August 17, 2011

So Monday we went to Fuji Q, we decided that we would leave at 6am, with the hope that we would be there at 8am opening time. I had made sandwiches’…which I left at the house…I had thought I had sun screen with me…but left at the house…I thought I had brought towels...Nope I left them at the house…I did remember the water, a few snacks and the most important thing wallet, with money inside… (I DID REMEMBER TO GO THE BANK!!!) We finally got there just after 10 am, bought our tickets, and J and No: 3 headed for the new ride. No: 3 comes back and tells us it’s a 4 hour wait…He goes and checks the other rides which are pretty much the same waiting time….So 4 hours to get there! Four hours waiting in line for the ride! 1 ½ hours waiting for another ride and then more than 4 hours driving home!!!!!
The place seemed not to sell water! To buy food you needed to go to a vending machine for a ticket! The food run out, the drinks ran out… (Everything except the nasty tasting Japanese tea drink sold out!)
So while we waited for the kids I posted on Face book…4 hours here, 4 hours waiting…I think I might have mentioned it once or twice…the 4 hour drive and four hour waiting in line!!!!
The boys were extremely happy; the smiles pretty much said it all. So it was well worth the 4 hours drive and four hours waiting it seems…
We arrived home after 10pm hit some traffic jams pretty much all the way but with a few songs played at an extremely high volume...(so our own voices could not be heard ) the 4 plus hours did not seem as long.
The Japanese people watching opened mouthed as we drove by each other was too funny…
Especially as somebody in the car was doing her Rapping impression in full costume.

We went to the pool yesterday just sat there lazing around and not for long….and now I look like the color of a cooked Christmas turkey…ANY, ANY NEED!!!!

School starts tomorrow…now don’t get me wrong I am not looking to kick him out the car and go running to do my own thing….but….I will know what day of the week it is…I will have routine back in my life…and well let’s face it I do need routine cause I can be a nightmare!!!!

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