January 22, 2011

So this morning I think to myself I really need to get this book read for book club on Monday.
Well to start with I could not find the book on Kindle...Then I remember somewhere back in my dusty brain that it had a different name in the UK… (Why do they have different named books for different countries???)
I am reading away and I STILL keep going to TURN the pages on the kindle….I mean REALLY turn the pages. I have had it a month already you would think I would have caught up by now…
I sat there and thought wow I can turn the pages with a left button or a right button…but NO I want to ACTUALLY turn pages…..ANY NEED?

Today I decided I am missing Spaghetti Hoops….I want Spaghetti Hoops!!!
While I have to say…the food here is ok….I still miss bits and pieces from the UK
A Gregg’s cheese savory with Bacon crisp
Good granary bread
Good Chinese food
Tesco’s egg tarts
Walker’s sensations...Sweet chili

I do know when I go home this summer…On the list will be a pub lunch, chip shop, and a Greggs Cheese savory….I would start counting the days if I knew when we were leaving for summer

January 21, 2011


Well last week I bought tickets for the school production….So G, J and I could attend…
I love school productions. I have not attended one here but if it is anything like our last school they will be awesome with some extremely talented kids.
Then I noticed that it was not on the Friday I had planned on going….(planned on going while G was here)
So today I planned on going with J…. Until I spoke with a neighbor who informed me it was on the 28th Not today the 21st January. So thank you Mrs. H. or otherwise I would have been setting off right now to see the production of Foot loose….A week early…I would have been frozen solid by the time they actually opened the doors.

Today I had a conversation with a male Dr. we will call him Dr. DUH!
So I asked Dr. DUH! A question…his face said it all…as if to say…I have spoken, why would you question me???
I was not questioning him….I was asking a question. Do you not know the difference…?
Yet he still never answered my question….
Dr. DUH! Had been sent some papers to fill in which was basically asking for a brief report and it was giving my permission that somebody else knew the diagnosis of J…
Dr.DUH! Looked at me and said you want me to do this….Hummmm YES Dr. DUH! I do!!!
NO Dr. DUH! You’re not being checked up on!!! When asking questions you look mortified you’re being asked anything! I need a little more than your offering…Yes it wonderful you are seeing us and I bow too your superior status….But you’re not god and until you are get off your high horse!

Had my hair cut today…I can now see passed my fringe/bangs!

January 20, 2011

Yayyyyy I have followers and I have comments….wooo hoooo..But before I get over excited…
I am going to write the blog now before I fall flat on my face and sleep for the next 24 hours…Of course G is away so I am not sleeping!!!...Every little creak in the house is driving me crazy!

Today was going to be a good day for me. I decided it would be!
Did the school run, went straight to the gym…(still not found a machine that makes you lose 20lbs in one session!)
Happily wandering around the gym…sat and ACTUALLY exercised while on the exercise bike...Went on the cross trainer… (Which I will add I was CROSS with it by the time I finished on it…making me so ill…naughty machine!!!)
Went on my favorite machine….You sit and push away the from a foot board…I always thought ‘I could sit here and do this all day’…well JA soon poured water on that one…hehe
She told me it was too easy for me...All I have to say to that is Hummmpppt!

I came home and decided to tidy up 2 kitchen cupboards…and I actually managed it without walking away because I was bored…and also not because they were small cupboards. So 2 cupboards started by me and finished by me in the same day!!!!!!!
I make some Jelly…not1, not 2, not 3 but 4 jellies….they are sugar free and I thought great have these for snack…well here is hoping they set…..because…I used Pyrexs measurement of one cup instead of Martha Stewarts Measurement of one cup….and I think one cup is one cup ..RIGHT???? WRONG!
Well I poured Martha’s one cup measurement into my pyrex measurement and there was a difference…hummm think I used Martha’s 1 cup and not Martha’s ½ cup…toooooo tired to check
I then did some ironing, watched a couple of my TV shows and went for a walk….GO ME!!!!
So now I am exhausted!
How Marathon Man does all that exercise is beyond me!!!
When people say they feel better after exercising is beyond me…I am wondering how this could possibly be?
You get sweaty
You get out of breath
Yeah lovely, I can see why you feel better...NOT!

January 19, 2011

Well…it is official, my kid is not allowed out without bubble wrap!!!!
The basketball coach total me I needed a 2nd opinion, and after the pain he was in last night I virtually to the 2nd opinion this morning.
Off we went..programmed the number of the sports clinic into Ms GPS…off we set…for some reason I was expecting the place to be in the other direction than Ms. GPS was taking us.
We get to the Nissan Stadium, home of Japan’s Yokohama Marinos.
We get to the building and the Security guard who spoke some English explained we had to park elsewhere…We parked, like 10 miles from the sports center!!!!
J struggled to get there…We go in; we are all ready registered… (Thank you ISOS)
We were taken to a waiting area…J was seen within 15 minutes…Had x-rays taken...A lot of howling….
Well he did tell them it hurt before..guess it hurt twice as much now!
But while waiting for the X-rays and to get the X-rays to take back to the Dr. a few of the Marino’s
Were hanging around….I liked their trainers/Sneakers…I want a pair!
The Dr. told us J had chipped his ankle bone, both sides of the ankle (which he showed me in the X-rays) plus something about the ligament. The Dr’s English was much better than my Japanese...But still too limited to really understand… I could not call out for translation because I had no signal.
So a semi cast and the Dr. is not sure if J will be going skiing in 4 weeks…
The sports clinic was AWESOME!!!
Problem was……
Not much English…
Don’t take Credit Cards…
And I lost my parking ticket….Ahhhhhhhhaaaaaa
So a very nice lady from the Information desk helped…
She wrote lost ticket in Japanese on a post it, drew a map of where I needed to go in my car, to get sort this out…
J has been hobbling along on crutches all this time and looks like if I asked him to walk back he is likely to throw the crutches in my direction...Told him to wait for me and I would be back…finally found my car…
Seen a man in a uniform (Not officer and a gentleman material ...but he became my new hero!)
He spoke awesome English...Asked how long I had been there…Told me the charge…gave him money...No change...Found a smaller note..He said I will get change...I told him to keep the change my son was at the front of the stadium on crutches…motioned for me to follow him in my car…he lifted the barrier...I went to pay him…refused to take my money…hence the new hero!
I go to the front of the building This time the security allowed me into the place…big smiles…I had left J on a wall…came back to him on a chair they had provided…How nice?!?!
J gets into the car and said some of the team just came out...They were nice…offered me their autographs but I said no , he said…I asked him why he said no..Well I had no pen and paper and I am sure they weren’t carrying pencil and paper….

So my new daily routine is……
Wrap child in bubble wrap!
Make sure we never leave home without pencils and paper…because you never know who you will see

January 18, 2011

Was having a bit of a bad day today…which got worse with a packet of M&M’s.
Which then lead to a sugar high, an awful headache and a sugar rush come down!!!
I then went to the mail box to for the mail..Love trying to translate our Japanese bills!
No bills but a parcel for me….Woooo hooooo
It was from Shutterbug….it was a handbag…I love it…I danced around the room with my new bag.
The bag was made perfect to fit my wallet, kindle and phone!!!!

So…For the last few years I have tried to French braid my own hair…
My arms would aches…I would check my master piece out with two mirrors, me looking into one that was facing the back, to check my work…then I would scream….Because once again it never worked.
Well today I mastered the French braid FINALLY!!!!. Arms are arching!!!
The braid needs work…but I managed to finally do it…So while working on tidying the master piece up…my arms are getting the best workout!!
Well they say no pain, no gain…anything hurting that much be like an exercise that is good for you right????

While reading the latest Yahoo news today I noticed an article about researchers in Japan wanting to resurrect a mammoth within the next 5 years.
Why does the world need an extinct animal brought back to modern day???
Where will it be housed???
Because you know we need a modern day mammoth brought to life much more than we need to find cures for modern illnesses .
I wonder if the will call it Manny?
Will it be housed with a Sloth and a saber tooth tiger?
May be they can make a movie about it…..Oh yeah sorry they all ready have…ANY NEED!!!!!!!
A MAMMOTH!!!!!!!! Please.

on 33 days til he is home

January 17, 2011

Well……Took J to the Dr’s this morning…X-rays’s taken. Dr said ‘Can’t see a fracture,but does not mean there is not one. Great….I have to pay for J’s ski trip…going to wait a few more days!!!!
So I am back on the health kick!!!! Never came off it really but did less on the weekend.
So I need some fruit, and for some reason I bought 2 ½ lbs of blueberries…never seemed that many when I was buying them!!!The inside of the boxes stated to keep refrigerated, should have stated keep refrigerated or just leave in Wendy’s kitchen which is cooler than then Arctic!
Outside is ACTUALLY warmer than inside our house…We have A/C units that are also heating units…Useless!!! They get the room warmish, then a nice-ish temperature them too hot!.
Turn them off and within minutes it’s freezing again!
Below the house is at least a 12inch gap if not more …
The house seems to be insulated with single ply toilet paper…

Went on a long walk, (still not getting the walking and not going anywhere, at least in the gym on the treadmill the TV is showing Dr. Phil!)
Cooked a roast dinner…and instead of my usual pile of roasties…I had 2 very small ones.
(I also managed to cook a curry as well…GO ME!!)

So I have watched Japanese adverts/commercials just once or twice between TV shows. They just crack me up….You can actually buy a catcam..NOT to be confused with a nannycam. You can spend a couple of hundred dollars on a camera to make sure your cat is doing ok at home!
Hummm wonder how many of those they sold????

January 16, 2011

Well…Any need!!!!
This morning I had to take G to the YCAT (bus that goes to the airport)
We took J to soccer and I had already spoke to a couple parents who were happy to check on J playing his match while I took G to catch the bus. (Needed to check he had room for our shopping list!)
I jokingly said…well he is due for a pull or a break so….
I was not gone 30 minutes…came back…J is injured!!!! Yep…ANY NEED!!!!
The ice was removed…quite swollen...Told just see how it goes…
Well this afternoon (6 hours later) swelling still there...More so it seems.
Now the big Question is where do I take him….Because here you don’t just walk into a hospital…
(When J was sick in September and an ambulance was called to school…we sat in the ambulance for 20 minutes while they phoned around to find where to take him.)
I call our insurance who suggested the Bluff Medical..Well Monday to Friday between 9-5 this would be no problem…Insurance could not help…So I call the other number the company gave us…Lovely, professional people I started to relax….
Dr called me within minutes explained did not need to speak to him…I could see my Childs foot was very swollen and that I needed to know where to take him….
I explained…I was told about the ankle locking, no real movement, could be a little fracture...But not on growth plates...Blah, blah, blah
Dr suggested an X-ray would be needed. The lady who was helping with the Dr. said she would make the calls….I receive a call back saying…There is no orthopedic Dr. able to see my child at the one hospital.
The other medical centre did have a Dr. but nobody able to X-ray…and so on…Know I would be happy for them to take the X-ray and a Dr. check it…But it seems a Pediatric orthopedic Dr. has to do because of his age…..Remembered this from September…So…Foot Still elevated, iced and a very sorry looking child!! !
So I am thinking NO more soccer…only Basketball…I like Basketball, its inside and I get a Starbucks!
Soccer starts at 8.30 Sunday morning…Plus no Starbucks…Hummm no brainer really!