August 12, 2011

I did not think I would be sat here typing for at least another couple of days…I mean not much happens in Wendy’s World!!!!
Really it does not…Wake up..Shower dress..Breakfast, unload dishwasher, laundry….not always in that order but you’re getting my drift….

……I was extremely tired this morning and I can’t even blame it on the two quakes we had last night…It was the ColaI had drunk and the fact I was playing online word games (so only myself to blame, but we won’t go there….So my events of the morning did not make my mood any better…..
….We have a jar that when we remember we throw our change into or I seem to walk around the house finding change everywhere….I even have a little dish by the washing machine for all the coins….Well I decided before I went away that I wanted to take this to the bank and change it all up…..well guess what???? I never got around to it….SHOCK, HORROR!!!!
So I tipped out the jar and started sorting out…well all for about 5 minutes…then left it there and I took J swimming…well I never went back into the room and forgot all about the change jar…Until I walked into the living room and see G has sorted it all out…I stated that I thought there was around 1,000Yen, G thought at least ,2000Yen…well we were both wrong nearly $150 (sorry I work 1Yen at around $1 much to most people’s annoyance) …So today J and myself went to the bank…I needed to go anyway…(still I need help form the lady there…she even remembers me now) So I show her the money and she says…hummm no!!!!! Your husband must come in and do this….I was thinking yes, of course he must
( I do type that VERY sarcastically ) I was thinking how the conversation would go…hummm you need to take the money in because you’re the account holder ect…( I was not living here when everything was set up)His reply would be something like “When I have got time to do that?’ or just a simple ‘Sod off’ So she makes a call and she tells me ok you can do this today….Lucky me….So she gives me a ticket…Tells me I will need ID (seems my bank card with my name and account number is not enough even though the money is going into that account) They call number 10 (which is my number – just in case you’re wondering.) she checks my ID, makes sure I have filled in the form correctly, then tells me the machine will count the money, which will take around 15/16 minutes…So after a short while, no idea how long as I was busy playing games on my phone…She calls us back…gives me all the bags back…and around 30 cents in foreign coins. She tells me I can’t put the money in the account, I can only have cash….hummm why????
(I have just been to the ATM…arrggghhh) Ok I said waiting for my cash…which I wanted in my account not purse. She has me sign a few times…changes the number because of the commission I had to pay….had to sign again…REALLY!!!! Any need She then tells me to go sit back down….ok…I go sit down and start abusive text messages to G…She calls us back and gives me a piece of paper…hummm - ok where my money (never actually said it like that)…oh no she said you can’t have it…must only go into the account, your husband’s account…you only have a family card with name…your husband’s account…hummm so you keep telling me…Ok great, money in the account…that’s what I asked for!!!!
Now all this could be avoided if I could open an account for J (the coins are all his, whatever is in the jar is always his)…but you can’t open an account here I am told unless you’re 20 years of age or above….I mean come on, REALLY, ANY NEED?!?!?
Don’t even get me started on the cost of the parking…………….Again….ANY NEED?!?

I was just messing around on the computer….I have found this week chocolate muffins with bacon…..
Yep you read correctly.
So I ask myself….
Who thought this up?
Was this a drunken 3.00am stupid cooking experiment?
Did the chocolate chips fall into a bacon breakfast casserole?
Whatever the answers are….all I can think of is YUCK!!!!! I mean come on ANY NEED, REALLY, ANY NEED!!!
Well, I have not gotten very far with my book….maybe 2 more pages read…… I did think about reading it when I was awake in the middle of the night (three nights in a row!!!!)
I keep telling myself…read the book, read the book… but I just go find something else to do - Laundry is all done, made a pork curry and a chicken curry…made some almond milk…went to Costco, read some magazines, went to the pool, watched TV repeats but still have not read the book…..ANY NEED????

Ok…..So I have not been back to the gym…no real surprise there….But I did swim a length of the pool yesterday…well ok half a length…Ok, OK bit less than half a length but I think with all the energy I used getting back on the noodles I was sitting on the pool, every time I fell off them, well that should REALLY have made up for the lack of time I have spent in the gym…
I weighed again this week.....Well I had actually lost a 1KG. How I managed this is beyond me…not going to think about it too much because I will give myself a headache!!! Plus extra indigestion from all the rubbish that might have gotten in to my belly somehow…..
I was good tonight when G and J had ice cream I had fruit….
I did think I should I should start a new blog on my moaning about exercise, diet and complain EVERYTIME I drink a coke….But as I don’t always get on here when I want not sure how I would work on that….I mean I am extremely busy…avoiding reading my book club book…REALLY I am busy!!!

A week today school starts…Thank goodness!!!! I have no idea what day it is half the time. Unless it’s the weekend and G is home….or when I go downstairs and see which bin/trash has gone out to be collected. I need to get back on track ASAP.

This week I spoke with Shutter bug and Mo3 I miss both of you!!!!

August 8, 2011

Ok….So since I last wrote what’s happened….
hummmm a quake or two. Lovely…NOT!!!!
Read a book or two…..Started my book club book –CUTTING FOR STONE…..I hope I will enjoy it…I need to get it read now because I know I can’t leave this book until the last minute like the others.
I WENT TO THE GYM…I think that line needs capitals!!! Hey a big deal for me next time I will make the letters bigger as well as capitals!
GL is back and we have renamed here Mama G….Well she renamed herself….
Went out for dinner with the ladies…Lovely evening.
Went to the pool a few times lovely weather…Ducks like it more than the people at times!!!!
Went to the local Bon Odori, outside our house….This is a great event, lots of local people and Westerners mix and dance, local food to buy (I would not touch it with a barge pole, but I am in formed it is nice) Hummmm I can’t ask what’s in it so I am not eating it!!!!!… Some do and they assure me that there is no fish…hummm NOT convinced!!! During the day time of the Bon Odori , some of the people dress in white outfits and then carry this HUGE wooden frame with something on top of it…not sure what that something is, but while carrying this heavy frame, they sing or chant and I think there is a drum…(on that description I can hear the travel magazines rushing to ask me to work for them…NOT!!!)
So…while carrying the frame a guy in the front and is pushing them back…Now I am sure there is a logical explanation for this, but I would be SOOOOO made going forward to paces and back a half a pace…I would shout…’Oy mate get here and carry it and I will push you back’
Yes I know more of my obnoxiousness is coming through…Sorry!!!!
Took J to a local arcade type place…nothing like what I have seen in the UK…but then I was not looking.
Today when we got there I sat down with my book…read a page then played on my phone until I got bored…(that never took long!) I look up and see the machines that seem to be a big hit with people…So I wanted a go also…I take my seat…and it is like a coin flipping thing and you need to get the coins into the light up slots and if you go Mario gets to move a couple of spaces….Well let me tell you 1000Yen does not go that far!!!! I had J show me how to play and I think I was kinda of getting the hang of it…
I was so tempted to go get another 1000Yen worth of coins….Well it was fun!!!!! Oh yes and my screen was called Dasiy…No idea why I remembered that but I did…may be because it was the only English in front of me….

I love my phone…I do I love it!!!! I get to make calls, send text messages, check email, take photo’s, play games and find where I am if I am lost (not also that much help in Japan as I don’t read, write or speak Japanese) I also use it as a GPS for when I walk to tell me how far I walk and how many calories I have used up. (I actually use two apps for that in case one of them is lying…so far neither is telling lies….) Well….I have now decided I don’t think I actually need a phone for the calls…that part can be removed.
I don’t really use my phone for calls…in fact I think I should have a discount on the calls front….seriously…I never use the phone part...So I was checking all the apps I have…I REALLY, REALLY can’t believe some of the apps I down loaded I was seriously not thinking straight when I typed in my pass code ….. I play the games more than anything…I would like to think I am getting better at them…well I can dream!!!

Yeti Moo 41 days and counting…NOT 41 SLEEPS…41 DAYS!!!!

SoM, I want you to know I am extremely proud of you!!!!
Thanks for your help this week…You rock!!!!!