March 13, 2012

I have finished the book…loved it…it was awesome!!!

Reading a book and putting the laundry in the washing machine, taking it out and putting it in the drier..then kind of folding the stuff…Well it takes it out of you…REALLY it does…WHY oh WHY has there not been a machine invented that when the clothes or towels have finished drying they are folded….I mean come on…Washing Machine…Wonderful invention and American size washing machine rocks!!! Tumble drier, another wonderful invention
Both the waching machine and the tumble drier where in fact invented by men…You know why???
Because one day some man decided they needed a clean shirt…well he was NOT going to the stream to wash his clothes!!! (In fact one guy even invented a washing machine for his wife's birthday…LUCKY WOMEN…NOT!!!! Well it might have been back in the 1800's )
Then when one day some man had had his shirt washed and he went to put it on and it was wet…oh no, can't have that…so along came the tumble drier…
NOW…I am guess the folding part does not bother them……I mean come on guys, you have invented some other utter rubbish. Can't you turn this idea into an invention?
A man also invented the vacuum…I am thinking he had had enough of sweeping.
A women would have invented it to keep the carpet/floors lovely and fresh...or to make it look like she had done something before people arrived...
A man also invented the fridge… I am thinking he might have had enough of warm beers????
A Women would have invented it to keep the food she would not have to drag herself to the store daily when she had to vacuum...and she had a book to read!
A man invented the telephone….may be he hated writing?
A women knows how nice it to hear somebody's voice...and to pass the time when the sport is on.
A man invented the microwave…Betting he could not wait for his dinner to be warmed up after coming home late!!!
A women would have invented it to make the families lives she would have time to vacuum before people arrived!!!
While we all love the convenance of all of the above…Women handled everything perfectly before…I am sure they did.
…What I will say……Thank goodness somebody invented it all… Just wish the men who designed them all had had it fit in better with real life….Like I am betting the washing machines that are a front loaders and a lot higher..was designed by a female. So your getting my point?

So come on somebody invent a washing/drying/folding machine…I can cope with putting the stuff awey….The rest can be dry cleaned….

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