May 30, 2012

Just after 6AM I was at the pool this morning..... I get there and there was a couple of people already there. They had not actually gotten into the pool at that stage.....I was like ARRGGHHHH this is MY time....I did think of turning around and getting back in my car....I mean 4 guys there doing their morning swim and then me and my 'Driving Miss Daisy' level of swimming...VERY different!....But I walked into the pool area....and put my towel on a chair and headed into the pool. I am think..."oh no...PLEASE DON"T BE FREEZING, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE" Cause I did not want to look like I could not handle the cold water... So I get in the pool...and was like hummmm WHERE HAS MY ARCTIC POOL gone.... hummmm...REALLY no longer Arctic.... Off I swim.... my swimming was nothing compared to the guys ...I actually think the guy in the next lane to me did 3 lengths to my 3/4 of a length, actually he might have actually done 4 lengths, but who's counting? (well me actually...well I would if I could keep up with)...But I carried on...and after I did my 30 minutes...I left and came home. Laundry was done, changed the beds, did another load of laundry...decided to tell the world Via facebook what a good mood I was in and what I had done before 7.30......(well I have been in an awful mood lately. So bad in fact that I did not even want to be around me!)

May 29, 2012

I have no idea where the time is going....I started typing this up last week sometime... Right now I am double booking myself...I have no idea where the time is going....I thought my putting EVERYTHING in my calendar I would be fine....well I would be if I was putting everything in the SAME calendar...I had book club last week...I remember 10 minutes before I was due to be there, that I was meant to be out for a birthday lunch....I mean come on Wend!!! We went to Disney last week for J's birthday with a few of his friends....ONCE AGAIN I WILL SAY....MAGIC OF DISNEY MY BACKSIDE!!!! (would really like to say something else...but I won't) I will say...the weather was great, the kids were great...I was in a good mood (REALLY I was) But then there was.... Closed Rides...AGAIN! Closed toilets...I NEEDED the THEN, not in an hour....not that they opened at all that day! We even got to see a broken down ride where the water needed to be drained (all 2 inches of it) then plastic bags to be put over shoes, then somebody came over to each ride and walked in front of them and brushed the water away...only in Japan! I also think everyone in Japan happened to be there on the day we had chosen to go. J had a day off school so this worked out great....I guess EVERYONE must have had a day off!!! I was surprised not to have seen any little dogs....because they Japanese take their little dogs EVERYWHERE...including into some restaurants...Even feeding their dogs from their folks...REALLY...but don't get me started on that! We also took J to to the movies and for a meal....Went and seen Dark Shadows...wish we had waited to see it on the plane!!!! We also went for lunch to an Indonesian restaurant, hummm Well I picked the wrong dish...G's was nicer! So I have been going to the pool, I actually went into the pool, not as Arctic it could have been. I climb in, walk along the little wall and then keep saying come on wend! Then I just start swimming and think, that was easy! ......also burnt my back while I was there reading my magazine after. (I was also moving my legs so that also counts as exercise...right?) On Wednesday while I was there I looked across the sky and seen the 'Simpson' clouds...seriously...I was just waiting for the theme tune to come out of the speakers. There is also a crow there (at the pool) and I am sure he is mocking me!!! soon as I appear at the pool this crow starts squawking...not a little squawk, but an annoying ear piercing screech...ARGGHHHH it is doing my head in. I want it to fly off and squawk else NOW!!!! We had a potluck lunch last week (think it was last could have been the week before) and the theme was food on a stick...It was great and everyone really joined in. I wanted to try something really cool like but a chicken salad on a vision was to have a Iceberg lettuce leaf filled with the salad filling and then a stick threaded through the leaf kind of sealing/sewing the leaf and holding the filling inside....Well no such luck...I ended up with crab filled mushroom which were not the nicest tasting...because I was rushing and I never bought the ice burg lettuce nor did I make the chicken salad!!!! REALLY, ANY NEED?!?!?!? Last weekend while out with friends, I can honestly say I have not laughed so much in a long time. for some reasons were started talking about face's...stern face, naughty face's etc...So this week I have realized that I can actually use this in a form of exercises for the face...REALLY!!! I just have to make sure I am not doing this while in company! Then this week (might have actually been last week...) I was out for Mrs.H birthday... We went to the Dolphin restaurant. It was a French restaurant...with a view all over yokohama water...well I think that was what the view was...but with all the rain and mist could not see ANYTHING! Dolphin restaurant...don't sound very french does it? I am going to a comedy show this friday, then Men in Black 3 if I can and then Sunday we have the Dragon boat know that that alone will take a whole blog session!!!!