March 9, 2012

Pages of book read…..ZERO!!!! REALLY zero pages…I mean come on Wend, ANY NEED?

We went out for dinner last night in Tokyo…the food was fab, the company was fab….and there was NO fish!!!!
We went to a Teppan yaki place…Thanks guys for changing to that place. I absolutely loved it!!!
One of the things I have fallingi n love with is the potatoes, onions and sausage….it was so good we had 2 plates…I did sound like a 2 year….I want more potatoes, I want more potatoes, I want more potatoes…and amazingly another plate appeared!!!

I REALLY needed a Starbucks this morning. So I sent out a text an asked who was 'Starbucksing'
Chai was the only one free….Off I went for my mango ice drink…they always ask if I want whipped cream with that…Hummm NO when I ask for no dairy…I am sure whipped cream is dairy,…so I would not like any whipped cream, thank you!!!! ………. Can you not see I am ready to go and learn to play squash??? and can you not see I am So not wanting to go. Can you not see I have built myself up for MORE exercise!!! So no whipped cream thanks

So I go and meet BA and I talk to everyone along the way…not trying to avoid going in there…HONEST!

So…I walk into the squash courts and the first 2 things I am aware of is the SMELL…not a nice stink but a stink!
I also noticed how dirty the walls are….surely the walls could be painted a little more??? Maybe the color of the ball needs to be changed???? ……….Just saying…
So I stand there with the racquet….lighter than I thought it would be…..I also had visions of the ball going one way and the racquet leaving my hand and flying throw the air behind me ….That did not happen…but the racquet was dragged across the floor a time a two, or three or four!!!
I was told I was good at serving and had good control…..hummmm not thinking that myself….but ok…Thank you for being sweet!
I am sat here now and realized (it has taken me until know) I think i liked it…I think I wanna go and have another go…..hummm no I don't!… stop be silly Wend!!!!!…I don't think I have the energy to get of the sofa to go collect J from school….So where do I get these silly ideas from about wanting to go run around a squash court….Not quiet at the running stage and don't think I will be at that stage next year!!!!

I wanted to make sausage rolls for tonight…but I went Starbuckings, hit a small black ball around a room with LOADS of ball marks on the walls, had lunch then did a couple of errands, came home found my backside imprint on the sofa…watched TV, AGAIN….went and picked J…(who also has a liking for Starbucks and seemed to need one after school) Came home…The sofa pulled me towards itself…AGAIN…I watched TV AGAIN!!!
Then I finally got up and started to make the sausage rolls….Get J and G involved…well they eat them all, so why should I not get them to help?
………oh my I have just taken them out of the oven…..Yum Yum

March 8, 2012

I was at the gym early this morning….made sure I did a check in on Facebook so the world knew I was there!!! Again I actually went inside the gym and did some exercise….
It might have helped that I had another good night's sleep….No scrabble with friends, no emailing and no youtube

I have also read ….ZERO pages on the book….
...But I did not make a backside print in the other sofa!!!! I kept to the one I already have!!!

my car was cleaned today, G had mentioned he thought it was about time….Hummmm I don't tell him about his car!!!! I don't say "oh no you have a speck of dust in the car' (everyone who gets in G's car are surprised how clean it is…not because he does not keep it clean, but because they have been in my car….Anyhow…This last week I realized it needed cleaning…It had a smell that was not caused by school kids with gas!!!!!!
Well I bought air fresheners…they stink…but in a lovely kinda of way…black cherry flavor smell.
I hoovered/vacuumed the car…and I think i have found a secret hiding stuff from people place…shush don't tell anyone it is a secret. It could actually be where the spare tyre is, I could not se the tire so now my secret hiding place!
It seem that you can park anywhere here…forget that you need to have the police check you have an actual space before you can get a car…SO ….I needed to go to Bubbles house quickly, I go to turn left out of our street (you can only go left or right…or drive straight ahead up the high curb and run one of those skinny type of trees over) …Well there is a car that looks like it might turn…in the middle of the road…, except no indicator was on. I look again and there is NOBODY in the car…REALLY…there was nobody!!!! I mean come on ANY NEED!!!! Middle of the road, right on a corner…REALLY!!!!!
……….So on my way to bubbles house I seen a young couple who looked like they have just started going out with each other, young and in love…So they were running side by side, giving little pushes to each other, laughing, big smiles….holding hands…Well if he had of elbowed me I would have pushed him right over that sheer drop….he would not do it again…I mean if your out running surely somebody elbowing you however gentle is a pain….I would not know as I don't run…I don't really walk anywhere either…but thats for another blog!

Tomorrow I am off to play squash….I might not be back to let you know how I did…because I might not make it home….
They say what does not kill you makes you stronger….RUBBISH!!!!
I feel like I might not make it after doing my homework from Bubbles and TBL, my legs feel like jelly, my breathing sounds like Darth Vader, Thats not making me stronger…It's properly a stretch to say it is killing me….but stronger….REALLY it's NOT!!!

March 7, 2012

I have 20 followers.....Wooo hooo ...I love it!!!!

So...I am sat here freezing, heating is on…(not that means much!) just looked up and seen the window was wide open….REALLY Wend….ANY NEED!

Pages read of the book..ZERO!….
…….But I did go to the gym…I did wash the bedding, Also put together a dinner that won't be eaten as it won't be ready in time…(still in the slow cooker)
I did more laundry, shopping and a little tidying up….It's now 5.30 ish and the magnet on my backside that keeps pulling me towards the sofa has just connected! first time today!!!! No little nap today…that might be because I was actually asleep before 10.30 last night

I went to the gym, and not only did i go to the gym. but I actually went in and did exercise….All while watching a TV show on the iPad. I was worried there would be nowhere to put it…but it worked out fine the treadmill has a little shelf…(I wonder if that was what the plan was for that sticky out bit of plastic in the design stage…a little shelf my iPad?) … so well…yeah it kind of worked out…………
So I turn it on…put the earphones in….and I can hardly hear anything…I am pressing the earphones further into my ears….nothing, checking the sound settings (I wasn't going very fast…Well I like to start out gently… I don't really get past that stage!) ….The rowing machine behind me stops and I can hear a little bit more of the TV show…Then Bubbles says that she can hear it…my reply was pretty much like…lucky you!….So I decided to wiggle the earplug attachment and tried to push it in again…..Wow…the sound was great…I am not deaf and I don't need my ears syringed..REALLY I don't…even though G thinks I have selective hearing….No not selective, I just don't like certain answers…normally when I hear NO in the sentence…REALLY

How is it that for somebody my size I have such a small bladder??? Bubbles tells me I should have drunk so much water by lunch time..ok…I don't drink what I should drink in a day, and what i should drink takes me about 3 days plus!!! If I drunk what is actually recommend to drink daily my poor bladder would not cope…

I am just trying to decide whether to drive or walk to the dry cleaners…the walking would be good I suppose…but…I have to go out walk to the car…put the dry cleaning into the car ( that takes effort REALLY!!!) Then I am using energy turning the steering wheel, getting out the car, putting the dry cleaning into the car…get back into the car…driving back(using that effort to steer again!) while reversing onto the drive I will be stretching the neck muscles…REALLY I will….So I am torn…..
…Hummm, Well I was torn until J, took the dry cleaning.

Now I just have to make dinner…Oh the joy's…NOT!!!

March 6, 2012

The alarm was set for 5.30 and I had every intention of being in and out of the gym by 7am…well as I never got to sleep before 12.30…I turned off the alarm and never actually got up until 8am
…I did however manage to make dinner, have beds made, laundry all done(well washed) hovering done and a little bit of exercise before 10am.
Ok so it was only a chili made in the slow cooker/crockpot..that was actually finished a few hours later.
Bed are only duvets.
I have a big washing machine so I can get a lot in each load
Hoovering was only done downstairs….
The exercise was the homework from Bubbles and TBL….easy peavey..NOT!!!!
……….But the bannister is still in place and the oxygen tank was not needed!

Oh yeah and I went to the drugstore and bought some dressings for G's leg…while away (playing soccer) he hurt his leg and he has a huge graze….Well I went to the store…I found the dressings…but what I wanted to buy and what was there might have been two different things….So one of the staff said Hello in English…so I pounced on this and tried to explain what i needed….She was not quite getting it!…I tried explaining a graze and that it was weeping…So I got out my trusty translator on my phone….I wrote graze…she had no idea…I wrote weeping….She asked if I was crying…REALLY…do i look like I am crying????….
So i look up a graze picture and after a few humms are ahhhhhs she got it….I found some Western brands which was close to the same price as filling my car up with petrol and she let me know it was not a good choice…I think the look and sound she made actually made me realize she was not impressed with the over priced western brand….What she gave me I think we needed tape as well….Oh the choices…white, clear, brown thick, thin, expensive or cheap…..REALLY!!!! I wanted tape arrggghhhh!!!!!!

I had lunch with GL, she brought me a beautiful picture frame. I just need a picture now of the both of us in there…problem is I DONT DO PHOTOGRAPHS!!!
Also had our 13th session of Brownies…(can't believe we have only done 13 sessions…seems a lot more!)

I did also find my backside dent in the sofa and got comfy…while watching Cranford..I am a sucker for a period drama……..

Pages read of book…ZERO!!! Doing well huh???

My plan for tonight is to actually go to sleep earlier and get up earlier and have everything done before J goes to school, because I am actually going to the gym tomorrow as I have no choice….I will be there I promised…..REALLY I did…ANY NEED…Should have fibbed and said I could not make it..

March 5, 2012

Ok I am back again..….G is back for his little trip….brought back HP brown sauce so I am happy!

I had high hopes for today….but my I felt a real pull towards the sofa!!!! I was all comfy…I knew I should not be sat there…watching the end of Officer and a Gentleman….which was actually in English!!! and not dubbed in Japanese like all the other movies I wanna watch are…The ones I don't want to watch are ALL ways in English….Then I spilt a bottle of FREEZING cold water over myself…not even that really moved me….I did move but as I took so long pneumonia could be starting to set in….
Pages read in the book I am meant to read? ZERO!!!!!
….But I did cook dinner….I peeled and chopped veg!!!!
Roast dinner was the planned idea for dinner tonight with roast pork….
Veg sorted, potatoes par boiled…Gravy taken out of freezer..because I knew making gravy would not be the top of my list after making the rest of the dinner..I mean I would have made it…but well I always have gravy made up in the freezer…Well the pork was off…REALLY it STANK! it was minting!!!! …I mean come on ANY NEED????? Right pain…so the chicken that was meant for tomorrows dinner was VERY QUICKLY cooked (well done Wend taking the chicken out and thinking you where going to do more than you ACTUALLY planned on doing!) …..
The chicken was ok…but I WANTED A ROAST PORK DINNER!!!!

More self diagnoses and more internet surfing today….hummmmm I love the internet…You know when people find something new and go a little bit crazy or over the top until it wears off…Bit like me and Pinterest last month! or when people get Facebook and they decided that everyone wants to know EVERYTHING they have done that day….Yeah I was one of those people…and I bet you where also!!!!! Well thats me and the internet surfing….Did you know you can learn how to knit something for a stone/rock….honest you can…there is video to show you how.
So lately I have had problems with peoples names….people who I known for almost 2 years….Now I live in a very small community, so its not like I never see them….One day last week I called somebody Katie….KATIE???? I don't think there is anyone called Katie here and the ladies name does even sound like Katie…….Now….I actually think I maybe could remember…but my lovely friends here tell me the name of the person …I think because they want me to actually hurry up and finish my story….I do gets the names right sometimes….Well……I decided to look this up….and there is a name for it…but I can't find the page/link I found….and that was not meant to be funny…I REALLY can't!
…but I did find a page, that says new research suggests the mere act of walking through a door helps people forget……Now, I thought VODKA helped you forget.
I have walked through a few thousand doors I should image, kitchen doors living room doors, Mall entrance doors, bathroom doors (and the bathrooms in this house has 2 doors in each bathroom, ) Plane doors, church doors, patio doors …so your getting my point…Well, I can tell you now no door has EVER had the effect on that Vodka, wine and paint stripper has had … I have been served I image taste like paint stripper would. In fact, I can't remember walking through a door and forgetting I forgot something…or just maybe I just forgot I forgot…..

Oh yeah…..I did remember half of one the things I wanted to write in my last blog…when J and myself where in one of the local sports stores here…I noticed a sign on something (can't remember what it was…i know duh!!!!) it was something like…BUT NOT!!! don't touch irons when turned on as they could be hot!!! "REALLY Sherlock?" but whatever it was…it was more obvious and more ridiculous …Just wish I could remember what it was….I mean I have a phone with a camera for goodness sake, I should have taken a picture of it…
I mean I know you will never get back the 10 secs it might have taken to read this paragraph…but I had to mention I sorta half remembered something….and I did not walk backwards through a door to remember half of what I wanted to remember!

Tomorrow I will either do more homework…but I am slightly worried about the bannister…I mean I know the house contract mentions general wear and tear, but bannisters pulled off the wall when doing homework exercises might not cut it!!!!!
Or I might go to the gym......Or I might go find my backside imprint on the sofa....or just to mix things up I might go make a new imprint on the other sofa after exercise!!!!!

March 4, 2012

So i started writing this a week ago….REALLY I did… And I keeping thinking…oooooo I need to add that to my blog…but I forgot what I wanted to write about…well mostly I forgot.

Today (last Sunday) at lunch it was mentioned about the start of my keep fit/get healthy….I felt the the shutters coming down and the glazed look appearing….
Not that I don't want to start the fitness going…but I mean come on why can't I go to the gym and lose say…I don't know 10lbs at each session….maybe…I mean come on!!!!
…So I was given homework…really I was…they gave me homework…well I did some of it it…well half of it and I was convinced I was dying…REALLY I am surprised I managed to pick up the computer to type about it!!!
Then I managed to do more home work on Monday…I honestly thought I was dying and that when I was holding onto the bannister for dear life that the bannister would come away from the wall!!! REALLY I did…I mean the houses are only made of paper marche and plaster board…well ok maybe a few bricks, and I do mean only a few and it is insulated with single ply toilet roll. Nothing really behind the houses here!
I did survive…just !!!!

Well I never managed to stay up to see my wonderful team WIN
So my team won….well done boys….I am so proud of you!!!
Mr. Hook was not able to play….it was reported he had chickenpox…did he really or did somebody higher up on the Wales management team feel the same as me…he should NOT be on that pitch!!!!!

Well I have thought a lot about going to the gym this week,…but I only thought of it. I mean come on Wend, ANY NEED?
I have also meant to start a book 'The American Wife'….Well I have carried it around with me with the intention of starting to at least read the first page…So far I have read ZERO pages!
Out of my 1000 jobs I have needed to do I have managed….Ooooooo ZERO jobs….
……….I have also managed to make my sofa into a memory sofa…you know like the memory foam stuff thats around…My sofa remembers my backside….I know because there is a backside print there just from me….i think it because I sat there for nearly a whole week watch TV….REALLY I did.

I went bowling last night….Ohhhhh my. I did manage to get the ball down the lane, I did manage ALSO to HURT myself. My poor arm….Well I figured with all that I DON'T do it not a surprise I have not used those mussels in forever..…I mean I can't really do a 'Big Shop' here as they would say back home where I could use those muscles …I don't even think you can get proper trolleys/shopping carts…you get a little cart that can hold 2 yes 2 not 1 store plastic shopping basket. and you can't get much in those…also there is only so much money you can get out to pay for the ridiculously priced food…I am sure our first sofa never cost as much as the the beef here came cost…REALLY. so …back to the arm muscles…as I don't get to really food shop and carry bags, for example. I mean if I drank like I did in my younger days that might make a difference…lifting my arm and a double is heavier than a single…..getting my different???
……..So we start the 2nd game and I dropped the ball…it rolled backwards….The pain was quite intense, not because of the ball dropping but because of my poor arm , (between my wrist and elbow, but inside if you know what I mean???)..So I have self diagnosed that I have carpel tunnel syndrome….I mean, why not…it sounds as if carpel tunnel syndrome is kinda of in that area…Any way much better today…but may be in future I should warm up for around a month before bowling next time…maybe start light with an egg and work up to a tin of beans…and so on to a bowling ball….

Youtube has been on my pc a lot this weekend….why I have no idea….It is ABSOLUTELY unbelievable what people actually put on there…you can learn how to peel a potato, how to comb your hair…how to burst a pimple….
I mean come on…ANY NEED!!!!!
I now need to thing of the strangest things I can look up…because I am betting its will be on Youtube!