August 14, 2011

I have actually read up to page 200 of that book….I am still waiting for it to get exciting….can’t see it happening yet…but you never now….

Yesterday I went with G to the gym…well he drove to the gym and went in and actually did something while I sat outside with the intention of reading my book…hummmm. well I played with my phone…I chatted away and then decided ENOUGH!!!! I scolded myself and told myself to read that book!!!! (I am sure the book is actually quiet good…but I have a block and my approach to the book is not helping)
So there I am…drink ordered and delivered, book open…big sigh and off I go reading my book…Then Mo3 walks and in that all went out the window….
Now normally I would think…REALLY, ANY NEED Wend? But it was Mo3 so, YES, there was a need!!!!

We watched the movie Super 8…Oh My…ANY NEED…I jumped and I screamed…PG 13 my backside…
The movie was set in the 70’s and there is an alien…I am sure I am not giving anything away…Well I am sure I jumped twice before I seen the alien….A few choice words might have left my mouth as well!!!!
Oh dear…is there any need????

Today I went with my book and pretended to watch G play football/soccer… The weather app said 70% humidity…yeah whatever…more like 170% humidity… That was why I could not read today…REALLY!!!

I have fallen in love with a bar of chocolate…Just love special addition chocolates!!!
The chocolate is a cherry ripe special addition from Australia – a very nice man brought me some chocolate back from his trip.

Tomorrow we are off to a big Japanese theme park…J is so excited, seems there is some special ride and I REALLY can’t put this off AGAIN… But why oh why am I going…I hate crowds, I hate, theme parks…I hate traffic jams…well I pretty much everything…Don’t you all know I am special???? REALLY I am!!!
Also I have a bad feeling about this, stomach is churning and I don’t think it was the dinner I made…Hope I can be nice ALL day…. Will be VERY surprised if I can…but you never know…

BABS I think the REALLY Wendy is coming back!!!!!

Thanks you The Bag Lady, Bubbles, Mrs. H and Miss Williams…You all rock!!!!

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