January 16, 2011

Well…Any need!!!!
This morning I had to take G to the YCAT (bus that goes to the airport)
We took J to soccer and I had already spoke to a couple parents who were happy to check on J playing his match while I took G to catch the bus. (Needed to check he had room for our shopping list!)
I jokingly said…well he is due for a pull or a break so….
I was not gone 30 minutes…came back…J is injured!!!! Yep…ANY NEED!!!!
The ice was removed…quite swollen...Told just see how it goes…
Well this afternoon (6 hours later) swelling still there...More so it seems.
Now the big Question is where do I take him….Because here you don’t just walk into a hospital…
(When J was sick in September and an ambulance was called to school…we sat in the ambulance for 20 minutes while they phoned around to find where to take him.)
I call our insurance who suggested the Bluff Medical..Well Monday to Friday between 9-5 this would be no problem…Insurance could not help…So I call the other number the company gave us…Lovely, professional people I started to relax….
Dr called me within minutes explained did not need to speak to him…I could see my Childs foot was very swollen and that I needed to know where to take him….
I explained…I was told about the ankle locking, no real movement, could be a little fracture...But not on growth plates...Blah, blah, blah
Dr suggested an X-ray would be needed. The lady who was helping with the Dr. said she would make the calls….I receive a call back saying…There is no orthopedic Dr. able to see my child at the one hospital.
The other medical centre did have a Dr. but nobody able to X-ray…and so on…Know I would be happy for them to take the X-ray and a Dr. check it…But it seems a Pediatric orthopedic Dr. has to do because of his age…..Remembered this from September…So…Foot Still elevated, iced and a very sorry looking child!! !
So I am thinking NO more soccer…only Basketball…I like Basketball, its inside and I get a Starbucks!
Soccer starts at 8.30 Sunday morning…Plus no Starbucks…Hummm no brainer really!


Janet said...

Hope Jamie is okay. Tell him we said Hello! Janet x

Anonymous said...

Hold on a moment......since when do you like STARBUCKS?????

I totally understand where you are coming from about needing a pediatric specialist it seems that in Asia you must be 14 yrs old to see a specialist that is not pediatric...so even if you are dying in pain they say sorry you're not 14 so I can't help you....ugh

Diary of me, REALLY said...

I don't really like Starbucks....Well I like that Mango drink thingy...the unblened one!