March 4, 2012

So i started writing this a week ago….REALLY I did… And I keeping thinking…oooooo I need to add that to my blog…but I forgot what I wanted to write about…well mostly I forgot.

Today (last Sunday) at lunch it was mentioned about the start of my keep fit/get healthy….I felt the the shutters coming down and the glazed look appearing….
Not that I don't want to start the fitness going…but I mean come on why can't I go to the gym and lose say…I don't know 10lbs at each session….maybe…I mean come on!!!!
…So I was given homework…really I was…they gave me homework…well I did some of it it…well half of it and I was convinced I was dying…REALLY I am surprised I managed to pick up the computer to type about it!!!
Then I managed to do more home work on Monday…I honestly thought I was dying and that when I was holding onto the bannister for dear life that the bannister would come away from the wall!!! REALLY I did…I mean the houses are only made of paper marche and plaster board…well ok maybe a few bricks, and I do mean only a few and it is insulated with single ply toilet roll. Nothing really behind the houses here!
I did survive…just !!!!

Well I never managed to stay up to see my wonderful team WIN
So my team won….well done boys….I am so proud of you!!!
Mr. Hook was not able to play….it was reported he had chickenpox…did he really or did somebody higher up on the Wales management team feel the same as me…he should NOT be on that pitch!!!!!

Well I have thought a lot about going to the gym this week,…but I only thought of it. I mean come on Wend, ANY NEED?
I have also meant to start a book 'The American Wife'….Well I have carried it around with me with the intention of starting to at least read the first page…So far I have read ZERO pages!
Out of my 1000 jobs I have needed to do I have managed….Ooooooo ZERO jobs….
……….I have also managed to make my sofa into a memory sofa…you know like the memory foam stuff thats around…My sofa remembers my backside….I know because there is a backside print there just from me….i think it because I sat there for nearly a whole week watch TV….REALLY I did.

I went bowling last night….Ohhhhh my. I did manage to get the ball down the lane, I did manage ALSO to HURT myself. My poor arm….Well I figured with all that I DON'T do it not a surprise I have not used those mussels in forever..…I mean I can't really do a 'Big Shop' here as they would say back home where I could use those muscles …I don't even think you can get proper trolleys/shopping carts…you get a little cart that can hold 2 yes 2 not 1 store plastic shopping basket. and you can't get much in those…also there is only so much money you can get out to pay for the ridiculously priced food…I am sure our first sofa never cost as much as the the beef here came cost…REALLY. so …back to the arm muscles…as I don't get to really food shop and carry bags, for example. I mean if I drank like I did in my younger days that might make a difference…lifting my arm and a double is heavier than a single…..getting my different???
……..So we start the 2nd game and I dropped the ball…it rolled backwards….The pain was quite intense, not because of the ball dropping but because of my poor arm , (between my wrist and elbow, but inside if you know what I mean???)..So I have self diagnosed that I have carpel tunnel syndrome….I mean, why not…it sounds as if carpel tunnel syndrome is kinda of in that area…Any way much better today…but may be in future I should warm up for around a month before bowling next time…maybe start light with an egg and work up to a tin of beans…and so on to a bowling ball….

Youtube has been on my pc a lot this weekend….why I have no idea….It is ABSOLUTELY unbelievable what people actually put on there…you can learn how to peel a potato, how to comb your hair…how to burst a pimple….
I mean come on…ANY NEED!!!!!
I now need to thing of the strangest things I can look up…because I am betting its will be on Youtube!


Ilze said...

You are just hillarious Wendy... I enjoy reading !!

Diary of me, REALLY said...

Thank you