August 18, 2011

Yesterday I had soooo much to do and get done and I pretty much did I needed and a little bit more….
EVERYTHING that needed doing outside the house, I did! I pretty much did all I needed to do in the house…Never washed my car but I am always looking for ways to get out of cleaning the car…
I have to say I even surprised myself at how much I managed to do today….

Today I decided NO MORE WASTING FOOD!!!! Really I did….I’m not talking about the food left on your plate…In our house I threw out so much. We never eat all the fruit I buy and when I buy less fruit…we run out…the carrots I buy from Costco have been known to turn a little whitish, broccoli has also be known to turn yellow…Yogurts past their sell by dates…
So like I said NO MORE!!!!
After checking what we had and realizing there was actually a lot I could make for dinner…..
I made up a new recipe (a chicken and potato patty) and served it with carrots and broccoli…carrots were NOT whitish and broccoli was NOT yellowish so all good there.
While I was cooking dinner, G came into the kitchen and seen what was for dinner….his face was a picture!!!! He did not look in the slightest impressed by dinner…Oh well…we were having this for dinner…if it was horrible; J and I could eat later when G had left for training … Well it was a hit!!!!
I have to be honest I was not excepting it to get a response…G said was the first to say something…
’this is not bad’ he said then J said ‘these are ok’
J then tells us how he is missing Chinese food. So out of my mouth (and I REALLY, REALLY have no idea why) came the words shall I make something Chinese for dinner tomorrow……..He said yes.
He asked for Sweet and sour pork…well he is having sweet and sour chicken…found my recipe and apart from the juice I need I am already to go….
…So then as I am looking at blogs and recipes I decide I will make another blog and post what I am making for dinner everyday…Well this would work if I was prepared to make dinner every night… )I can tell you I am not prepared to make dinner every night)
I now the novelty will wear off soon…this is the 2nd time recently I have thought about having another blog….What is wrong with me????

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