January 28, 2012

So I told G I would move to Alaska in a heart beat….I REALLY mean it. I love the idea of the REAL winters…Maybe I have read one to many books.
…Well let me tell you there is absolutely no need to be there…Japan is cold…so is Alaska
but…the inside of our house might make Alaska seem like Tropics, REALLY there is NO need.
This afternoon with ALL the heating blasting (if you can call it heating) I still had to sit there with a blanket. This from the person who only bought a winter coat because all her friends were… Thank goodness I did. I was wondering if I would need to start wearing my coat to bed.
Last year we had a winter duvets 1 blanket and one comforter on the bed Plus the sheets.
This year one duvet, one comforter and as of tonight one blanket…with another waiting close by!

This morning I was up early for basketball….nice start to the morning…no over sleeping…
Then….Jamie had no hot water in his bathroom…AGAIN (It was meant to be fixed yesterday)
Then…a shake…a big shake, great start to a freezing cold day.
So AFTER the quake, I get an alert on my phone to tell me not one. not two, but 3 earthquakes are coming…Hummm REALLY Sherlock!…just a little late!
I have had enough…The house is creaking and making more noise's than is possible needed…
NO MORE I mean come on!!! I have had enough…REALLY I am done.

So G has been away 3 days so only 17 to go…
When he mentioned how long he was going away, I said hummmm thats not right…thats 3 weeks…oh no he said I that is travel time as well…REALLY, you might be traveling but you will NOT be here!!!! 3 weeks matey 3 weeks.
Shopping list on its way…Just need to press send!

Today we went out for dinner, met some friends…So we WALKED there…yes I did say i walked…Yes there was parking…AND it was my idea, then we walked back. so 2 days walking not far, but a big start for me…both days MY idea…only two days of a little bit of walking…but I am heading in the right direction, right?
…Dinner had no wheat…great, REALLY it is great, no stomachache…Yayyyyy

And I type this…the house is STILL creaking, ENOUGH ALL READY…REALLY any need?!?!?

January 27, 2012

I can't tell you how happy I was to realize it was friday…until I realized J had to be at school tomorrow by 8.30…REALLY any need?????
It's been a long week…REALLY it has…its REALLY does seem longer than the normal 7days!

The Costume party was awesome. The costumes were all awesome. There were a few wigs worn…The Expat wife costume was awesome…TBL I loved it…as did everyone else.
There was a take on Superman…which was fab…a couple of cat women…

G went away this week for 3 weeks…this week…I have been told he WON'T be shopping…hummm So I gather as I never gave him a shopping list I am wondering how he will react when he gets my email with the shopping list attached…REALLY there is no need to shop…yeah whatever!

a couple of times over the years I have thought about learn sign language.
I have thought about it again lately…maybe because i have been watching the show, switched at birth…(show about 2 kids swapped at birth, one child being deaf…loving the show…not the deaf child bit, but the storyline)
I did notice though that sometime they spell words out instead signing the whole word…well may be I should give sign a miss because my spalling is rubbish as you might have noticed…
…but if I could learn to sign without spelling, think I might…just need to find somewhere or someone in Japan that will teach me.

Normally G take J to school early on basketball mornings and I go with them and the I walk home.
Well as he is not here, I am talking J to school. So the walking has been off.
Well today I got off my backside and went walking..big winter coat…exercise, well yo would think that I would warm up quickly right?…..WRONG! REALLY, I was freezing!….but i did manage to get of my backside.
I also managed to do some house work…Don't know which I disliked more, the exercise or the housework…REALLY I have no idea.