/cart. it was around lunchtime…(yes I am sure it was happy hour somewhere in the world) … So I watched and seen it was not the trolleys fault, it was the guy….he had started his happy hour a lot sooner than most….It was like watching a comedy sketch…maybe you had to be there to see it….but he was looking surprised every time he took his hand of the cart and it rolled backwards….it was just too funny…maybe like I said you needed to be there…but I could have sat , watched and laughed at him for ages…simple things ~ simple minds…
Maybe cause I was stressing about my night out

I got to speak with Yeti Moo yesterday…We talked quickly about maybe meeting up somewhere.
She mention Singapore….maybe I can convince her somewhere else. …May be I can convince G…to part with some points….

My New addiction….'Draw something'…. I love it!!! some people are not right in the head…you have to see what they draw… They need to explain to a DR what they are drawing!!!

Friday I went into Tokyo with the girls to 'the lockup'…..
So we go to the train station…(the nervousness had already started about getting on a train earlier that day)
So i take my train card out and suddenly realize that I might not have any money on it. So Hedgepig takes me to show me how to check…
We go through into the train station and start walking…..down into the bowls of the earth!!! REALLY!
I am sure we were quite close to the earths core by the time we actually got to the train.
We all get onto the train and I think EVERYONE else in Yokohama did the same thing thing.
One man who was stood by where I was sat, decided he had an itch….I think he needed to get off the train and go see somebody.ASAP!!!! Somebody in the medical profession I am thinking!!!!
We get off the train…walk to the wrong pace, but soon go to the correct place.
AGAIN towards the bowls of the earth, but not quite there.
We were asked who was the naughty/bad person in the group, …well we all pointed to the only one we could…she was then handcuffed and lead to our cell
I am sure you could kick your way out of the place through the wall if need be,…I am sure)
We all sat on the floor around a table and then the cell door was closed. The waiter came in sat on the floor at the door. and took the orders for the rest of the drinks. one of the things he bought back kind of looked like beef….I looked at it again, then I looked again and realized it was something nasty like liver or heart…YUCK, YUCK, YUCK and more YUCK!!! So i put it back in the dish…(I did not try it ) TBL said don't do that!!!…..well it was not staying in that cell….so when the man came back with other food, i handed the dish back and kept shaking my head until he took it away …
Then came the test tubes with what we believe was coloured and flavored alcohol. A science flask of milk and a beaker of ice. It did taste better than my vodka with the dry ice….
Then after 45 minutes to an hours…the place went pitch black and sirens where going….then people with masks where climbing on top of the cell….sticking their heads in the openings….I will say that there were a few screams
Lots and lots of laughter….I have not laughed so much since the weekend before before!
We then came home on the train….there was a train already in, but it was PACKED again. So we waited for the next one, but walked to the very end of the station and stood where there was no cover (raining cats and dogs) ….so nobody else was there….Well we RUSHED onto that train and we got seats….I was sat with Hedgepig trying to upload pictures, when the system would allow it…..
When I felt something on my leg….I was not sure if the man stood in front of me had wee'd on my leg…yes I did type WEE'D. I looked at hedgepig and said he has just peed on my leg…She looked quickly, she said no it is his umbrella…I looked and sure enough there was a small umbrella, all ATTACHED..yes ATTACHED to his coat…I mean…REALLY…I remember putting J's gloves through his coat so he would not lose them….but ATTACHING your brolly…come on love…ANY NEED????
I think he got the message I was not amused…he moved slightly…not enough for my liking but some.

yesterday was a nice lazy day, went out for a Bollywood night in the evening….but I wanted to check what was being served…so I went into the club kitchens and asked for a sample….I really liked the salad they made…never had a salad like it before…I want to say it was either chopped chick peas or lentils…whatever it was, it was pretty good.

We leave for Miami tomorrow…you know I will be writing about that! Something will not be right, or make will just make me stand and stare, until G will say STOP STARING!!!! and properly start drag me away because I been staring to long or made a comment a bit to loud. (sometimes I say things in mind…but they come out of my mouth…REALLY they do…These words just pop out!) … So I have already had a scare, thought I had lost J's alien card….So I causally mentioned to G…about alien cards, and how much might we actually need them to leave or come back into the country…He knew straight away I had lost one of them either mine or J's….But i pointed out I had misplaced it….I actually thought the naughty fairy might have moved it, because I ALWAYS keep it with his passport….We have credit card size alien cards…the kids here have double that size and they are made of paper….and the only times it is needed i gather until he is older is in and out the country….
Well i did find it…it was in the folder I took to Guam with all the other papers for that trip….I KNOW I DID NOT PUT IT THERE!!!!! REALLY I did not…

I think I am going to have to get me some english appliances that talk to me!!!
My Mike~Row~Wave kind of talks to me…and sings at me when it is finished doing what i have asked it to do….Problem is…it is Japanese…still ONLY THINKING about taking Japanese lessons…so Mike~Row~wave is only a standby friend….I need a full on ENGLISH SPEAKING appliances….

March 22, 2012

It s a beautiful day today…blue skies, sun is shining…but I am freezing….ANY NEED?!?!
….Sorry I take that back..just went out to see my veggie plants…and its warmer outside than inside my house that is insulated with single ply toilet roll, that's why I am freezing…Silly me

One of my friends posted on FB this morning that all kids with names beginning with A-Z where being recalled by the hospitals to be fitted a volume control and mute button…this made me smile…until I could see the benefits of this!!!! REALLY I could see this working….not when they are babies of course…just as they get older may be…..

So after watching Masterchef, and knowing I could not get 92% of the ingredients I decided I would make do with what I had or could get.
I knew I had parsnips which had cost more than a weekend away!!!!
I decided to make roast pork with parsnips, potatoes, peas…..and a jus…..WELL…..firstly, it never looked like on the plate, what I had planned for it to look like in my mind….. So I peeled and boiled the parsnips…to make a puree ( Puree whats wrong with the word mash?!?!) I don't do lumpy parsnips so puree/mash…whats the difference? I started peeling the potatoes and thought…nope lets do this properly… well properly and me don't alway go together…. So I sliced through the tatters and got what sort of resemble kind of a square/rectangle…gave up on getting them all perfect…. So six spuds…6 squares..(also helped with the fact I was DONE with peeling!!!) don't know what the word for cooking spuds on the outside is called expect ~ COOKED! ….I mean you brown meat…so do you golden spuds before placing in one's oven???? I pureed the parsnips and was about to puree the peas and thought…hummmm maybe G and J would like their peas to look like peas and not a mushy consistency
I went to place some parsnip puree on the plate and with the back of the spoon drag it through the puree to make it look like Masterchef. Spuds and pork were cooked…everything already to plate up….Then I thought hummmm you know what….if I spread that puree across the plate….it will look like the plate at the end of the meal, you know the bits you scrape in the bin……So I SLAPPED the MASHED parsnips on the plate (I am sure mashed tasted better than pureed) I Was going to put the pork on onto the puree parsnips and then the pureed peas onto on the pork (but I never pureed the peas) …But then I thought…What has gotten into you Wend…Get a grip girl!!! So i did get a grip...only just, but I did manage it… and we had roast dinner with squared spuds and no carrots so not REALLY a roast dinner. …. SO……Masterchef, keep ALL your ideas to yourself in future please!!!

We went to the movies yesterday. We went and watched 'Iron Lady' I enjoyed it….I was surprised how much of what happened in Britain I could actually remember as I was still in school during this time.
……So I go and collect Island girl (also to be know as IG in this blog when I am rushing, which will be more often than not!) We head towards the movies… I Kind of know where I am heading….Thought I missed a turning…used a few choice words….until IG noticed I was actually heading in the right direction….Normally taking a wrong turn would not be a problem…well not if you could read the street signs….and you where not LATE, yet AGAIN…REALLY I was late AGAIN…
Hedgepig texted should she buy tickets…Thank goodness she was on the ball…or even already in the cinema!
IG finds where we are, meant to go…I see Hedgepig and TBL buying tickets on a self service machine.
…….I push to the front see where they were about to press to take the seats…oh no can't sit there I said, So very nicely they changed the seats…(I would have been…hummm you turn up late and then tell us…hummm think not….but these ladies are nice, thank goodness)
We go and buy some food for inside the movie. I ordered mine and IG ordered her's
"can I have sweet and salted popcorn mixed please" she asked …oh boy you would have thought she had asked for something they did not have ..like a squid ball or something.. REALLY…the women puts her two arms forward in a cross to let us know this is not possible….I mean it must be soooo difficult getting a scoop of sweet popcorn and then a scoop of salty popcorn…..come on REALLY….
So there I am waiting for my drink and popcorn thinking where did that women go….I was already late it's like come on darling get a move on!!!
IG explains I need to go to the end to get my stuff….It was served in these red bowl type things….a holder for my cup and a holder for my popcorn…pretty cool…If I had had a bag big enough mine would have come home with me!
I rush off to the bathroom..(too much info, but for a reason) there was a older lady leaving the bathroom after washing her hands, as I was going in….I left the bathrooms…and the lady was just in front of me…she had hardly left the bathroom….come on darling I am late!!!….I run (yes I ran) around this HUGE table and we all start walking in….in a voice which might have been too loud I mentioned how many people where there…(well movie had not started, but it was pretty quiet and packed.)
We go to our seats which were taken…(well 3 of them where) They soon moved!
….So we are all settled…movie has started (I want to say we were half way through, but I would be exaggerating) …then I look across and the old lady from the bathroom is just coming in…. she walks towards us…then starts going up the steps…I hope she got to her seat before the movie ended.

Oh yeah…..managed to get my blog settings back!
I now have 7 email followers…..I love it!!!!!

I have asked everyone who is going away for swing break to sign onto here so I might get an extra flag or two…

March 20, 2012

My heart currently belongs to the National Welsh rugby team.....I am SOOOOO proud of my team...Well done boys....You rock!!!!

Why oh why do people have to mess with things???? REALLY,Is there ANY NEED!!! So ….Here I was all happy with the layout of my blog…well kind of happy…I wish I knew more about computers…(….hummmm no I don't cause that would me thinking!) BUT…..I get on my blog after the weekend and it has gone all funny…and not as in funny haha!!! So now I don't really know how to get around my blog…not that i really knew before, but i was getting there!!!!….It was not broke…so I did not want it fixed!!!!!… ……But I have 2 new followers….Thank you Kristen E and Ho778…Loving it…I would check if I have anymore email followers but as the blog has decided to mess it's self up…so i can't use it I have no idea…SO AGAIN…I wished they had left it alone….REALLY I DO ……ANY NEED???? Today i made sausage rolls…I decided I only like then when come out of the oven, that may be why there are still some left… they are not even the same when warmed up in the microwave…REALLY their not.

Today while I was chatting away on the phone….I was talking about people talking UTTER crap/rubbish!!! Until Bubble's pointed out there there is crap~crap and funny crap!!!! Just thought I would put that out there! …Sure mine is not the latter…

I watched MasterChef the TV show over the last few days…I loved some of the ideas, I wanted to use some of the ideas, I found some tips…In fact I was so impressed I wanted to call everyone up and say come on over for dinner….Then I realized I was in Japan and I would not be able to get 50% of the ingredients….Sorry I take that back…I mean would not be able to get 92% of the ingredients…..ARGGGGHHHHH!

Saturday we went to two Sayonara. The first one we went to there was a cheese and biscuit tray….It was STUNNING…in fact I think it should have been in a Gourmet cooking magazine!!! It was stunning..I wish I had a picture of it to show you….Very rare I am impressed with something like that, but this was awesome. I was so impressed I dragged Bubbles around until I found it…just to show her. We found it in the clubs biggest refrigerator. The party later on was just so funny…the theme was children's games. EVERYONE took part, EVERYONE had a fab time… I did think the ceiling was going to go collapse onto the other party when they played a game with a ballon attached to your leg and everyone had to try and keep their ballon intact….So everyone was trying to stamp on everyone else's balloons. Along with the dressing up game….I think the highlight for me was when 'The 4 Chick's' performed, their one and only song. I think "The 4 Chick's' might have become an over night sensation…and will be booked for ALL future Sayonara parties….REALLY!…They were sensational!!! Not sure who presents the top twenty these days….but thinking he/she will be mentioning these ladies soon!!!

One day I was sat next to somebody and her calendar was full on her phone…a dot for EVERYDAY…I was like holy Moly…..So I sat down and looked at mine and thought I need more dots…hummm. So I rectified it…I have put in all book club dates, all brownie sessions, all gym days (even if I know I might not be going…but it helps the amount of dots!) I added every school day off, every start and finish of school holidays/vacations, Made sure everyones birthday was there….I even wrote christmas day, because it was not marked on the calendar…..

This time next week…I will ACTUALLY be in Miami after ALL that travel….12 hours to Miami…4 hour lay over in Los Angeles and then ANOTHER 5 hours to Miami…I am telling you, it had better be worth it!!!! I just know I will need some sort of meds to make me a nice person during the travel time…. if there is such a medicine I think I had better start taking it daily…..

March 17, 2012

I have a new email follower…Hovis your just toooo nice…but now I need you in the side box with everyone else so I get 23 followers!
I also have 2 more names for the blog… Floss and Beer ..Beer you can change your name if you would like…

So 3 days on the trot, thursday, friday and this morning at the gym
I have found though that it is easier to watch the iPad while on the treadmill than on the bike
My backside starts hurting..cant get comfy on the bike…now I know you are not meant to be COMFY as such…but as you not allowing me to lose 10lbs per gym session, I need something!!!!
I also need a new show to watch…but it has to be something I have not seen…otherwise I will be waiting for the funny bits….I also need the rowing machine to have a little plastic ledge and the cross trainer…cause as of now I can watch TV on these machines….I have no worries about the rowing machine and the ear phones…I have extra long earphone wires…so I will recommend a plastic self on ALL machines to be added ASAP

I drove into Tokyo this week for a Dr's appointment. While I was sat in the waiting room there was a child with their parent….Well the child starts sniffing, and kept on sniffing…while the mother just start there….come on Mum it's doing my heading, surely it's doing yours in!!! can't you hear your child??? This kid must have had so much stuff up it's nose that if it was pudding I am sure there would have been enough for the WHOLE class!. The lady sat by me said, oh dear do you have a cold, is that why your here…No the mother replied she has a sore toe….REALLY Lady you are kidding me…is all that stuff up your child's nose not a concern for you? are you not afraid it will start coming out it your child's ears…
The mother is all dressed up, beautiful make-up, not a hair out of place….and DIRTY boots!!! Expensive boots but dirty boots all the same!!! You can't wear lovely boots like that and not at least WIPE them…REALLY ANY NEED!!!!
When I went to the pharmacy the mother and child were already there…The lady behind the counter brings around a tissue for the child…(a tissue, this kid needs a couple of boxes!!!!)
….Also while I am sat there, the lady who had asked the kid about it's cold started talking to another lady… "how long have you been here? 12 years she replied… oh, hummm WELL I have been here 16 years she said…Well she was not expecting another lifer…The whole waiting room goes quiet…who says that playground games stop in the playground…16 years…I am normally looking for a way out after 16 months!!!!
Normally I am more than happy to chat with anyone….I had some Japanese Nun chatting away to me in Japanese once …no I idea what she was talking about but we did managed to pass the time…but on this particular day I wanted to be in and out of that place faster than superman high on sugar!
So I was relived when when the women gave a big sniff and went back to her magazine!
…… I then get in the elevator and there is a women who is wearing either her child's or her own art work with pride…you know those make your own mats/rugs whatever they are were you weave something…lots of different textured yarn…well she had them on her coat…REALLY she did….I kid you not!!!
Now she was either like I say wearing her or her child's work with pride…and if she was she REALLY needed to rethink where she stuck those patches …. or she had holes in her coat…but I think she had sat on a piece of gum… could not get it off and seen this scrape bit of mess and thought..YES I will use that!!!
But after sticking one piece she realized she needed more because one piece looked silly… What she never bargained for it looked silly anyway…But way to go mum wearing your kids art work with pride!!!!

This week while driving home…I was pretty close to the house and a man was just walking in the middle of the road….Then he starts to do up his coat…with a zipper, which took ages!!!…(come get him buttons it won't take as long!) So I can see he is an older man, I would say around 70 (which means he is more like 100) normally I would toot my horn, but as he is old…this might have repercussions. When he finally gets out the way (the 2nd song on the radio is almost finished) He looks as if me and the 4 cars behind are the problem not him… I would not might but there is a foot path either side of the road, a shrine one side, a park the other, lots of walking space….he was not even crossing….I mean REALLY…USE THE PATH'S…

I decide this week that instead of potatoes I would have parsnips mash or something instead of potatoes (How I love my potatoes) So I look up carbs in parsnips ..not that I am counting carbs….guess what of all the root veg these are highest in carbs….REALLY, ANY NEED!!!!
I will say, I only looked at one site…did not really look into it. I could not be bothered after that!
Far tooooo much useless info on the internet….Why is it useless…because it;s not want I want to read!!!!

We went out for dinner last night, Lovely dinner with lovely people….then we realized how many people we know in common all over the world….As the husbands are kind of in the same business it was pretty funny…It was like do you know?…Yeah…did you know? Oh yeah … It really is a small world.

Amazon delivered my book this morning at 9am…well I was up …I HAD BEEN TO THE GYM!!!! it seemed to have woken G and J up also…what a shame…
I have been told the book is awful (it was not phrased as nice as that)…so guessing it might leave the box!

Oh yeah, I have an actual strawberry on my strawberry plant…not that I was expecting magic beans….But already I have a strawberry….how cool is that?

Right we have a busy Saturday, G does realize yet just how busy…but he will soon.

March 13, 2012

I have finished the book…loved it…it was awesome!!!

Reading a book and putting the laundry in the washing machine, taking it out and putting it in the drier..then kind of folding the stuff…Well it takes it out of you…REALLY it does…WHY oh WHY has there not been a machine invented that when the clothes or towels have finished drying they are folded….I mean come on…Washing Machine…Wonderful invention and American size washing machine rocks!!! Tumble drier, another wonderful invention
Both the waching machine and the tumble drier where in fact invented by men…You know why???
Because one day some man decided they needed a clean shirt…well he was NOT going to the stream to wash his clothes!!! (In fact one guy even invented a washing machine for his wife's birthday…LUCKY WOMEN…NOT!!!! Well it might have been back in the 1800's )
Then when one day some man had had his shirt washed and he went to put it on and it was wet…oh no, can't have that…so along came the tumble drier…
NOW…I am guess the folding part does not bother them……I mean come on guys, you have invented some other utter rubbish. Can't you turn this idea into an invention?
A man also invented the vacuum…I am thinking he had had enough of sweeping.
A women would have invented it to keep the carpet/floors lovely and fresh...or to make it look like she had done something before people arrived...
A man also invented the fridge… I am thinking he might have had enough of warm beers????
A Women would have invented it to keep the food fresh...so she would not have to drag herself to the store daily when she had to vacuum...and she had a book to read!
A man invented the telephone….may be he hated writing?
A women knows how nice it to hear somebody's voice...and to pass the time when the sport is on.
A man invented the microwave…Betting he could not wait for his dinner to be warmed up after coming home late!!!
A women would have invented it to make the families lives easier...so she would have time to vacuum before people arrived!!!
While we all love the convenance of all of the above…Women handled everything perfectly before…I am sure they did.
…What I will say……Thank goodness somebody invented it all… Just wish the men who designed them all had had it fit in better with real life….Like I am betting the washing machines that are a front loaders and a lot higher..was designed by a female. So your getting my point?

So come on somebody invent a washing/drying/folding machine…I can cope with putting the stuff awey….The rest can be dry cleaned….

March 12, 2012

22 followers…REALLY I have…I love it.. I typed that with a Welsh accent!!!
So I seen Wanderlust today who said she had been told to read my blog from another mum….REALLY she did!!!
I have been told a few times that I write the way I talk….well I can't always get my words out, I don't always make sense, so that is why my spelling and grammar are so bad…I just decided!!!

Pages read of book the book….I have no idea, but I have read quite a few pages today…Still enjoying it…enjoying it so much I never sat on the sofa…I was reading it when I had my lunch and I never left the dining table for at least an hour after that…..(lunch was my tomato soup I made last night…It was good!!! even if I do say so myself!)

There is a man on the TV right now trying to talk with a East european accent….I am sure he is Welsh…I can hear a little bit of Wales I think….I mean who hired him??? had they listened to him before they started the camera rolling????

Today I had 1 job I needed to do… and I had 2 other things I WANTED to do…
Starbuck was not on the list of must do…but Starbucks was on the list of …I am getting me a Mango frappuccino…(I actually HATE mango ..REALLY I do, but I do like the Starbucks mango drinks) and might I add I had a VERY small Mango drink…not the usual bucket size…REALLY I ordered a small one….Go me!!!!
So….I managed to do my one and only job before 10.15am….Yay me….I needed to go into the bank…I drove there no GPS…1st time….I am not as good as others…I need MIss Garmin and Miss GPS at ALL the time!!!! I REALLY do need to Navigation's REALLY I do. After parking and going to the bank…I actually managed not to get lost in that place…What should actually take 15 minutes maximum, can take me 1hour plus….I ALWAYS get lost in that place…But today I was parked, in the bank…bills paid, back in the car in 10 minutes…. That is pretty amazing for me….I never took a wrong turn (never understood how I managed to take a wrong turn EVERY time) The lift/elevator was not full of EVERYONE in Yokohama… (As it always seems to) So because of this it does not stop at every floor…(not that there are that many floors) …
I then came home and did the usual chores….you would think by now that I would have learnt to love loading and unloading the dish washer…doing laundry….hoovering/vacuuming , polishing….I mean surely this should be the case…. I mean I have learnt to love eating cake and sitting on my backside….So why have I not learnt to love chores….oh yeah…cause they are chores…come on Wend, REALLY…chores ~ cake… I think I need to convince myself just because they begin with same letter, I don't have to like them both!!!!

One of the things i wanted to do today was plant some seeds….I was on Pinetrest I seen that somebody was growing carrots in old 2 litre cola bottles…thye had just cut the tops off…placed soil inside and planted the seeds…..So I figured I could do that….Ok so I did not have 2 litre cola bottles or any soda bottles for that…but I did buy some pots last year and I thought…ok, lets do this!
So I planted carrots, parsnips and beetroot. I then I replanted some strawberry planets, peas and mange tout.
I knew the seeds would give me a headache….I could not figure out the differences…So the seeds from Australia said plant april may…so if it said plant in may in Australia, I needed to find what month in Japan was similar…Well this was giving me a headache, I decided with all the global warming that it could be planted today!
The parsnip seeds where not what i thought they would look like…not that I had any idea what they would like like…The carrot seeds where green…hummmm… The beet seeds look like they had been pulled from somebodies nose and left to dry!!!! hummmm Now I need to find Swede/ rutabaga seeds…I would like to grow some normal cucumbers as well…not those horrible looking things you get here…Again I will need the seeds….
I thought that if I brought some seeds in and I was stopped I would tell them that they were special snacks….
Yeah so hopefully I will have parsnips and beets soon!
I definitely need to grow some decent potatoes….Oooooo and some real sweet potatoes…you know the orange kind.

Right i have had enough now of waffling I am off to bed.

March 11, 2012

Pages of book read….200!!!! I am actually enjoying this book….

Saturday I did NO exercise….But I seemed to be in need of a nap…then I did nap…and completely messed up my sleep for last night…hence the 200 pages being read of the book, that I am actually enjoying.

Yesterday was the Daddy Daughter Dance….The room looked lovely…The pictures looked lovely on Facebook…..I wanted a daughter right then….Not because I can go…but to go and buy a lovely dress an get her hair done and see the excitement in her little face…..but that soon wore off!!!

Today, Sunday….I WENT TO THE GYM…yes I needed to tell you that in capitals…Sunday morning I was in the gym, no not early but before lunch so that is Sunday morning!!!
Today I exercised while watching 'On the buses' It's the 1st season and in black and white..but this show still makes me laugh out loud…..I want to download Dallas…but not sure how that will fit in with the exercise..and each show is longer than on the buss…and not sure I am ready to exercise any longer than I am currently am….physically and mentally I am not ready!!!'
I was asked if I would like to join the Monday Squash group….I think it took me a nano second to respond…NO THANKS!!!!!!
…Well we had some lunch, Bubbles, TBL, Plus3 and Hovis and HedgePig were there also. Roast lunch was nice, but mine taste better!!!..but the hassle of making the roast and with yorkshire puddings…Nope not today.
I was told by Hovis I looked drunk…does that mean I looked like I was having? or been dragged through a hedge backwards?… hopefully not the latter..but more than likely the latter….

My plan was to come home and read my book and maybe make dinner….NOT may be read my book and defiantly make dinner….Even though I did make dinner…and I also made soup…REALLY I did!
I also took out the stuff from the freezer for tomorrows dinner and stuff to try a new recipe for a snack…but I am sure the snack would be high enough in calories for at least 5 peoples daily allowance of calories..I really do want to try this recipe...
….so pages of book read today ZERO!!!! Well that is not strictly true….As I had messed up my sleeping last night…I remember looking at the clock at 1.30 am…so I guess I did read some of that book today….
Instead of reading we watch some TV…we watched the Big Bang Theory and in this show they mention an app that sounds like a whip when you shake the phone…well I think your meant to do the action of using a whip and the sound will come out like a whip, but a shake will suffice ….So when they were suggesting in the show somebody was under the thumb/or whipped they would use this app….
So G decides to find this app….Sorry love yours does not sound as good and the one on the TV show…REALLY it does not…anybody who thought that would make a good app…is somebody with FAR, FAR, FAR too much time on their hands….I mean come on REALLY, ANY NEED…..Invent another with friends game…but a whipping sound….REALLY????

So G decided to be mean to me….
I heard him mumble something…So I asked what he had said…never mind he said…I was like What??? Never mind he replied again….hummmm…Well I did mind, I replied if you have something to say say it…Never mind he replied again…So back and forth we went with what did you say…tell me..REALLY, ANY NEED…with the same reply from G each time…Never mind….I finally figured out what he had said…he had actually mumbled on purpose…..NEVER MIND…knowing I would ask what he had said….So knowing also that the NEVER MIND bit would also wind me up….While I know you will never get back the 20 seconds it took to read this paragraph..You know know what I have to put up with…Arrggghhhhh

March 9, 2012

Pages of book read…..ZERO!!!! REALLY zero pages…I mean come on Wend, ANY NEED?

We went out for dinner last night in Tokyo…the food was fab, the company was fab….and there was NO fish!!!!
We went to a Teppan yaki place…Thanks guys for changing to that place. I absolutely loved it!!!
One of the things I have fallingi n love with is the potatoes, onions and sausage….it was so good we had 2 plates…I did sound like a 2 year….I want more potatoes, I want more potatoes, I want more potatoes…and amazingly another plate appeared!!!

I REALLY needed a Starbucks this morning. So I sent out a text an asked who was 'Starbucksing'
Chai was the only one free….Off I went for my mango ice drink…they always ask if I want whipped cream with that…Hummm NO when I ask for no dairy…I am sure whipped cream is dairy,…so I would not like any whipped cream, thank you!!!! ………. Can you not see I am ready to go and learn to play squash??? and can you not see I am So not wanting to go. Can you not see I have built myself up for MORE exercise!!! So no whipped cream thanks

So I go and meet BA and I talk to everyone along the way…not trying to avoid going in there…HONEST!

So…I walk into the squash courts and the first 2 things I am aware of is the SMELL…not a nice stink but a stink!
I also noticed how dirty the walls are….surely the walls could be painted a little more??? Maybe the color of the ball needs to be changed???? ……….Just saying…
So I stand there with the racquet….lighter than I thought it would be…..I also had visions of the ball going one way and the racquet leaving my hand and flying throw the air behind me ….That did not happen…but the racquet was dragged across the floor a time a two, or three or four!!!
I was told I was good at serving and had good control…..hummmm not thinking that myself….but ok…Thank you for being sweet!
I am sat here now and realized (it has taken me until know) I think i liked it…I think I wanna go and have another go…..hummm no I don't!… stop be silly Wend!!!!!…I don't think I have the energy to get of the sofa to go collect J from school….So where do I get these silly ideas from about wanting to go run around a squash court….Not quiet at the running stage and don't think I will be at that stage next year!!!!

I wanted to make sausage rolls for tonight…but I went Starbuckings, hit a small black ball around a room with LOADS of ball marks on the walls, had lunch then did a couple of errands, came home found my backside imprint on the sofa…watched TV, AGAIN….went and picked J…(who also has a liking for Starbucks and seemed to need one after school) Came home…The sofa pulled me towards itself…AGAIN…I watched TV AGAIN!!!
Then I finally got up and started to make the sausage rolls….Get J and G involved…well they eat them all, so why should I not get them to help?
………oh my I have just taken them out of the oven…..Yum Yum

March 8, 2012

I was at the gym early this morning….made sure I did a check in on Facebook so the world knew I was there!!! Again I actually went inside the gym and did some exercise….
It might have helped that I had another good night's sleep….No scrabble with friends, no emailing and no youtube

I have also read ….ZERO pages on the book….
...But I did not make a backside print in the other sofa!!!!...no I kept to the one I already have!!!

my car was cleaned today, G had mentioned he thought it was about time….Hummmm I don't tell him about his car!!!! I don't say "oh no you have a speck of dust in the car' (everyone who gets in G's car are surprised how clean it is…not because he does not keep it clean, but because they have been in my car….Anyhow…This last week I realized it needed cleaning…It had a smell that was not caused by school kids with gas!!!!!!
Well I bought air fresheners…they stink…but in a lovely kinda of way…black cherry flavor smell.
I hoovered/vacuumed the car…and I think i have found a secret hiding stuff from people place…shush don't tell anyone it is a secret. It could actually be where the spare tyre is, I could not se the tire so now my secret hiding place!
It seem that you can park anywhere here…forget that you need to have the police check you have an actual space before you can get a car…SO ….I needed to go to Bubbles house quickly, I go to turn left out of our street (you can only go left or right…or drive straight ahead up the high curb and run one of those skinny type of trees over) …Well there is a car that looks like it might turn…in the middle of the road…, except no indicator was on. I look again and there is NOBODY in the car…REALLY…there was nobody!!!! I mean come on ANY NEED!!!! Middle of the road, right on a corner…REALLY!!!!!
……….So on my way to bubbles house I seen a young couple who looked like they have just started going out with each other, young and in love…So they were running side by side, giving little pushes to each other, laughing, big smiles….holding hands…Well if he had of elbowed me I would have pushed him right over that sheer drop….he would not do it again…I mean if your out running surely somebody elbowing you however gentle is a pain….I would not know as I don't run…I don't really walk anywhere either…but thats for another blog!

Tomorrow I am off to play squash….I might not be back to let you know how I did…because I might not make it home….
They say what does not kill you makes you stronger….RUBBISH!!!!
I feel like I might not make it after doing my homework from Bubbles and TBL, my legs feel like jelly, my breathing sounds like Darth Vader, Thats not making me stronger…It's properly a stretch to say it is killing me….but stronger….REALLY it's NOT!!!

March 7, 2012

I have 20 followers.....Wooo hooo ...I love it!!!!

So...I am sat here freezing, heating is on…(not that means much!) just looked up and seen the window was wide open….REALLY Wend….ANY NEED!

Pages read of the book..ZERO!….
…….But I did go to the gym…I did wash the bedding, Also put together a dinner that won't be eaten as it won't be ready in time…(still in the slow cooker)
I did more laundry, shopping and a little tidying up….It's now 5.30 ish and the magnet on my backside that keeps pulling me towards the sofa has just connected! first time today!!!! No little nap today…that might be because I was actually asleep before 10.30 last night

I went to the gym, and not only did i go to the gym. but I actually went in and did exercise….All while watching a TV show on the iPad. I was worried there would be nowhere to put it…but it worked out fine the treadmill has a little shelf…(I wonder if that was what the plan was for that sticky out bit of plastic in the design stage…a little shelf my iPad?) … so well…yeah it kind of worked out…………
So I turn it on…put the earphones in….and I can hardly hear anything…I am pressing the earphones further into my ears….nothing, checking the sound settings (I wasn't going very fast…Well I like to start out gently… I don't really get past that stage!) ….The rowing machine behind me stops and I can hear a little bit more of the TV show…Then Bubbles says that she can hear it…my reply was pretty much like…lucky you!….So I decided to wiggle the earplug attachment and tried to push it in again…..Wow…the sound was great…I am not deaf and I don't need my ears syringed..REALLY I don't…even though G thinks I have selective hearing….No not selective, I just don't like certain answers…normally when I hear NO in the sentence…REALLY

How is it that for somebody my size I have such a small bladder??? Bubbles tells me I should have drunk so much water by lunch time..ok…I don't drink what I should drink in a day, and what i should drink takes me about 3 days plus!!! If I drunk what is actually recommend to drink daily my poor bladder would not cope…

I am just trying to decide whether to drive or walk to the dry cleaners…the walking would be good I suppose…but…I have to go out walk to the car…put the dry cleaning into the car ( that takes effort REALLY!!!) Then I am using energy turning the steering wheel, getting out the car, putting the dry cleaning into the car…get back into the car…driving back(using that effort to steer again!) while reversing onto the drive I will be stretching the neck muscles…REALLY I will….So I am torn…..
…Hummm, Well I was torn until J, took the dry cleaning.

Now I just have to make dinner…Oh the joy's…NOT!!!