August 19, 2011

Well I did…I made Sweet and Sour chicken for dinner last night…and it was a big hit!!!!
I was actually surprised myself that it tasted that good…I am not saying the Chinese takeout places have anything to worry about, but it was REALLY good…REALLY it was.
I looked up Sweet and Sour recipes and found a few I liked the look of but decided to use one I never had all the ingredients for….Well…one ingredient I needed was red or orange food coloring…never had any so added a dollop of tomato ketchup. The ketchup seemed to make a pretty pattern as it kinda separated in the liquid base….lots of stirring and still not looking better…because you can’t sieve pretty patterned ketchup but you can sieve lumpy gravy!....Well I thought in for a penny in for a pound and carried on…Also thought as I never had all ingredients (thought I did…still not sure why I bought the ginger..) may be my replacements were not helping…Finished off the recipe and it was ok…ketchup had blended in, I think it was the right color…Tasted good…I added big squares of onion that could be picked out by J, I also added ribbons of carrots and red peppers…recipe called for green peppers but I don’t like them and so I added red pepper and I never used the pineapple…cause the one I had lost the will to carry on and was sent to food trash heaven. I also decided I was making my own version of the batter for the chicken….Well all I can say is….Woooo Hooooo I did it and tasted good nahnahdanahnah!
I am now looking for a few new recipes for next week.

I was invited to go out for lunch today…I had to decline, I have a cold sore on my lip and it is requiring its own chair it is that big!!!! Any need!!! I am even thinking of going and getting it officially registered at the town all with its own name!!!

Still not read any further with that book…..I really have to get a move on…Next week on Monday I will stay in ALL day and read that book…If it kills me I WILL finish that book…

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