March 17, 2012

I have a new email follower…Hovis your just toooo nice…but now I need you in the side box with everyone else so I get 23 followers!
I also have 2 more names for the blog… Floss and Beer ..Beer you can change your name if you would like…

So 3 days on the trot, thursday, friday and this morning at the gym
I have found though that it is easier to watch the iPad while on the treadmill than on the bike
My backside starts hurting..cant get comfy on the bike…now I know you are not meant to be COMFY as such…but as you not allowing me to lose 10lbs per gym session, I need something!!!!
I also need a new show to watch…but it has to be something I have not seen…otherwise I will be waiting for the funny bits….I also need the rowing machine to have a little plastic ledge and the cross trainer…cause as of now I can watch TV on these machines….I have no worries about the rowing machine and the ear phones…I have extra long earphone wires…so I will recommend a plastic self on ALL machines to be added ASAP

I drove into Tokyo this week for a Dr's appointment. While I was sat in the waiting room there was a child with their parent….Well the child starts sniffing, and kept on sniffing…while the mother just start there….come on Mum it's doing my heading, surely it's doing yours in!!! can't you hear your child??? This kid must have had so much stuff up it's nose that if it was pudding I am sure there would have been enough for the WHOLE class!. The lady sat by me said, oh dear do you have a cold, is that why your here…No the mother replied she has a sore toe….REALLY Lady you are kidding me…is all that stuff up your child's nose not a concern for you? are you not afraid it will start coming out it your child's ears…
The mother is all dressed up, beautiful make-up, not a hair out of place….and DIRTY boots!!! Expensive boots but dirty boots all the same!!! You can't wear lovely boots like that and not at least WIPE them…REALLY ANY NEED!!!!
When I went to the pharmacy the mother and child were already there…The lady behind the counter brings around a tissue for the child…(a tissue, this kid needs a couple of boxes!!!!)
….Also while I am sat there, the lady who had asked the kid about it's cold started talking to another lady… "how long have you been here? 12 years she replied… oh, hummm WELL I have been here 16 years she said…Well she was not expecting another lifer…The whole waiting room goes quiet…who says that playground games stop in the playground…16 years…I am normally looking for a way out after 16 months!!!!
Normally I am more than happy to chat with anyone….I had some Japanese Nun chatting away to me in Japanese once …no I idea what she was talking about but we did managed to pass the time…but on this particular day I wanted to be in and out of that place faster than superman high on sugar!
So I was relived when when the women gave a big sniff and went back to her magazine!
…… I then get in the elevator and there is a women who is wearing either her child's or her own art work with pride…you know those make your own mats/rugs whatever they are were you weave something…lots of different textured yarn…well she had them on her coat…REALLY she did….I kid you not!!!
Now she was either like I say wearing her or her child's work with pride…and if she was she REALLY needed to rethink where she stuck those patches …. or she had holes in her coat…but I think she had sat on a piece of gum… could not get it off and seen this scrape bit of mess and thought..YES I will use that!!!
But after sticking one piece she realized she needed more because one piece looked silly… What she never bargained for it looked silly anyway…But way to go mum wearing your kids art work with pride!!!!

This week while driving home…I was pretty close to the house and a man was just walking in the middle of the road….Then he starts to do up his coat…with a zipper, which took ages!!!…(come get him buttons it won't take as long!) So I can see he is an older man, I would say around 70 (which means he is more like 100) normally I would toot my horn, but as he is old…this might have repercussions. When he finally gets out the way (the 2nd song on the radio is almost finished) He looks as if me and the 4 cars behind are the problem not him… I would not might but there is a foot path either side of the road, a shrine one side, a park the other, lots of walking space….he was not even crossing….I mean REALLY…USE THE PATH'S…

I decide this week that instead of potatoes I would have parsnips mash or something instead of potatoes (How I love my potatoes) So I look up carbs in parsnips ..not that I am counting carbs….guess what of all the root veg these are highest in carbs….REALLY, ANY NEED!!!!
I will say, I only looked at one site…did not really look into it. I could not be bothered after that!
Far tooooo much useless info on the internet….Why is it useless…because it;s not want I want to read!!!!

We went out for dinner last night, Lovely dinner with lovely people….then we realized how many people we know in common all over the world….As the husbands are kind of in the same business it was pretty funny…It was like do you know?…Yeah…did you know? Oh yeah … It really is a small world.

Amazon delivered my book this morning at 9am…well I was up …I HAD BEEN TO THE GYM!!!! it seemed to have woken G and J up also…what a shame…
I have been told the book is awful (it was not phrased as nice as that)…so guessing it might leave the box!

Oh yeah, I have an actual strawberry on my strawberry plant…not that I was expecting magic beans….But already I have a strawberry….how cool is that?

Right we have a busy Saturday, G does realize yet just how busy…but he will soon.

March 13, 2012

I have finished the book…loved it…it was awesome!!!

Reading a book and putting the laundry in the washing machine, taking it out and putting it in the drier..then kind of folding the stuff…Well it takes it out of you…REALLY it does…WHY oh WHY has there not been a machine invented that when the clothes or towels have finished drying they are folded….I mean come on…Washing Machine…Wonderful invention and American size washing machine rocks!!! Tumble drier, another wonderful invention
Both the waching machine and the tumble drier where in fact invented by men…You know why???
Because one day some man decided they needed a clean shirt…well he was NOT going to the stream to wash his clothes!!! (In fact one guy even invented a washing machine for his wife's birthday…LUCKY WOMEN…NOT!!!! Well it might have been back in the 1800's )
Then when one day some man had had his shirt washed and he went to put it on and it was wet…oh no, can't have that…so along came the tumble drier…
NOW…I am guess the folding part does not bother them……I mean come on guys, you have invented some other utter rubbish. Can't you turn this idea into an invention?
A man also invented the vacuum…I am thinking he had had enough of sweeping.
A women would have invented it to keep the carpet/floors lovely and fresh...or to make it look like she had done something before people arrived...
A man also invented the fridge… I am thinking he might have had enough of warm beers????
A Women would have invented it to keep the food she would not have to drag herself to the store daily when she had to vacuum...and she had a book to read!
A man invented the telephone….may be he hated writing?
A women knows how nice it to hear somebody's voice...and to pass the time when the sport is on.
A man invented the microwave…Betting he could not wait for his dinner to be warmed up after coming home late!!!
A women would have invented it to make the families lives she would have time to vacuum before people arrived!!!
While we all love the convenance of all of the above…Women handled everything perfectly before…I am sure they did.
…What I will say……Thank goodness somebody invented it all… Just wish the men who designed them all had had it fit in better with real life….Like I am betting the washing machines that are a front loaders and a lot higher..was designed by a female. So your getting my point?

So come on somebody invent a washing/drying/folding machine…I can cope with putting the stuff awey….The rest can be dry cleaned….

March 12, 2012

22 followers…REALLY I have…I love it.. I typed that with a Welsh accent!!!
So I seen Wanderlust today who said she had been told to read my blog from another mum….REALLY she did!!!
I have been told a few times that I write the way I talk….well I can't always get my words out, I don't always make sense, so that is why my spelling and grammar are so bad…I just decided!!!

Pages read of book the book….I have no idea, but I have read quite a few pages today…Still enjoying it…enjoying it so much I never sat on the sofa…I was reading it when I had my lunch and I never left the dining table for at least an hour after that…..(lunch was my tomato soup I made last night…It was good!!! even if I do say so myself!)

There is a man on the TV right now trying to talk with a East european accent….I am sure he is Welsh…I can hear a little bit of Wales I think….I mean who hired him??? had they listened to him before they started the camera rolling????

Today I had 1 job I needed to do… and I had 2 other things I WANTED to do…
Starbuck was not on the list of must do…but Starbucks was on the list of …I am getting me a Mango frappuccino…(I actually HATE mango ..REALLY I do, but I do like the Starbucks mango drinks) and might I add I had a VERY small Mango drink…not the usual bucket size…REALLY I ordered a small one….Go me!!!!
So….I managed to do my one and only job before 10.15am….Yay me….I needed to go into the bank…I drove there no GPS…1st time….I am not as good as others…I need MIss Garmin and Miss GPS at ALL the time!!!! I REALLY do need to Navigation's REALLY I do. After parking and going to the bank…I actually managed not to get lost in that place…What should actually take 15 minutes maximum, can take me 1hour plus….I ALWAYS get lost in that place…But today I was parked, in the bank…bills paid, back in the car in 10 minutes…. That is pretty amazing for me….I never took a wrong turn (never understood how I managed to take a wrong turn EVERY time) The lift/elevator was not full of EVERYONE in Yokohama… (As it always seems to) So because of this it does not stop at every floor…(not that there are that many floors) …
I then came home and did the usual chores….you would think by now that I would have learnt to love loading and unloading the dish washer…doing laundry….hoovering/vacuuming , polishing….I mean surely this should be the case…. I mean I have learnt to love eating cake and sitting on my backside….So why have I not learnt to love chores….oh yeah…cause they are chores…come on Wend, REALLY…chores ~ cake… I think I need to convince myself just because they begin with same letter, I don't have to like them both!!!!

One of the things i wanted to do today was plant some seeds….I was on Pinetrest I seen that somebody was growing carrots in old 2 litre cola bottles…thye had just cut the tops off…placed soil inside and planted the seeds…..So I figured I could do that….Ok so I did not have 2 litre cola bottles or any soda bottles for that…but I did buy some pots last year and I thought…ok, lets do this!
So I planted carrots, parsnips and beetroot. I then I replanted some strawberry planets, peas and mange tout.
I knew the seeds would give me a headache….I could not figure out the differences…So the seeds from Australia said plant april may…so if it said plant in may in Australia, I needed to find what month in Japan was similar…Well this was giving me a headache, I decided with all the global warming that it could be planted today!
The parsnip seeds where not what i thought they would look like…not that I had any idea what they would like like…The carrot seeds where green…hummmm… The beet seeds look like they had been pulled from somebodies nose and left to dry!!!! hummmm Now I need to find Swede/ rutabaga seeds…I would like to grow some normal cucumbers as well…not those horrible looking things you get here…Again I will need the seeds….
I thought that if I brought some seeds in and I was stopped I would tell them that they were special snacks….
Yeah so hopefully I will have parsnips and beets soon!
I definitely need to grow some decent potatoes….Oooooo and some real sweet potatoes…you know the orange kind.

Right i have had enough now of waffling I am off to bed.

March 11, 2012

Pages of book read….200!!!! I am actually enjoying this book….

Saturday I did NO exercise….But I seemed to be in need of a nap…then I did nap…and completely messed up my sleep for last night…hence the 200 pages being read of the book, that I am actually enjoying.

Yesterday was the Daddy Daughter Dance….The room looked lovely…The pictures looked lovely on Facebook…..I wanted a daughter right then….Not because I can go…but to go and buy a lovely dress an get her hair done and see the excitement in her little face…..but that soon wore off!!!

Today, Sunday….I WENT TO THE GYM…yes I needed to tell you that in capitals…Sunday morning I was in the gym, no not early but before lunch so that is Sunday morning!!!
Today I exercised while watching 'On the buses' It's the 1st season and in black and white..but this show still makes me laugh out loud…..I want to download Dallas…but not sure how that will fit in with the exercise..and each show is longer than on the buss…and not sure I am ready to exercise any longer than I am currently am….physically and mentally I am not ready!!!'
I was asked if I would like to join the Monday Squash group….I think it took me a nano second to respond…NO THANKS!!!!!!
…Well we had some lunch, Bubbles, TBL, Plus3 and Hovis and HedgePig were there also. Roast lunch was nice, but mine taste better!!!..but the hassle of making the roast and with yorkshire puddings…Nope not today.
I was told by Hovis I looked drunk…does that mean I looked like I was having? or been dragged through a hedge backwards?… hopefully not the latter..but more than likely the latter….

My plan was to come home and read my book and maybe make dinner….NOT may be read my book and defiantly make dinner….Even though I did make dinner…and I also made soup…REALLY I did!
I also took out the stuff from the freezer for tomorrows dinner and stuff to try a new recipe for a snack…but I am sure the snack would be high enough in calories for at least 5 peoples daily allowance of calories..I really do want to try this recipe...
….so pages of book read today ZERO!!!! Well that is not strictly true….As I had messed up my sleeping last night…I remember looking at the clock at 1.30 am…so I guess I did read some of that book today….
Instead of reading we watch some TV…we watched the Big Bang Theory and in this show they mention an app that sounds like a whip when you shake the phone…well I think your meant to do the action of using a whip and the sound will come out like a whip, but a shake will suffice ….So when they were suggesting in the show somebody was under the thumb/or whipped they would use this app….
So G decides to find this app….Sorry love yours does not sound as good and the one on the TV show…REALLY it does not…anybody who thought that would make a good app…is somebody with FAR, FAR, FAR too much time on their hands….I mean come on REALLY, ANY NEED…..Invent another with friends game…but a whipping sound….REALLY????

So G decided to be mean to me….
I heard him mumble something…So I asked what he had said…never mind he said…I was like What??? Never mind he replied again….hummmm…Well I did mind, I replied if you have something to say say it…Never mind he replied again…So back and forth we went with what did you say…tell me..REALLY, ANY NEED…with the same reply from G each time…Never mind….I finally figured out what he had said…he had actually mumbled on purpose…..NEVER MIND…knowing I would ask what he had said….So knowing also that the NEVER MIND bit would also wind me up….While I know you will never get back the 20 seconds it took to read this paragraph..You know know what I have to put up with…Arrggghhhhh