March 9, 2012

Pages of book read…..ZERO!!!! REALLY zero pages…I mean come on Wend, ANY NEED?

We went out for dinner last night in Tokyo…the food was fab, the company was fab….and there was NO fish!!!!
We went to a Teppan yaki place…Thanks guys for changing to that place. I absolutely loved it!!!
One of the things I have fallingi n love with is the potatoes, onions and sausage….it was so good we had 2 plates…I did sound like a 2 year….I want more potatoes, I want more potatoes, I want more potatoes…and amazingly another plate appeared!!!

I REALLY needed a Starbucks this morning. So I sent out a text an asked who was 'Starbucksing'
Chai was the only one free….Off I went for my mango ice drink…they always ask if I want whipped cream with that…Hummm NO when I ask for no dairy…I am sure whipped cream is dairy,…so I would not like any whipped cream, thank you!!!! ………. Can you not see I am ready to go and learn to play squash??? and can you not see I am So not wanting to go. Can you not see I have built myself up for MORE exercise!!! So no whipped cream thanks

So I go and meet BA and I talk to everyone along the way…not trying to avoid going in there…HONEST!

So…I walk into the squash courts and the first 2 things I am aware of is the SMELL…not a nice stink but a stink!
I also noticed how dirty the walls are….surely the walls could be painted a little more??? Maybe the color of the ball needs to be changed???? ……….Just saying…
So I stand there with the racquet….lighter than I thought it would be…..I also had visions of the ball going one way and the racquet leaving my hand and flying throw the air behind me ….That did not happen…but the racquet was dragged across the floor a time a two, or three or four!!!
I was told I was good at serving and had good control…..hummmm not thinking that myself….but ok…Thank you for being sweet!
I am sat here now and realized (it has taken me until know) I think i liked it…I think I wanna go and have another go…..hummm no I don't!… stop be silly Wend!!!!!…I don't think I have the energy to get of the sofa to go collect J from school….So where do I get these silly ideas from about wanting to go run around a squash court….Not quiet at the running stage and don't think I will be at that stage next year!!!!

I wanted to make sausage rolls for tonight…but I went Starbuckings, hit a small black ball around a room with LOADS of ball marks on the walls, had lunch then did a couple of errands, came home found my backside imprint on the sofa…watched TV, AGAIN….went and picked J…(who also has a liking for Starbucks and seemed to need one after school) Came home…The sofa pulled me towards itself…AGAIN…I watched TV AGAIN!!!
Then I finally got up and started to make the sausage rolls….Get J and G involved…well they eat them all, so why should I not get them to help?
………oh my I have just taken them out of the oven…..Yum Yum

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