July 31, 2011

While cooking dinner last night, I burnt my finger…The pasta was boiling…I was making the sauce to go with it when the metal pasta utensil (which I NEVER thought I would use, but find I have used every time I have made spaghetti in the last 11 years) I noticed was on the stove…the nasty elves must have put it there…So I use a dish towel to move it…I then needed to stir the pasta, using VERY,VERY hot pasta/spaghetti picker-upper utensil….without a dish towel and burnt my fingers…I mean ANY NEED!!!!! I screamed and ran my hand under cold running water…. G then finished off cooking dinner…Which I might add was ALL pretty much done!!!! …So every time I took my hand away from the water, the throbbing pain was a nightmare I think I let everyone know how much pain I was in. Poor me, those elves have a problem….ANY NEED!!!!!! So one VERY, VERY whiney Wendy last night!!!
Well let me tell you, earthquakes can make the body have jet lag like experiences - So last night - well early hours this morning the house started too wiggly, honest it wiggled. Normally the house would rock side to side…Well I know with wiggling you have to kinda of go side to side…this felt a bit more like a snow globe being shook the right way up…Again ANY NEED!!!! So then I could not go to back to sleep… Actually surprising how many people on Face book…me being one of them!!! Well I made a few Skype calls and then was really wide awake. Wanted to watch TV but never had any glasses or contact lens at hand and I did think it was mean to wake the house up in the process…until I remembered my sun glasses…So I was watching Law and Order eating porridge with fresh blue berries while wearing my sunny’s . By 8 am I was tired and ready to go back to bed, which I did until 11.45am, all I can say is it was AM when I removed myself from my bed!!!!...Then this afternoon at around 3.30 I fell asleep…not a good idea…I woke up and felt lousy…not only was I not happy that it was only a nap… so know I won’t be sleeping tonight which will have a knock on effect and be all like last week’s jet lag ALL over again….ANY NEED…I mean REALLY, ANY NEED!!!!!
When I did come downstairs this morning, it was to find G and J playing Wii….You would have thought they were actually out on a golf course listening to the two of them…’Huh, I am guessing you have fixed my Wii fit then?’ I asked… seemed neither had even looked at it or tried to fix it…Well they did fix it ( I am still being a witch…come on winter the people around me need the winter to arrive ASAP!!!) Apparently it was not broke…hum yes it was…don’t care what you say…Never worked for me, so it was broke!!!!
After I woke this afternoon and watched them playing Wii I decided that when I play the Wii on my own with nobody around was still the best plan!!!!! Just no need!

This afternoon (before the nap) we watched ‘The Big Bang Theory’ I LOVE this show…really it awesome…I think it is one of the funniest shows that has come out in a long time. I think this should TV show should be given out from the Dr as a prescription…I believe this show will make EVERYONE smile… Well it’s making me smile and that takes a lot right now!!!! Did I mention I hate humidity? REALLY I do!!!