August 12, 2011

Well, I have not gotten very far with my book….maybe 2 more pages read…… I did think about reading it when I was awake in the middle of the night (three nights in a row!!!!)
I keep telling myself…read the book, read the book… but I just go find something else to do - Laundry is all done, made a pork curry and a chicken curry…made some almond milk…went to Costco, read some magazines, went to the pool, watched TV repeats but still have not read the book…..ANY NEED????

Ok…..So I have not been back to the gym…no real surprise there….But I did swim a length of the pool yesterday…well ok half a length…Ok, OK bit less than half a length but I think with all the energy I used getting back on the noodles I was sitting on the pool, every time I fell off them, well that should REALLY have made up for the lack of time I have spent in the gym…
I weighed again this week.....Well I had actually lost a 1KG. How I managed this is beyond me…not going to think about it too much because I will give myself a headache!!! Plus extra indigestion from all the rubbish that might have gotten in to my belly somehow…..
I was good tonight when G and J had ice cream I had fruit….
I did think I should I should start a new blog on my moaning about exercise, diet and complain EVERYTIME I drink a coke….But as I don’t always get on here when I want not sure how I would work on that….I mean I am extremely busy…avoiding reading my book club book…REALLY I am busy!!!

A week today school starts…Thank goodness!!!! I have no idea what day it is half the time. Unless it’s the weekend and G is home….or when I go downstairs and see which bin/trash has gone out to be collected. I need to get back on track ASAP.

This week I spoke with Shutter bug and Mo3 I miss both of you!!!!

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