March 12, 2012

22 followers…REALLY I have…I love it.. I typed that with a Welsh accent!!!
So I seen Wanderlust today who said she had been told to read my blog from another mum….REALLY she did!!!
I have been told a few times that I write the way I talk….well I can't always get my words out, I don't always make sense, so that is why my spelling and grammar are so bad…I just decided!!!

Pages read of book the book….I have no idea, but I have read quite a few pages today…Still enjoying it…enjoying it so much I never sat on the sofa…I was reading it when I had my lunch and I never left the dining table for at least an hour after that…..(lunch was my tomato soup I made last night…It was good!!! even if I do say so myself!)

There is a man on the TV right now trying to talk with a East european accent….I am sure he is Welsh…I can hear a little bit of Wales I think….I mean who hired him??? had they listened to him before they started the camera rolling????

Today I had 1 job I needed to do… and I had 2 other things I WANTED to do…
Starbuck was not on the list of must do…but Starbucks was on the list of …I am getting me a Mango frappuccino…(I actually HATE mango ..REALLY I do, but I do like the Starbucks mango drinks) and might I add I had a VERY small Mango drink…not the usual bucket size…REALLY I ordered a small one….Go me!!!!
So….I managed to do my one and only job before 10.15am….Yay me….I needed to go into the bank…I drove there no GPS…1st time….I am not as good as others…I need MIss Garmin and Miss GPS at ALL the time!!!! I REALLY do need to Navigation's REALLY I do. After parking and going to the bank…I actually managed not to get lost in that place…What should actually take 15 minutes maximum, can take me 1hour plus….I ALWAYS get lost in that place…But today I was parked, in the bank…bills paid, back in the car in 10 minutes…. That is pretty amazing for me….I never took a wrong turn (never understood how I managed to take a wrong turn EVERY time) The lift/elevator was not full of EVERYONE in Yokohama… (As it always seems to) So because of this it does not stop at every floor…(not that there are that many floors) …
I then came home and did the usual chores….you would think by now that I would have learnt to love loading and unloading the dish washer…doing laundry….hoovering/vacuuming , polishing….I mean surely this should be the case…. I mean I have learnt to love eating cake and sitting on my backside….So why have I not learnt to love chores….oh yeah…cause they are chores…come on Wend, REALLY…chores ~ cake… I think I need to convince myself just because they begin with same letter, I don't have to like them both!!!!

One of the things i wanted to do today was plant some seeds….I was on Pinetrest I seen that somebody was growing carrots in old 2 litre cola bottles…thye had just cut the tops off…placed soil inside and planted the seeds…..So I figured I could do that….Ok so I did not have 2 litre cola bottles or any soda bottles for that…but I did buy some pots last year and I thought…ok, lets do this!
So I planted carrots, parsnips and beetroot. I then I replanted some strawberry planets, peas and mange tout.
I knew the seeds would give me a headache….I could not figure out the differences…So the seeds from Australia said plant april may…so if it said plant in may in Australia, I needed to find what month in Japan was similar…Well this was giving me a headache, I decided with all the global warming that it could be planted today!
The parsnip seeds where not what i thought they would look like…not that I had any idea what they would like like…The carrot seeds where green…hummmm… The beet seeds look like they had been pulled from somebodies nose and left to dry!!!! hummmm Now I need to find Swede/ rutabaga seeds…I would like to grow some normal cucumbers as well…not those horrible looking things you get here…Again I will need the seeds….
I thought that if I brought some seeds in and I was stopped I would tell them that they were special snacks….
Yeah so hopefully I will have parsnips and beets soon!
I definitely need to grow some decent potatoes….Oooooo and some real sweet potatoes…you know the orange kind.

Right i have had enough now of waffling I am off to bed.

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