May 30, 2012

Just after 6AM I was at the pool this morning..... I get there and there was a couple of people already there. They had not actually gotten into the pool at that stage.....I was like ARRGGHHHH this is MY time....I did think of turning around and getting back in my car....I mean 4 guys there doing their morning swim and then me and my 'Driving Miss Daisy' level of swimming...VERY different!....But I walked into the pool area....and put my towel on a chair and headed into the pool. I am think..."oh no...PLEASE DON"T BE FREEZING, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE" Cause I did not want to look like I could not handle the cold water... So I get in the pool...and was like hummmm WHERE HAS MY ARCTIC POOL gone.... hummmm...REALLY no longer Arctic.... Off I swim.... my swimming was nothing compared to the guys ...I actually think the guy in the next lane to me did 3 lengths to my 3/4 of a length, actually he might have actually done 4 lengths, but who's counting? (well me actually...well I would if I could keep up with)...But I carried on...and after I did my 30 minutes...I left and came home. Laundry was done, changed the beds, did another load of laundry...decided to tell the world Via facebook what a good mood I was in and what I had done before 7.30......(well I have been in an awful mood lately. So bad in fact that I did not even want to be around me!)

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