March 8, 2012

I was at the gym early this morning….made sure I did a check in on Facebook so the world knew I was there!!! Again I actually went inside the gym and did some exercise….
It might have helped that I had another good night's sleep….No scrabble with friends, no emailing and no youtube

I have also read ….ZERO pages on the book….
...But I did not make a backside print in the other sofa!!!! I kept to the one I already have!!!

my car was cleaned today, G had mentioned he thought it was about time….Hummmm I don't tell him about his car!!!! I don't say "oh no you have a speck of dust in the car' (everyone who gets in G's car are surprised how clean it is…not because he does not keep it clean, but because they have been in my car….Anyhow…This last week I realized it needed cleaning…It had a smell that was not caused by school kids with gas!!!!!!
Well I bought air fresheners…they stink…but in a lovely kinda of way…black cherry flavor smell.
I hoovered/vacuumed the car…and I think i have found a secret hiding stuff from people place…shush don't tell anyone it is a secret. It could actually be where the spare tyre is, I could not se the tire so now my secret hiding place!
It seem that you can park anywhere here…forget that you need to have the police check you have an actual space before you can get a car…SO ….I needed to go to Bubbles house quickly, I go to turn left out of our street (you can only go left or right…or drive straight ahead up the high curb and run one of those skinny type of trees over) …Well there is a car that looks like it might turn…in the middle of the road…, except no indicator was on. I look again and there is NOBODY in the car…REALLY…there was nobody!!!! I mean come on ANY NEED!!!! Middle of the road, right on a corner…REALLY!!!!!
……….So on my way to bubbles house I seen a young couple who looked like they have just started going out with each other, young and in love…So they were running side by side, giving little pushes to each other, laughing, big smiles….holding hands…Well if he had of elbowed me I would have pushed him right over that sheer drop….he would not do it again…I mean if your out running surely somebody elbowing you however gentle is a pain….I would not know as I don't run…I don't really walk anywhere either…but thats for another blog!

Tomorrow I am off to play squash….I might not be back to let you know how I did…because I might not make it home….
They say what does not kill you makes you stronger….RUBBISH!!!!
I feel like I might not make it after doing my homework from Bubbles and TBL, my legs feel like jelly, my breathing sounds like Darth Vader, Thats not making me stronger…It's properly a stretch to say it is killing me….but stronger….REALLY it's NOT!!!

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