January 19, 2011

Well…it is official, my kid is not allowed out without bubble wrap!!!!
The basketball coach total me I needed a 2nd opinion, and after the pain he was in last night I virtually to the 2nd opinion this morning.
Off we went..programmed the number of the sports clinic into Ms GPS…off we set…for some reason I was expecting the place to be in the other direction than Ms. GPS was taking us.
We get to the Nissan Stadium, home of Japan’s Yokohama Marinos.
We get to the building and the Security guard who spoke some English explained we had to park elsewhere…We parked, like 10 miles from the sports center!!!!
J struggled to get there…We go in; we are all ready registered… (Thank you ISOS)
We were taken to a waiting area…J was seen within 15 minutes…Had x-rays taken...A lot of howling….
Well he did tell them it hurt before..guess it hurt twice as much now!
But while waiting for the X-rays and to get the X-rays to take back to the Dr. a few of the Marino’s
Were hanging around….I liked their trainers/Sneakers…I want a pair!
The Dr. told us J had chipped his ankle bone, both sides of the ankle (which he showed me in the X-rays) plus something about the ligament. The Dr’s English was much better than my Japanese...But still too limited to really understand… I could not call out for translation because I had no signal.
So a semi cast and the Dr. is not sure if J will be going skiing in 4 weeks…
The sports clinic was AWESOME!!!
Problem was……
Not much English…
Don’t take Credit Cards…
And I lost my parking ticket….Ahhhhhhhhaaaaaa
So a very nice lady from the Information desk helped…
She wrote lost ticket in Japanese on a post it, drew a map of where I needed to go in my car, to get sort this out…
J has been hobbling along on crutches all this time and looks like if I asked him to walk back he is likely to throw the crutches in my direction...Told him to wait for me and I would be back…finally found my car…
Seen a man in a uniform (Not officer and a gentleman material ...but he became my new hero!)
He spoke awesome English...Asked how long I had been there…Told me the charge…gave him money...No change...Found a smaller note..He said I will get change...I told him to keep the change my son was at the front of the stadium on crutches…motioned for me to follow him in my car…he lifted the barrier...I went to pay him…refused to take my money…hence the new hero!
I go to the front of the building This time the security allowed me into the place…big smiles…I had left J on a wall…came back to him on a chair they had provided…How nice?!?!
J gets into the car and said some of the team just came out...They were nice…offered me their autographs but I said no , he said…I asked him why he said no..Well I had no pen and paper and I am sure they weren’t carrying pencil and paper….

So my new daily routine is……
Wrap child in bubble wrap!
Make sure we never leave home without pencils and paper…because you never know who you will see

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