August 19, 2011

Well I did…I made Sweet and Sour chicken for dinner last night…and it was a big hit!!!!
I was actually surprised myself that it tasted that good…I am not saying the Chinese takeout places have anything to worry about, but it was REALLY good…REALLY it was.
I looked up Sweet and Sour recipes and found a few I liked the look of but decided to use one I never had all the ingredients for….Well…one ingredient I needed was red or orange food coloring…never had any so added a dollop of tomato ketchup. The ketchup seemed to make a pretty pattern as it kinda separated in the liquid base….lots of stirring and still not looking better…because you can’t sieve pretty patterned ketchup but you can sieve lumpy gravy!....Well I thought in for a penny in for a pound and carried on…Also thought as I never had all ingredients (thought I did…still not sure why I bought the ginger..) may be my replacements were not helping…Finished off the recipe and it was ok…ketchup had blended in, I think it was the right color…Tasted good…I added big squares of onion that could be picked out by J, I also added ribbons of carrots and red peppers…recipe called for green peppers but I don’t like them and so I added red pepper and I never used the pineapple…cause the one I had lost the will to carry on and was sent to food trash heaven. I also decided I was making my own version of the batter for the chicken….Well all I can say is….Woooo Hooooo I did it and tasted good nahnahdanahnah!
I am now looking for a few new recipes for next week.

I was invited to go out for lunch today…I had to decline, I have a cold sore on my lip and it is requiring its own chair it is that big!!!! Any need!!! I am even thinking of going and getting it officially registered at the town all with its own name!!!

Still not read any further with that book…..I really have to get a move on…Next week on Monday I will stay in ALL day and read that book…If it kills me I WILL finish that book…

August 18, 2011

Yesterday I had soooo much to do and get done and I pretty much did I needed and a little bit more….
EVERYTHING that needed doing outside the house, I did! I pretty much did all I needed to do in the house…Never washed my car but I am always looking for ways to get out of cleaning the car…
I have to say I even surprised myself at how much I managed to do today….

Today I decided NO MORE WASTING FOOD!!!! Really I did….I’m not talking about the food left on your plate…In our house I threw out so much. We never eat all the fruit I buy and when I buy less fruit…we run out…the carrots I buy from Costco have been known to turn a little whitish, broccoli has also be known to turn yellow…Yogurts past their sell by dates…
So like I said NO MORE!!!!
After checking what we had and realizing there was actually a lot I could make for dinner…..
I made up a new recipe (a chicken and potato patty) and served it with carrots and broccoli…carrots were NOT whitish and broccoli was NOT yellowish so all good there.
While I was cooking dinner, G came into the kitchen and seen what was for dinner….his face was a picture!!!! He did not look in the slightest impressed by dinner…Oh well…we were having this for dinner…if it was horrible; J and I could eat later when G had left for training … Well it was a hit!!!!
I have to be honest I was not excepting it to get a response…G said was the first to say something…
’this is not bad’ he said then J said ‘these are ok’
J then tells us how he is missing Chinese food. So out of my mouth (and I REALLY, REALLY have no idea why) came the words shall I make something Chinese for dinner tomorrow……..He said yes.
He asked for Sweet and sour pork…well he is having sweet and sour chicken…found my recipe and apart from the juice I need I am already to go….
…So then as I am looking at blogs and recipes I decide I will make another blog and post what I am making for dinner everyday…Well this would work if I was prepared to make dinner every night… )I can tell you I am not prepared to make dinner every night)
I now the novelty will wear off soon…this is the 2nd time recently I have thought about having another blog….What is wrong with me????

August 17, 2011

So Monday we went to Fuji Q, we decided that we would leave at 6am, with the hope that we would be there at 8am opening time. I had made sandwiches’…which I left at the house…I had thought I had sun screen with me…but left at the house…I thought I had brought towels...Nope I left them at the house…I did remember the water, a few snacks and the most important thing wallet, with money inside… (I DID REMEMBER TO GO THE BANK!!!) We finally got there just after 10 am, bought our tickets, and J and No: 3 headed for the new ride. No: 3 comes back and tells us it’s a 4 hour wait…He goes and checks the other rides which are pretty much the same waiting time….So 4 hours to get there! Four hours waiting in line for the ride! 1 ½ hours waiting for another ride and then more than 4 hours driving home!!!!!
The place seemed not to sell water! To buy food you needed to go to a vending machine for a ticket! The food run out, the drinks ran out… (Everything except the nasty tasting Japanese tea drink sold out!)
So while we waited for the kids I posted on Face book…4 hours here, 4 hours waiting…I think I might have mentioned it once or twice…the 4 hour drive and four hour waiting in line!!!!
The boys were extremely happy; the smiles pretty much said it all. So it was well worth the 4 hours drive and four hours waiting it seems…
We arrived home after 10pm hit some traffic jams pretty much all the way but with a few songs played at an extremely high volume...(so our own voices could not be heard ) the 4 plus hours did not seem as long.
The Japanese people watching opened mouthed as we drove by each other was too funny…
Especially as somebody in the car was doing her Rapping impression in full costume.

We went to the pool yesterday just sat there lazing around and not for long….and now I look like the color of a cooked Christmas turkey…ANY, ANY NEED!!!!

School starts tomorrow…now don’t get me wrong I am not looking to kick him out the car and go running to do my own thing….but….I will know what day of the week it is…I will have routine back in my life…and well let’s face it I do need routine cause I can be a nightmare!!!!

August 14, 2011

I have actually read up to page 200 of that book….I am still waiting for it to get exciting….can’t see it happening yet…but you never now….

Yesterday I went with G to the gym…well he drove to the gym and went in and actually did something while I sat outside with the intention of reading my book…hummmm. well I played with my phone…I chatted away and then decided ENOUGH!!!! I scolded myself and told myself to read that book!!!! (I am sure the book is actually quiet good…but I have a block and my approach to the book is not helping)
So there I am…drink ordered and delivered, book open…big sigh and off I go reading my book…Then Mo3 walks and in that all went out the window….
Now normally I would think…REALLY, ANY NEED Wend? But it was Mo3 so, YES, there was a need!!!!

We watched the movie Super 8…Oh My…ANY NEED…I jumped and I screamed…PG 13 my backside…
The movie was set in the 70’s and there is an alien…I am sure I am not giving anything away…Well I am sure I jumped twice before I seen the alien….A few choice words might have left my mouth as well!!!!
Oh dear…is there any need????

Today I went with my book and pretended to watch G play football/soccer… The weather app said 70% humidity…yeah whatever…more like 170% humidity… That was why I could not read today…REALLY!!!

I have fallen in love with a bar of chocolate…Just love special addition chocolates!!!
The chocolate is a cherry ripe special addition from Australia – a very nice man brought me some chocolate back from his trip.

Tomorrow we are off to a big Japanese theme park…J is so excited, seems there is some special ride and I REALLY can’t put this off AGAIN… But why oh why am I going…I hate crowds, I hate, theme parks…I hate traffic jams…well I pretty much everything…Don’t you all know I am special???? REALLY I am!!!
Also I have a bad feeling about this, stomach is churning and I don’t think it was the dinner I made…Hope I can be nice ALL day…. Will be VERY surprised if I can…but you never know…

BABS I think the REALLY Wendy is coming back!!!!!

Thanks you The Bag Lady, Bubbles, Mrs. H and Miss Williams…You all rock!!!!