February 28, 2011

Well book still not started, nor do I think it ever will be started!!!!!
G is well and truly home…..!!!
Started play a word game online and playing with friends all over the world…..I just keep placing tiles until it accepts the words I place….no idea if half of them are actually worlds but it seems to accept them.
J is finally off crutches, hoping to stay that way as long as he is sensible…but well we are talking about J.
Had a lovely lunch with some lovely ladies…Decided I DON”T like risotto and I don’t like olives…No need for either, really!
J was out Saturday night, He was invited to a movie night...Do you know how bad it is waiting for your child to come home while your falling asleep????? I mean my 11 year old was wide awake having a blast while I was holding my eyes open.
Still trying to sort the summer out….one plan seems great then something else comes along and it’s like hummmm ok….I mean any need!!!!
Had a couple of quakes…5.2’s Only really felt the one ……4.12 am Saturday morning the earth moved…I am sure we have a lot more quakes than we realize…I have no put the wind chimes up…I am there sometimes and I think hummm was that a quake…So know I have my chimes up…I will know…Just call me Sherlock!
No idea what’s happening with the weather….actually had the windows open all over the house on Friday…19 degrees…Then 4 degrees today and something that resembled a sort of crunchy snow….But it was NOT hale….

Tomorrow I have a Danish gymnast coming to stay. No idea if they are male or female…
No idea if they speak English, what they eat…I just know that the spaghetti bolognas I was planning on making is just not going to work……

I am also on my countdown to Guam….to say I am looking forward to this…well it would me a lie…Yeah I want to go…Yeah I want K-mart and Macys…but wish G and J were coming. Yes I actually typed that. I want them to come with me…lol
I tried to get Guam on my weather app…seems that area is not covered…Does nobody in Guam want to know the weather without looking out the window….Hello that’s what the weather app if for surely???