January 22, 2013

Ok…so it's been a while…A long while…. Hummm so what's happened…nothing that I can think of before christmas really. I did go to Korea…I ate more Korean food in the 3 days I was there than I did in the 3 years I lived there. Still don't really like it. We did go away for christmas….I LOVED IT…never wanted to come back. I don't actually like going on holiday/vacation (but always feel like I need a holiday, but never want to go on one) As I leave the house to go on Vacation/holiday…I need to check the taps are off, that dryer door is closed so the light bulb won't go. I need to check the iron, that I know hasn't be used in the last 24 hours…but you never now somebody might have turned it on. I need to recheck the taps and windows, then recheck the taps and windows again and maybe again until I get the look from G or J. We get to Cardiff,….(Cardiff airport is small…I think I have been in big Starbucks!) Normally at Cardiff airport when you get off the plane..(straight on to the tarmac) Then they make you walk at least a mile around the airport. I think its to make people believe the airport is actually bigger than it is. In reality I think its to give them time to get your bags on the moving thingy. …So we get through customs, and as the car hire place is closed (2 hours before we landed…DUH!!!) G had ordered a taxi. There was the taxi driver with a board with our name on. J is trying to tell me that the driver looks like Einstein. Then I started trying to see his face….He really did look like Einstein. He must have been a descendant, he really was the spitting image of him. We get to the flat…not sure how I really felt, apart from tired and wanting to get to bed. Far to tired to even go and get a takeaway. So I wake up around 3am and go have a bath… Forgetting how small the flat is, having a bath at 3 am for a few mornings on the trot was starting to take it toll on G and J….with the flat being so small they could hear the bath running and the TV being on louder than it should be… Oh well. We went to a few movies, one being 'The Hobbit' I now believe there might actually be some real life Hobbits….Seriously…There was a few 'Hobbits who came into that cinema…Honestly there were a few Hobbit people…Not sure if they had dressed as Hobbits or if they looked liked that everyday. On the way back to Japan, we had a stop over in Amsterdam. We had actually forgotten about the 1 hour time difference. G spoke to a lady at the desk who rang the boarding desk. G said we will be 5 minutes, to which she said you don't have that long…. So we ran…Yes I did run…Not all the way but enough. I made J hold my Duty Free shopping bags so it would not look like I had been shopping (honest that was not why we were late boarding) we get on the plane and our seats are gone…other people were sat in them….Hummmm oh no….I am feeling quite emotional, but not because my seat was giving away, but because I was dying from the running. They check the other peoples tickets and then The Stewardess, asked us to follow her…To the front…Yayyyyy!!!!! I did have a nice sleep and it made up a little for having to leave Cardiff. Everyone was very nice. It had been announced that they were waiting for passengers from another plane...Well we were on another plane just a few a few hours before, not hoping off it there and then. Well we are home and almost 3 weeks later I think I still have jet lag. I think needing a nap EVERYDAY must be the jet lag!!!! G is away for a month, not even been away a week..hummmpppt Saturday I decided I would drive up to Tokyo to see J's basketball game. I normally don't have to do the driving, thats G's job to get us there. One of the other parents joined me, which I was SOOO thankful for. So go me!!!! I knew I had to take a bike back to Bubbles….Just was not happening…So on Monday morning, I was up and out the house just after 4 am. I was like hummm do I ride the bike or just walk beside it (being 4am nobody would be around to see me make a fool of myself) …one of the reasons i went out so early. I did sit on the bike but not for long….I then had the dilemma of which hill would I have to take to get there. It had to be one that was not like going up Everest. Well I decided to use what I thought was the shortest hill but may be the steepest….so I start walking up it…I was stopping and starting.My throat was hurting, my lungs I think had come close to bursting or collapsing which ever one hurts the most…. I look up the hill and see the light at the top….I think I know about that rebirthing thingy now….you know where people spend a fortune on being reborn or something, then they feel fantastic or something…well I have found a free way. Walk up a dark road, with a VERY steep hill, the bigger the struggle to get up that hill the better. Then look for the light at the top of the hill. When you get to the top of the hill with lungs close to bursting…you need to scream, not sure if its the pain or just getting to the top of the hill. So thats my budget tip for 2013 for somebody who is thinking of rebirthing!!! I did feel fantastic at the top of the hill. Not sure if it's because I made it up there or I was close to finally dropping the bike off. When I got to Bubbles and left the bike, I hit the metal post and hoping it would not wake up the everyone in the neighborhood…because at 4.30 am everything is louder….(ask G and J about baths being run at 3am…They don't complain when the bath is run at later in the day) Well after running around the corner Well quick jog…I turned the iPod up and started to walk home, wishing I had the bike to go down that hill….Im sure it would have been a bit of a Titanic movie moment…You know where Kate Winslet is stop on the railing thingy with the wind blowing through her hair….Well if I had rode that bike down that hill I would have had the wind blown through my hair just like the movie it would have been a sad end…not because the bike would have sunk…but I would have fallen off somewhere maybe leading to a tearful end of a bike riding part of my life. I can see the comedy sketch now as I go over the handlebars and land head and shoulders deep into the remaining snow!

October 6, 2012

I was wondering how to start to days blogs…then I realized by typing about wondering I had actually started the blog!!!! I have to mention that sometimes this does take me a few days and I do write in the moment and the past….But what I do is write when I remember …just needed to add that. Ok I have a couple more names for my blog…. Model Mum, Dancing Queen (DQ), Miss Event and Barbie. I think we have a water ghost thief…REALLY we must have. EVERY TIME and I do mean EVERY TIME I go to the fridge there is a 3/4 or 1/2 full bottle of water… G always empties the water out of his bottle and puts the bottle in the bin…J just leaves the bottle where ever he was sat. If I don't finish a bottle I put it in the top of the fridge. It REALLY is doing my head in…I mean come on already…So I then pour the water out. …. …But I mean come on already… Last night before we went to bed, the fridge was filled with bottles of water and there was no half filled bottles….I come downstairs around 3.30 and go get a drink…and there it is a half filled bottle of water…yes it was in the middle of night…but blurry eyed I was not!…I had been awake for a while I knew if I stayed in bed much longer I would have woken G up…with putting lights on, finding a book I wanted to read out of the 10 nooks next to my bed…So I was pretty wide awake!…. I will get to the bottom of this, some how! So…I am very excited that christmas is getting closer….I don't think G will be on board with my idea for getting the tree up now… NO idea why? I mean how awesome would it be to have the tree up and those fairy/christmas lights twinkling away every night???? Awesome right???? I LOVE FAIRY LIGHTS I have started to work on christmas….I have started on the gifts, I have bought the cards and gotten some christmas crafts almost ready to do. I was going to write my cards this week…but I will hold off until November. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!! REALLY I do. Can't wait! …Cookie Exchange already booked and in the diary! Last week I cooked chicken breast for dinner….I took the chicken out of the oven and I tell you that tray with the chicken in was tweeting…Honestly it was….It tweeted and I don't me on the social networking site…Maybe the chicken or the tray was very hot (coming out the oven what else would it be?) But seriously it actually tweeted, twerped, chirped whatever ..that tray of chicken was making a noise! I have started Pilates….Oh my the PAIN!!!!! So I have to breath in, not work to fast, roll through my spine….exhale…ALL FOR ONE HOUR!!!!….I will point out, unlike when I used to do yoga in the last country we lived…I don't set my phone to ring me, so I can get out of the class….My car is parked to far away for me to say…'oh thats my car alarm I had better check it' …oh yes I have be known to help myself get out of a full class! My one problem I have found in the class (there are many but I will only share the one!) My bra squeaks…REALLY not a tweet or a chirp…honest a squeak….When I have to thrown myself backward (with help…and my feet are NOT allowed to touch the floor) well maybe not actually throw myself…but something similar I am stuck there and my sports bra is poking me in the face and squeaking…honestly!…I am not hearing things I swear….I know because NOT only do I have VERY selective hearing, I don't hear a lot anyway. Today I am cloud nine and for no apparent reason….I really am walking around smiling! (This was when I originally started typing 2 days ago!) It's rainy…It's slightly colder~could be the, I do like the colder weather…. Dinner is prepared and in the crockpot, could be that… Had a caramel coffee this morning….could be the caffeine… Having lunch with Pinky and Scout…could be that… It could also be that I am sat on my backside playing on Pinterest….(I LOVE THAT SITE!) Ok I have been writing this blog over the last few day's and I am still REALLY, REALLY wanting to put my christmas tree up!!!! Ooooo Just had a quick little quake ….If I was a sleep…I would have slept through that one… G brought home a tin of Rose's and Hero's (Cadbury's chocolate) from the UK. I have hidden them…and I can honestly say I have not stolen any or gone to the hiding place…so there will actually be chocolate left when actually put up the tree….well right now there is hope…. Going swimming this morning….NOT my idea I might add and I do think the water will be freezing. SO Im thinking about all those extra calories I will use to keep warm and then the exercise on top of that!!!! So a famous Sandwich chain has opened up locally…I should have realized it would have it's Japanese stamp on it…Well we are in Japan… So I ordered my sandwich and a large drink…So I look down at the drink and I am like is there even any drink in here…..So I tell the women in kind of a charades, kind of way that my drink is not even half full. One of the staff spoke perfect english. So she said well you have ice in there….Oh my, did she REALLY just say I have ice in there….Well surely the ice should make it look as if there is more in there ????? So I say I ordered a large dink, I paid for a large drink I would like a large drink please….Well She adds some more….The amount she added would be hard to put in to actually amount…but I will try….a DRIBBLE…..Yes a dribble that is how I will describe what she added to the cup….Now I have to tell you…I was not particularly hungry, but I was thirsty…hence the large drink required. The line of people was out of the door by this stage…The women who serves me my Starbucks was behind me in line…Hedge pig and Pinky were also in line…I point out that there is a mark on EVERYONE of their cups and that cup should be where the drink level stops…..Well I did get my drink to the size I required…Hedge pig and Pink got the dribble of an excuse for a drink….AND the women in Starbucks makes my drink to extra perfection since…. Oh yeah and I have 2 new Starbucks mugs Paris and Atlanta…NOBODY is allowed to drink out of those cups!

September 15, 2012

Has it REALLY been since June that I have lasted posted???? REALLY!

Well during that time I have not blogged what has been happening here????

Hummmm...Well We went on holiday/vacation. So I got to spend quiet a few hours with a a 1000 people on a plane...yuck, yuck and more yuck!!!!
When the plane has landed and everyone has gotten off and the cleaning crew go onto the plane...I have always wondered how much cleaning they do???? Seriously .... Think back to when you have been waiting to board a plane...and the cleaning crew are leaving the plane...they only ever seem to have a couple of trash bags that don't really look full.
I don't see hoovers/vacuums, I don't see industrial strength cleaning products...I mean come on REALLY...Looking in the toilet does not mean you have cleaned it!!!!
I mean it could take...and I am only guessing here ....A few gallons of bleach for each sink. sink...Industrial toilet cleaner that kills all known germs and a few extra.... I mean come on really its a no brainer...Even I could work that one out. All seats need to be hoovered/Vacuumed...all those nasty little things on top of the head rests need replacing....REALLY they do! I mean you don't know if the man in the seat before you had lice or a really bad scalp condition that was contagious to the next passenger....REALLY you don't.

While I will NEVER win, House keeper of the year even I know whats needed...I mean I could supervise!!!!

Well apart from my flying with my 1000 new friends ( I mean REALLY I have to say that they are new friends...because you share things with your friends right...and if your going to sharing that closely surely your now all friends....Hopefully friends I WILL NEVER SEE AGAIN...)
The trip was great...I was not that amused at the top of the CNN tower...When J was stomping on the glass floor....No need to be that high up with a glass fall...I mean come on people...REALLY..lets not be encouraging people here...REALLY NO NEED AT ALL!!!!

Baseball game was ok...the women in front soon learnt to stop throwing her head backwards into my lap when I start slapping things into my lap (needed to do that at the sighing and the 'Holy Moly's' where just not working....I mean I had my kindle to read and this mop of red curly hair that needed taming that kept covering my kindle was starting to get to me a bit...The sun on only our part of the stadium was also not helping... Ok so it was 3 hours (that felt longer) That I will never get back...but hey ho...everything is tickity boo...on Holiday so lets have fun!!!

The women in the New York hotel asking how I would know about attitudes....Hummmm because I have enough of it myself...that I could properly be a Professor of Attitudes...Sarcasm maybe should be my middle name!!!!
Also the fact that when I asked a question and your answer with the rolled eyes pretty much confirmed my suspicions that you were a obnoxious cow...but hey it takes one to know right....

No REALLY the trip was great...it REALLY was...No plans to rush back there
Anyone needed so travel ideas email me and I will let you know on what NO to do or where NOT to go.

We also went home to the UK...Spent time with the niece and nephew...How dare they grow up!!!
No amused at all. The kids had no idea we were coming home for a visit...seeing my nieces face when she realized who was walking towards was awesome.
Then going to pick up my nephew later on with my sister, getting out the car and shouting "Oy you" and watching his face was another awesome moment. Those two kids ROCK!!!!

I have also finished the 12WBT challenge and I started it again.
Great first attempt. So much support from everyone.
...BUT...yes there had to be a but. I have become a REAL miserable cow...REALLY I have.
I have tried to work thought it but was like fighting my way through a pile of extra thick wet paper bags.
So at my last Dr's appointment, The Dr's was like wow look at you...Made me smile...not as much as before because like I say...miserable cow here!!!
She asked I was with the life and the diet and blah blah blah. I then explained how I was lately. She said she thought it was the diet...She explained maybe because before I would eat when I was sad, Eat when I was happy...So no I needed to find a new outlet...
....I quickly explained that No I never ate just when I was happy or when I was sad I ate ALL the time...And unless she could give me pills that were sugar coated and felt like 500 calories but was sugar free...I could not see anything helping....
So no pills like that it seems...REALLY there is nothing like that out there.
So...I decided instead of just saying I needed a kick I needed to actually kick myself.
So yesterday morning I work up and did think about kicking myself until I realized I might get a sore leg and a bruise...

Also have to tell you This Silly computer (please note I did not type STUPID computer, Because before that kick I never gave myself I would have typed STUPID and maybe another colourful word or two!!!)
...So this silly computer that I still cant use....is doing strange things...The screen keeps getting bigger....NO...not the actual screen the words and all.

While I was in the UK I bought a few pairs of shoes ALL the same...Well I figured I liked them and I wont be able to buy them again, certainly not in Japan. So I tried all expect one set. That one I just tried the right foot and I am I assumed (yes I know NEVER assume) That it would be ok....I paid and rushed out the shop....I took the one pair out of the shoe cupboard last week and went to take the sticker off to find that they had given me 2 right shoes...REALLY they did...
The shoes are very flat but they roll up and to make your life easy they have put a letter in each one. R in the right shoe and the letter L in the left shoe...I am sure with the type of shoe you could wear either on either foot...but come on REALLY I can't do that...It will not be good for my psychologic (think I spelt that right...Hope I have spelt a whole load of other words correct also....oh well...)
Yes as I was saying it will not be good for my psychologic way of thinking!
So I called the store...but was unable to connect with the store. But there was an option to call head office which I did.
Very nice lady....I explained calmly what had happened...I did not once mention that the women who served was me must be thick...(because that would not have been nice!) So They said they would find a store that had the shoes in that colour etc, etc...Well I get a email said that the store I had actually bought the shoes from actually had that style shoes...but only in 2 lefts... REALLY...Sherlock Holmes would be proud at this moment I image...following the clues to the store that had sold 2 right shoes and they only had 2 left shoes left....Wow...some people are just tooooo clever!!!! REALLY there are...who would have thought it!
So they are holding the shoes for me! Bless them

I know think I truly in love...not addicted to Pinterest...this site is the best...
For those of you who have no idea what pinterest is...I will explain it in my way....
There are all different categories...I tend to only use the Food and drink and the DIY and crafts
Then you you click on a category and all this pictures come up on the screen. So I have found baked sweet and sour (which is awesome by the way) Cola chicken, lettuce wraps. you then click the picture and it should take you to a blog that has instructions on how to make or do what ever you have clicked on. You then make your own boards and you can repin, like or comment.
I love it!
I have pined crafts that I properly will NEVER DO!!!!
But it makes me happy...I think
Well this week while just perusing the site I found a blog for a women who blogs about what she done Pinterest that have gone wrong!!!...this women Made me laugh out so loud, that I was told to be quiet by G and J....

I have been walking almost everyday with my exercise buddy...Can't remember what name we decided on for the blog....Well anyhow we are walking pretty much 10 km a day.
We start walking at 5 am (it is cool enough and I don't feel the need to stop after every 2 minutes at that time of the morning) Well we go to a local park for our walk. Let me tell you at 5am it is busy there. Well now we have been going long enough that we get a 'Ohio gazamus'(Japanese for good morning) from everyone (all Japanese) Some try saying good morning and it's VERY HOT in english (bless them)
Well there is one women there who I am guess is around 108 years old. Everyday she is there...She walks and then runs and then produces her note book and pencil...The runs and then walks and has a greeting for EVERYONE...and gets out her notebook again...First time I was worried she was heading in our direction....Not because I did not want to be friendly...but I was like oh no...bit early for this and what could she possible want us to do with that notebook....but everything was ok...she walked passed us. I thought maybe she is using the notebook to mark how many times she walks around the park...but if she is she must be writing the longest format of 1 lap, 2 laps, 3 laps....because that pencils is moving pretty fast for a long time.

Also two new names for the blog
Scout and Pinky...

Oh yeah my phone hates me!!!
REALLY it does. Not even throwing it helps. I try and turn it off or go to something else and it's like the phone is not ready. Seems when it has finished reading a email or facebook it will move on...until then not a hope. Silly phone!

oh...I am holding out for new wedding rings....Since I have lost weight i have needed to change my rings to my other hand...hoping the hint is getting through....I doubt it but I can hope...
So this might be an on going saga....Just to let you know

June 6, 2012

Been going to the pool as much as I can and then having withdrawals when I am not going.
Also my back hurts like a million times more when I have not been to the pool.
Pretty pleased with my effort on Saturday...an 1 1/2 hours swimming! (well pretty pleased with my effort full stop ;) ...)

I have started the Michelle Bridges 12WBT and I am not sure if I am loving it or not right now...
Weighing day today...so I am sure that will also be a deciding factor for me.
I keep seeing her video's where she says...hunger is normally thirst....but I am pretty sure I am hungry and not thirsty, because water is not having the same effect as a cheese and onion sandwich ...but I am drinking a LOT of water...and I do mean a lot....wish it tasted like cola!!!
Started my new blog like it suggested. I will try not to be sarcastic in that blog

On Monday I Kind of took out the left side of my car....
I was taking J to school and a car was coming in the opposite direction (not allowed until 9am and it was before 9am)
The car was coming along a bit quick and I moved over to the left...a little bit too much!
I thought I have just hit my mirror into next week....but no...the front wheel arch looked like a giant with a big head had head butted it. The passenger door never opened properly, the back door was also no longer flush...I mean what is my car made of?....the same stuff as a coke can?
I wont even get started on what happened next...Except when the guy comes out to collect the car...I ask how long...he tells me he order a new mirror...hummm okay...but how long to fix the car...oh I just get new mirror...like I said. Arrrggghhh, don't get me started!!!!

On Sunday we were at the Dragon boat races....
This year seen the team beat their time by 16 seconds and the 2nd race by 20+ plus seconds....
I had had enough by this time and ready to move on!

Woken this morning with a gentle swaying from the 6 point something earthquake.
So I got up and headed to the pool....I really am impressing myself!

May 30, 2012

Just after 6AM I was at the pool this morning..... I get there and there was a couple of people already there. They had not actually gotten into the pool at that stage.....I was like ARRGGHHHH this is MY time....I did think of turning around and getting back in my car....I mean 4 guys there doing their morning swim and then me and my 'Driving Miss Daisy' level of swimming...VERY different!....But I walked into the pool area....and put my towel on a chair and headed into the pool. So...here I am think..."oh no...PLEASE DON"T BE FREEZING, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE" Cause I did not want to look like I could not handle the cold water... So I get in the pool...and was like hummmm WHERE HAS MY ARCTIC POOL gone.... hummmm...REALLY no longer Arctic.... Off I swim.... my swimming was nothing compared to the guys ...I actually think the guy in the next lane to me did 3 lengths to my 3/4 of a length, actually he might have actually done 4 lengths, but who's counting? (well me actually...well I would if I could keep up with)...But I carried on...and after I did my 30 minutes...I left and came home. Laundry was done, changed the beds, did another load of laundry...decided to tell the world Via facebook what a good mood I was in and what I had done before 7.30......(well I have been in an awful mood lately. So bad in fact that I did not even want to be around me!)

May 29, 2012

I have no idea where the time is going....I started typing this up last week sometime... Right now I am double booking myself...I have no idea where the time is going....I thought my putting EVERYTHING in my calendar I would be fine....well I would be if I was putting everything in the SAME calendar...I had book club last week...I remember 10 minutes before I was due to be there, that I was meant to be out for a birthday lunch....I mean come on Wend!!! We went to Disney last week for J's birthday with a few of his friends....ONCE AGAIN I WILL SAY....MAGIC OF DISNEY MY BACKSIDE!!!! (would really like to say something else...but I won't) I will say...the weather was great, the kids were great...I was in a good mood (REALLY I was) But then there was.... Closed Rides...AGAIN! Closed toilets...I NEEDED the THEN, not in an hour....not that they opened at all that day! We even got to see a broken down ride where the water needed to be drained (all 2 inches of it) then plastic bags to be put over shoes, then somebody came over to each ride and walked in front of them and brushed the water away...only in Japan! I also think everyone in Japan happened to be there on the day we had chosen to go. J had a day off school so this worked out great....I guess EVERYONE must have had a day off!!! I was surprised not to have seen any little dogs....because they Japanese take their little dogs EVERYWHERE...including into some restaurants...Even feeding their dogs from their folks...REALLY...but don't get me started on that! We also took J to to the movies and for a meal....Went and seen Dark Shadows...wish we had waited to see it on the plane!!!! We also went for lunch to an Indonesian restaurant, hummm Well I picked the wrong dish...G's was nicer! So I have been going to the pool, I actually went into the pool, not as Arctic it could have been. I climb in, walk along the little wall and then keep saying come on wend! Then I just start swimming and think, that was easy! ......also burnt my back while I was there reading my magazine after. (I was also moving my legs so that also counts as exercise...right?) On Wednesday while I was there I looked across the sky and seen the 'Simpson' clouds...seriously...I was just waiting for the theme tune to come out of the speakers. There is also a crow there (at the pool) and I am sure he is mocking me!!! REALLY...as soon as I appear at the pool this crow starts squawking...not a little squawk, but an annoying ear piercing screech...ARGGHHHH it is doing my head in. I want it to fly off and squawk else where...like NOW!!!! We had a potluck lunch last week (think it was last week...it could have been the week before) and the theme was food on a stick...It was great and everyone really joined in. I wanted to try something really cool like but a chicken salad on a stick....my vision was to have a Iceberg lettuce leaf filled with the salad filling and then a stick threaded through the leaf kind of sealing/sewing the leaf and holding the filling inside....Well no such luck...I ended up with crab filled mushroom which were not the nicest tasting...because I was rushing and I never bought the ice burg lettuce nor did I make the chicken salad!!!! REALLY, ANY NEED?!?!?!? Last weekend while out with friends, I can honestly say I have not laughed so much in a long time. for some reasons were started talking about face's...stern face, naughty face's etc...So this week I have realized that I can actually use this in a form of exercises for the face...REALLY!!! I just have to make sure I am not doing this while in company! Then this week (might have actually been last week...) I was out for Mrs.H birthday... We went to the Dolphin restaurant. It was a French restaurant...with a view all over yokohama water...well I think that was what the view was...but with all the rain and mist could not see ANYTHING! Dolphin restaurant...don't sound very french does it? I am going to a comedy show this friday, then Men in Black 3 if I can and then Sunday we have the Dragon boat race....you know that that alone will take a whole blog session!!!!

May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's day world….Not actually MY mother's day as I am WELSH (we celebrate in March, but we won't go there!) Anyhow…..here I am AGAIN! Well….went out last night…..I had to make a few calls this morning to apologize….I should make a few more calls…but I don't have the energy! So….last night I went out…..I headed to Bubbles and texted SHOT GLASSES! I took my home flavor vodka with me. I get to Bubbles…she had out the bubbles and the shot glasses….My vodka…which was in a glass jar from the $ store (EALLY the 100 Yen store but 1, I can't find the Yen sign 2, I am still working on $$$$ and I don't see that changing anytime soon!) So I pour the LARGE vodka shoots (not just for me, might i add!!!)….and knock it back…then this was repeated a time or two more…… ……….I do believe we then left for dinner….. not to much memory of what happened until after 10pm (when the world became less fuzzy!)…..All I can say my teeth were numb….now I hear you asking how do you get numb teeth….I have no idea,…REALLY I don't, but this has happened to me before. Only once mind….all I can say is, last night I could have fallen from the top of the train station steps to the bottom and I would not have noticed the pain I don't think I even realized I was even on a train…and those of you who know me…I don't do trains…well at least without me telling EVERYONE how much I DONT DO TRAINS!!!!!! I did see prove of how bad I was….it was shocking…I never even had enough control to stop my glass of water over flowing (I was pour ing the water into my glass)…..I have a vague memory of this….I seen the proof! Normally I would say….Oh the shame……now I will be saying make sure nobody is filming!!!!! So while everyone was else was relaxing and laughing and joking…..I sobered up! REALLY…The one upside to this is that I did not wake up with a headache…Next morning that is, not while I was out for dinner… Also you might hear people say ….I have no recollection of getting in a taxi at the end of the night…..It is very rare you will hear somebody tell you I have no recollection of arrive at dinner!!! So today with the warm weather and beautiful blue skies, I laid down and watched the world go by…plus a frisbee or two…. Today when I came home I poured all the home flavored vodka down the sink….NEVER again will I drink home made concoctions, NEVER I tell you!!!! So….again there is a advert/info commercial on TV….Looks American, but dubbed…There is this women pulling the strangest faces…..I am not sure if it is because of the way they chef is dressed…or because he has a lamb chop, piece of fish and scallops in the same pan…..I am sure it is because of the latter….So this guy has challenged her to cook scrambled eggs in a 'NORMAL' frying pan and he is cooking them in a super duper pan ( ceramic I think) Well his scrambled eggs look perfect!…hers don't….what a surprise….So now we see the fish and the meat in the same pan…I am gathering by her raised arms she is saying something like….oh no fish and meat in the pan…. and he is saying, (and I am only guess mind you) is saying something like…..Oh no worries, the lamb chop won't be fishy…….well he is WRONG…..He is using the same tongs for EVERYTHING in the pan…..that lamb chop now has scollop juice on it…..I mean come on, ANY NEED…Change the tongs!!